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Conservatory prices range from £10000 to £29250 including VAT & installation fees

If you’re thinking about building a new conservatory and are wondering how much it will cost, the following guide will help you understand which product types and price options are available.  

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost?

Conservatories come in many shapes, designs and sizes, meaning there should be plenty of options suitable for your home. However, all of these factors will affect the overall cost, so it’s important to determine how much you’re willing or able to spend before getting too carried away.

You also need to think about how you plan to use your conservatory. Are you going to use it for relaxing and entertaining? Maybe you want to use it as an office. Perhaps you’re going to turn it into a dining room or even a playroom. Be sure about this before obtaining quotes from specialists.

While thinking about the design and size of your conservatory, don’t forget to consider the style of your property to ensure it reflects the traditional or modern nature of your home’s exterior. Luckily for you, most conservatories are available in a stylish choice of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) and timber designs, as well as a wide range of colours and finishes.

Once you’ve decided on your ideal conservatory size, type and design, you can start shopping around for the best deal. As modern-day conservatories are priced between £10000 and £29250, you should be able to find something to suit your taste and budget.

Why add a Conservatory to Your Home?

A conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home, especially as it gives you an extra room for relaxing and entertaining all your friends and family. Then there’s the fact that it serves as a transitional space throughout the changing seasons.

Whether it be a hot summer’s day or a cold and gloomy night, a conservatory will always make for a stylish and comfortable lounging space. But there are lots of other reasons why so many homeowners choose to add a conservatory to their property, which includes creating a:

  • Kitchen extension
  • Utility room
  • Dining room
  • Open-plan living room
  • Plant nurturing area
  • Family room
  • Office or study
  • Gym
  • Games room

As you can see, a conservatory is a versatile space that can be used for a wide variety of purposes throughout the year.

The Benefits of a New Conservatory

Besides letting in plenty of natural light and giving you an amazing view of your outdoor space, a conservatory offers lots of fantastic benefits. Not only does a conservatory provide an extra room for your property but it’s also a much simpler (and sometimes more affordable) solution to building a full extension. A conservatory should allow you to extend your home in less time than an extension too.

There’s also the value that a conservatory can add to your home, especially if you have a south facing garden. Even if you’re not looking to sell right now, it’s worth knowing that a well-built conservatory can actually add thousands of pounds to the value of your property. If you are selling and looking for ways to improve, then a conservatory could be the answer.

A new conservatory can also help you to enjoy your garden more without battling with extreme temperatures. It basically becomes part of your garden, which means you’ll always have natural light, sky and your outdoor blooms as a backdrop. Plus, a conservatory will collect the heat from the day to keep your space warm and comfortable through the night, enabling you to use your space at any hour of the day.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

The short answer is, not always. It really depends on your property and location, as well as the type and size of conservatory you’re looking to build. Planning permission is not usually required when you conservatory:

  • Is under 4 metres in height
  • Is not higher than the roof on your house
  • Doesn’t obstruct a public road
  • Doesn’t include a raised platform, balcony or veranda
  • Doesn’t cover more than half the surrounding land around your property
  • You live in an attached house and it doesn’t extend more than 3 metres
  • You live in a detached house and it doesn’t extend more than 4 metres

If you live in a listed building, it’s likely that listed building consent will be required. Also, please be aware that this is a brief guide only, and you should always seek professional advice about planning permission for a conservatory.

Additional Cost Considerations When Buying a Conservatory

Before going ahead with your conservatory build, you also need to take into account any additional costs.

Take heating for example. How do you plan to keep your conservatory well-heated throughout the year? You could opt for an underfloor electric heating system, however, this will set you back at least £2000. Obviously, it’s the most desirable option available, but it may be out of your price range. Electric radiator heating is another option which is much more affordable, ranging between £150 and £500 for a decent setup.

You’re also going to need some made-to-measure blinds for your conservatory. The good news is that there are lots of different options available, and the price you’ll pay will depend on the quality of the blinds you choose. Roof blinds cost anything room £1000 to £3000. Then you have window blinds, which come it at around £1000 to £3500.

Lastly, you’ll need to complete the look of your conservatory with some stylish finishing touches. Regardless of whether you use your space as a sun room, dining area or anything else, you will need to invest in various pieces of furniture. The amount you’ll need to spend will come down to where you buy your furniture from, as well as your personal taste and budget.

Different Types of Conservatories

To help you make an informed decision, we’re now going to take a look at the different conservatory types and their total prices.

Edwardian Conservatory prices range between £10000 and £23600

Available in flat-walled designs, Edwardian conservatories boast classic finishing touches and beautiful symmetrical lines. Their simple looks mean they won’t detract attention away from your home, making them suitable for both modern and traditional properties. By offering a symmetrical layout and a rectangular or square structure, an Edwardian conservatory will give you plenty of floor space to use as you wish.

The sloping roof and huge windows allow plenty of natural light to flood your room, leaving you with a bright and airy space all year round. You also have the option of a wooden or uPVC finish to complete your conservatory design. When it comes to price, you can expect to pay anything between £10000 and £23600 for an Edwardian conservatory, and that does include the cost of installation.

Victorian Conservatory prices range between £11000 and £24700

As Victorian conservatories are multi-faceted and have a shape similar of an octagon, they can give you a wonderful view of your outdoor space. While they look great against modern homes, Victorian conservatories have a more traditional appearance and are often built on period properties. They’re also perfect for smaller houses because their rounded edges help to maximise space.

Victorian conservatories come in various forms including 3-facet and 5-facet with both versions boasting a bay front, pitched roof and ornate detailing, such as finials and cresting’s. If you want to maintain your property’s period looks, you might be better off going for a wooden Victorian conservatory or uPVC conservatory with a woodgrain finish. The cost of this type of conservatory ranges from £11000 to £24700 including installation fees.

Lean-To Conservatory prices range between £10600 and £19700

If you’re looking for an understated conservatory that’s more budget-friendly, a lean-to conservatory could be right for you. Otherwise known as Mediterranean sun rooms, lean-to conservatories are built to offer seamless access to your outdoor space. They feature slim, symmetrical lines and a subtle appearance, making them suitable for any property type.

Lean-to conservatories are also very adaptable and their roofs can be as low or high as your wish. They’re ideal for smaller homes, terraced house and bungalows with gardens that are tight on space or homeowners looking for a conservatory that can be tailored to an awkward space.  Well-built lean-to conservatories can start from around £10600 and reach up to £19700 including installation fees.

Gable End Conservatory prices range between £11550 and £20950

Gable end conservatories look very similar to brick extensions because they are squarer in shape. They have high vaulted roofs that meet in the middle to create a triangle-like structure. While gable end conservatories look stunning fitted into contemporary homes, they’re really well suited to period properties too and are often chosen to add a touch of grandeur to a building.

The gable end conservatory is popular for its stately appearance and ability to provide floor to roof light. A gable end conservatory can also be a great choice for bungalows when combined with a hipped-back roof. Depending on the size and finish you choose, you can pay anything between £11550 and £20950 for a fully built gable end conservatory.

P-Shape Conservatory prices range between £13750 and £23400

The P-shape conservatory offers a combination of conservatory styles to leave you with a truly stunning structure. As these conservatories provide lots of floor space, they tend to be more suited to spacious properties with large garden areas. Otherwise known as linking conservatories, they’re often used to link rooms within a property or be enjoyed as completely separate living areas.

If you like the look of the more traditional conservatory types but don’t feel they offer you enough space than a P-shape conservatory could be right for you. Many homeowners use their P-shape conservatories as two separate spaces because they are so large in size. You actually have the freedom to create any type of space you want, as long as you don’t mind spending a total of between £13750 and £23400.

T-Shaped Conservatory prices range between £13750 to £23400

T-shaped conservatories can be used for all sorts of purposes thanks to their versatile structure. They have what can only be described as a porch area with entrance doors to highlight the T shape and give the conservatory a central focal point. These T-shaped conservatories also give you dual purpose rooms, meaning you can combine a relaxation area with a study or anything else you like.

As T-shape conservatories are quite large and will need run the length of the back of your home, they’re ideal for larger scale properties. This long structure also allows you to enjoy wide open views of your outdoor space and a comfortable spot to keep your eye on your family when playing outside. T-shape conservatories are so versatile, you can even turn the space into a luxurious indoor swimming pool. If you’re interested in a T-shape conservatory, prices range from £13750 to £23400.

L-Shape Conservatories range between £13375 to £21945

Like P-shape and T-shape conservatories, L-shape conservatories offer separate living areas that can be used for different purposes. The difference with the L-shape is that it’s designed to wrap around a corner, leaving you with two separate but interlinking spaces. As some of the structure extends around the side of your house, this design also helps to save you garden space.

L-shape conservatories must be made-to-measure to ensure they blend seamlessly with your property’s brickwork and are built to the exact dimensions. It’s also worth pointing out that L-shaped conservatories are only ideal for larger scale properties and detached homes. The total price of an L-shape conservatory is quite reasonable, ranging from £13375 to £21945.

Orangery Conservatory prices range between £17800 and £29250

Orangeries are slightly different to classic conservatories because they come with brickwork sections. They still offer you plenty of natural light and a stunning aesthetics but they provide also you with a lot more privacy. Orangeries also feature lantern-style roofs, which combines both flat and sloping elements. Just like traditional conservatories, orangeries are versatile spaces that can be used for various purposes.

Most orangeries are built to match your existing brickwork to make it appear as though you’ve had a regular extension. They also have greater acoustic properties and offer better temperature control compared to a conservatory because of the solid wall construction. Orangeries are usually less expensive to build than complete extensions, and cost between £17800 and £29250.

uPVC Conservatory prices range between £10000 and £21300

Conservatories built from uPVC materials can enhance aesthetics and improve the value of your home. uPVC conservatories They are available in a wide choice of colours and woodgrain effects, meaning you can always find a finish to suit your property and its surroundings. As uPVC is strong and tough, a uPVC conservatory should provide a high level of security and offer your household complete peace of mind.

uPVC is also an energy-efficient material, which should prevent valuable heat from escaping your conservatory. It will protect your space from cold air, damp and draughts, leaving you with a comfortable space all year round. A well-designed uPVC conservatory will also keep noise pollution at bay while keeping your living space, warm, safe and secure. Furthermore, uPVC conservatories are suitable for all budgets, ranging between £10000 and £21300.

Wooden/ Timber Conservatory prices range between £11000 and £29250

There’s no denying that a timber conservatory will make a beautiful addition to any style of home. From the most contemporary to the grandest of period properties, a wooden conservatory can help you to achieve a truly stylish, yet unique look. As timber can easily be cut to size and shaped to form stunning features, the conservatory design possibilities are endless.

Timber conservatories are extremely strong and hard wearing, and when properly maintained, should last for many years to come. Also, timber is, without doubt, the most environmentally friendly building material that can be used to construct your conservatory. If you like the idea of a wooden conservatory, a fully built solution will cost you between £11000 and £29250.

Conservatory Prices

If you want to know the total cost of a conservatory in the size, material and style you require, please refer to our price guide below.

SizeTypeRoof MaterialTypical PriceRoof priceAverage Fit PriceTotal price
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodGlass£8,500£4,200£2,700£15,400
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodPolycarbonate£8,500£3,300£2,500£14,300
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodGuardian Roof£8,500£5,000£3,800£17,300
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodTiled£8,500£6,300£3,900£18,700
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodPolycarbonate£10,000£3,800£2,300£16,100
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGlass£10,000£4,200£3,200£17,400
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGuardian Roof£10,000£6,050£4,000£20,050
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodTiled£10,0006,800£4,100£20,900
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodPolycarbonate£12,000£4,300£3,500£19,800
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGlass£12,000£4,700£3,800£20,500
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGuardian Roof£12,000£6,300£4,250£22,550
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodTiled£12,000£7,300£4,300£23,600
3500 x 3500Victorian/WoodPolycarbonate£9,500£3,500£2,700£15,700
3500 x 3500Victorian/WoodGlass£9,500£4,400£2,900£16,800
3500 x 3500Victorian/WoodGuardian Roof£9,500£6,000£4,000£19,500
3500 x 3500Victorian/WoodTiled£9,500£6,500£4,100£20,100
3500 x 4000Victorian/WoodPolycarbonate£11,000£4,000£3,200£18,200
3500 x 4000Victorian/WoodGlass£11,000£4,400£,3200£18,600
3500 x 4000Victorian/WoodGuardian Roof£11,000£6,250£4,200£21,450
3500 x 4000Victorian/WoodTiled£11,000£7,000£4,300£22,300
4000 x 4000Victorian/WoodPolycarbonate£12,000£4,500£3,700£20,200
4000 x 4000Victorian/WoodGlass£12,000£4,900£4,700£21,600
4000 x 4000Victorian/WoodGuardian Roof£12,000£6,500£4,450£22,950
4000 x 4000Victorian/WoodTiled£12,000£7,500£5,200£24,700
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodPolycarbonate£8,700£3,100£2,100£13,900
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodGlass£8,700£4,100£2,300£15,100
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodGuardian Roof£8,700£5,600£3,400£17,700
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodTiled£8,700£6,200£3,500£18,400
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodPolycarbonate£9,200£3,600£3,200£16,000
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodGlass£9,200£4,000£3,100£16,300
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodGuardian Roof£9,200£5,850£3,600£18,650
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodTiled£9,200£6,600£3,700£19,500
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodPolycarbonate£9,750£4,100£3,100£16,950
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodGlass£9,750£4,500£3,400£17,600
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodGuardian Roof£9,750£6,100£3,850£19,700
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodTiled£9,750£7,100£3,900£20,750
3500 x 3500Gable End /WoodPolycarbonate£9,000£3,200£2,250£14,450
3500 x 3500Gable End /WoodGlass£9,000£4,300£2,500£15,800
3500 x 3500Gable End /WoodGuardian Roof£9,000£5,700£3,500£18,200
3500 x 3500Gable End /WoodTiled£9,000£6,300£3,700£19,000
3500 x 4000Gable End /WoodPolycarbonate£9,250£3,700£3,300£16,250
3500 x 4000Gable End /WoodGlass£9,250£4,100£3,500£16,850
3500 x 4000Gable End /WoodGuardian Roof£9,250£5,950£3,700£18,900
3500 x 4000Gable End /WoodTiled£9,250£6,700£3,900£19,850
4000 x 4000Gable End /WoodPolycarbonate£9,750£4,200£3,200£17,100
4000 x 4000Gable End /WoodGlass£9,750£4,600£3,500£17,850
4000 x 4000Gable End /WoodGuardian Roof£9,750£6,200£3,950£19,900
4000 x 4000Gable End /WoodTiled£9,750£7,200£4,000£20,950
5000x 3000P Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£10,000£4,275£2,675£16,950
5000x 3000P Shape/WoodGlass£10,000£4,600£2,800£17,400
5000x 3000P Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£10,000£7,100£3,600£20,700
5000x 3000P Shape/WoodTiled£10,000£7,300£3,500£20,800
5000 x 3500P Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£10,500£4,450£2,900£17,850
5000 x 3500P Shape/WoodGlass£10,500£4,800£3,150£18,450
5000 x 3500P Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£10,500£7,400£4,200£22,100
5000 x 3500P Shape/WoodTiled£10,500£7,800£4,100£22,400
5000 x 4000P Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£11,000£4,600£3,200£18,900
5000 x 4000P Shape/WoodGlass£11,000£5,100£3,400£19,500
5000 x 4000P Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£11,000£7,800£3,900£22,700
5000 x 4000P Shape/WoodTiled£11,000£8,250£4,150£23,400
5000x 3000T Shape /WoodPolycarbonate£10,000£4,275£2,675£16,950
5000x 3000T Shape /WoodGlass£10,000£4,600£2,800£17,400
5000x 3000T Shape /WoodGuardian Roof£10,000£7,100£3,600£20,700
5000x 3000T Shape /WoodTiled£10,000£7,300£3,500£20,800
5000 x 3500T Shape /WoodPolycarbonate£10,500£4,450£2,900£17,850
5000 x 3500T Shape /WoodGlass£10,500£4,800£3,150£18,450
5000 x 3500T Shape /WoodGuardian Roof£10,500£7,800£4,200£22,500
5000 x 3500T Shape /WoodTiled£10,500£7,800£4,100£22,400
5000 x 4000T Shape /WoodPolycarbonate£11,000£4,600£3,200£18,800
5000 x 4000T Shape /WoodGlass£11,000£5,100£3,400£19,500
5000 x 4000T Shape /WoodGuardian Roof£11,000£7,100£3,900£22,000
5000 x 4000T Shape /WoodTiled£11,000£8,7250£4,150£2,3400
3500 x 3500Orangerie/WoodLantern£1,9000£3,700£2,800£25,500
3500 x 4000Orangerie/WoodLantern£21,000£3,900£3,000£27,900
3500 x4500Orangerie/WoodLantern£22,000£4,050£3,200£29,250
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£9,950£4,000£2,675£16,250
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodGlass£9,950£4,150£2,800£16,900
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£9,950£6,195£3,600£19,745
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodTiled£9,950£7,000£3,500£20,450
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£10,495£4,100£2,900£17,495
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodGlass£10,495£4,200£3,150£17,845
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£10,495£6,950£4,200£21,645
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodTiled£10,495£7,100£4,100£21,695
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£10,995£4,200£3,200£18,395
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodGlass£10,995£4,450£3,400£18,845
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£10,995£7,050£3,900£21,945
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodTiled£10,995£7,200£4,150£18,550
3500 x 3500EdwardianPolycarbonate£4,900£3,300£1,800£10,000
3500 x 3500EdwardianGlass£4,900£4,200£2,000£11,000
3500 x 3500EdwardianGuardian Roof£4,900£5,800£3,100£13,800
3500 x 3500EdwardianTiled£4,900£6,300£3,200£14,400
3500 x 4000EdwardianPolycarbonate£5,600£3,800£2,300£11,700
3500 x 4000EdwardianGlass£5,600£4,200£2,500£12,300
3500 x 4000EdwardianGuardian Roof£5,600£6,050£3,300£14,950
3500 x 4000EdwardianTiled£5,600£6,800£3,400£15,800
4000 x 4000EdwardianPolycarbonate£6,200£4,300£2,800£13,300
4000 x 4000EdwardianGlass£6,200£4,700£3,100£14,000
4000 x 4000EdwardianGuardian Roof£6,200£6,300£3,550£16,050
4000 x 4000EdwardianTiled£6,200£7,300£3,600£17,100
3500 x 3500VictorianPolycarbonate£5,500£3,500£2,000£11,000
3500 x 3500VictorianGlass£5,500£4,400£2,200£12,100
3500 x 3500VictorianGuardian Roof£5,500£6,000£3,300£14,800
3500 x 3500VictorianTiled£5,500£6,500£3,400£15,400
3500 x 4000VictorianPolycarbonate£6,200£4,000£2,500£12,700
3500 x 4000VictorianGlass£6,200£4,400£2,500£13,100
3500 x 4000VictorianGuardian Roof£6,200£6,250£3,500£15,950
3500 x 4000VictorianTiled£6,200£7,000£3,600£16,800
4000 x 4000VictorianPolycarbonate£6,600£4,500£3,000£14,100
4000 x 4000VictorianGlass£6,600£4,900£3,300£14,800
4000 x 4000VictorianGuardian Roof£6,600£6,500£3,750£16,850
4000 x 4000VictorianTiled£6,600£7,500£3,800£17,900
3500 x 3500Lean ToPolycarbonate£5,700£3,100£1,800£10,600
3500 x 3500Lean ToGlass£5,700£4,100£2,000£11,800
3500 x 3500Lean ToGuardian Roof£5,700£5,600£3,100£14,400
3500 x 3500Lean ToTiled£5,700£6,200£3,200£15,100
3500 x 4000Lean ToPolycarbonate£6,000£3,600£2,800£12,400
3500 x 4000Lean ToGlass£6,000£4,000£2,800£12,800
3500 x 4000Lean ToGuardian Roof£6,000£5,850£3,300£15,150
3500 x 4000Lean ToTiled£6,000£6,600£3,400£16,000
4000 x 4000Lean ToPolycarbonate£7,300£4,100£2,800£14,200
4000 x 4000Lean ToGlass£7,300£4,500£3,100£14,900
4000 x 4000Lean ToGuardian Roof£7,300£6,100£3,550£16,950
4000 x 4000Lean ToTiled£7,300£7,100£3,600£18,000
3500 x 3500Gable EndPolycarbonate£6,500£3,200£1,850£11,550
3500 x 3500Gable EndGlass£6,500£4,300£2,100£12,900
3500 x 3500Gable EndGuardian Roof£6,500£5,700£3,200£15,400
3500 x 3500Gable EndTiled£6,500£6,300£3,300£16,100
3500 x 4000Gable EndPolycarbonate£6,750£3,700£2,900£13,350
3500 x 4000Gable EndGlass£6,750£4,100£3,100£13,950
3500 x 4000Gable EndGuardian Roof£6,750£5,950£3,300£16,000
3500 x 4000Gable EndTiled£6,750£6,700£3,400£16,850
4000 x 4000Gable EndPolycarbonate£7,500£4,200£2,800£14,500
4000 x 4000Gable EndGlass£7,500£4,600£3,100£15,200
4000 x 4000Gable EndGuardian Roof£7,500£6,200£3,550£17,250
4000 x 4000Gable EndTiled£7,500£7,200£3,600£18,300
5000x 3000P ShapePolycarbonate£7,000£4,275£2,475£13,750
5000x 3000P ShapeGlass£7,000£4,600£2,600£14,200
5000x 3000P ShapeGuardian Roof£7,000£7,100£3,400£17,500
5000x 3000P ShapeTiled£7,000£7,300£3,300£17,600
5000 x 3500P ShapePolycarbonate£7,250£4,450£2,700£14,400
5000 x 3500P ShapeGlass£7,250£4,800£2,950£15,000
5000 x 3500P ShapeGuardian Roof£7,250£7,400£4,000£18,650
5000 x 3500P ShapeTiled£7,250£7,800£3,900£18,950
5000 x 4000P ShapePolycarbonate£7,500£4,600£3,000£15,100
5000 x 4000P ShapeGlass£7,500£5,100£3,200£15,800
5000 x 4000P ShapeGuardian Roof£7,500£7,800£3,700£19,000
5000 x 4000P ShapeTiled£7,500£8,250£3,950£1,9700
5000x 3000T ShapePolycarbonate£7,000£4,275£2,475£13,750
5000x 3000T ShapeGlass£7,000£4,600£2,600£14,200
5000x 3000T ShapeGuardian Roof£7,000£7,100£3,400£17,500
5000x 3000T ShapeTiled£7,000£7,300£3,300£17,600
5000 x 3500T ShapePolycarbonate£7,250£4,450£2,700£14,400
5000 x 3500T ShapeGlass£7,250£4,800£2,950£15,000
5000 x 3500T ShapeGuardian Roof£7,250£7,400£4,000£18,650
5000 x 3500T ShapeTiled£7,250£7,800£3,900£18,650
5000 x 4000T ShapePolycarbonate£7,500£4,600£3,000£15,100
5000 x 4000T ShapeGlass£7,500£5,100£3,200£15,800
5000 x 4000T ShapeTiled£7,500£8,250£3,950£19,700
5000 x 4000T ShapeGuardian Roof£7,500£7,800£3,700£19,000
3500 x 3500OrangerieLantern£12,500£3,700£2,600£18,800
3500 x 4000OrangerieLantern£13,000£3,900£2,800£19,700
3500 x4500OrangerieLantern£14,250£4,050£3,000£21,300
3500 x 3500L ShapePolycarbonate£6,950£4,000£2,425£13,375
3500 x 3500L ShapeGlass£6,950£4,150£2,595£13,695
3500 x 3500L ShapeTiled£6,950£7,000£3,250£17,200
3500 x 3500L ShapeGuardian Roof£6,950£6,195£3,600£16,745
3500 x 4000L ShapePolycarbonate£7,200£4,100£2,650£13,950
3500 x 4000L ShapeGlass£7,200£4,200£2,900£14,300
3500 x 4000L ShapeTiled£7,200£7,100£3,850£18,150
3500 x 4000L ShapeGuardian Roof£7,200£6,950£3,950£18,100
4000 x 4000L ShapePolycarbonate£7,450£4,200£2,950£14,600
4000 x 4000L ShapeGlass£7,450£4,450£3,150£15,050
4000 x 4000L ShapeGuardian Roof£7,450£7,050£3,650£18,150
4000 x 4000L ShapeTiled£7,450£7,200£3,900£18,550

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