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Garage Door prices range between £750 to £7100, there is a garage door available to suit every taste and budget

Finding the right garage door for your home can be a challenging task, especially as there are so many different types to choose between. From electric and roller to sectional and side hinged, as well as wooden, up and over and garage side doors, it’s important to understand which style is right for your specific requirements. However, there’s no need to panic because we’ve put together a handy guide on everything you need to know about top-quality garage doors.

Garage Door Prices

When you’re looking to invest in a garage door for a new build or to replace an old garage door, it’s always best to consider the style of your property. Some garage door types and designs are better suited to modern properties and others blend well with more traditional homes. For example, a roller garage door may appear out of place against a period building but look stunning on a contemporary property. Always start your search by determining what works best and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve decided on the most suitable garage door types for your home, you need to carefully think about your budget. There’s no point in falling in love with a garage door to then realise it’s out of your price range. You also need to bear in mind that there are often additional costs involved, such as optional extras, removal and installation.

The prices vary greatly depending on which garage door type and size you wish to have and you’ll be looking at paying anything between £750 and £7100 for a new door. You can also expect to pay more if you want a more bespoke garage door design.

Why Replace Your Garage Door?

Obviously, you’ll want to replace your garage door if it has seen better days but it may still need replacing even if it’s in good working order. Think about how long it’s been since you last replaced your garage door. Maybe it was a decade or two ago. Perhaps you haven’t ever change it and have no idea how old your door actually is. You need to be aware that newer garage doors are built to a higher standard and offer increased levels of security, safety and energy efficiency.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Garage Door

The older styles of wooden and metal garage doors are targets for criminals because they are easier to break into. Even older doors with remote control functions can be vulnerable to thieves and intruders. Nowadays, most garage doors come with a rolling code feature to ensure the code can’t be hacked and never stays the same. That means better security for your garage and your home as a whole.

Most new garage doors are a lot safer to use than older versions because they come with advanced safety detectors which sense when a person is in contact with the door while it’s in motion. As soon as the sensor detects your presence, the door will stop and reverse to prevent potential injuries.

A new garage door with a good insulation rating will also help to reduce cooling and heating costs. Whether you use your garage for storage, work or as a gym, the insulation will keep the cold air during the winter and keep it in during the warmer months of the year. Not only will you save on energy costs but a new garage door system will also require minimal maintenance.

You may also want to purchase a new garage door to better protect your belongings from the elements. It’s highly likely that you use your garage to store at least some of your personal items that you can’t find room for in your home. A new weather-resistant and insulated garage door will prevent wind, rain and moisture from creeping into your space.

If your garage door works fine but looks tired, then it could become a bit of an eyesore. When you replace your garage door with a newer model, you can significantly improve your property’s appearance and possibly increase the value of your home. With so many styles and finishes available these days, it won’t be difficult to find a handsome new garage door to replace your existing one.

Different Types of Garage Doors

Each type of garage door comes with its own set of benefits and we’re now going to discuss them all in a little more detail.

Roller Garage Doors

Both manual and remote control operated roller garage doors can be constructed from non-insulated (single skin) steel or insulated (double skinned) aluminium. Single skin roller doors are more suitable for homes that don’t experience a lot of exterior noise and where security issues are less of a concern. As insulated double skinned roller doors offer a greater level of noise control and security, they are slightly more expensive. They also provide better protection from the weather and keep your garage at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Most roller garage doors are custom made and can be fitted to virtually any type of garage opening. This style of door folds up and out of the way when opened to enable you to make the most of your garage space, as well as your driveway. They can also be built with a remote control for easy and quiet operation, which also helps to increase security and safety. The typical cost of a roller garage door is between £1075 and £2300.

Electric Garage Doors

There are actually seven different types of high-performance electric garage doors available on the market including:

  • Steel roller garage doors
  • Insulated aluminium roller shutter garage doors
  • Up and over garage doors
  • Side hinged garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Overlap trackless garage doors
  • Round the corner garage doors

These doors open and close with the use of an electrical operator, which is usually either a handheld remote or wall mounted push-button system. Other accessories are available to operate the garage door, such as key switches, card readers and wireless keypads. Prices range from £750 to £7100, and that includes the cost of installation.

Electric garage doors offer superior security because they can’t be opened without access to the electric operator. They’re also a safe option as you don’t have to physically lift the door to open it or pull it down to shut it. You can even open and close your garage door from the comfort of your car as you drive onto your driveway, making an electric door a super-convenient option.

Garage Side Doors

A garage side door is unlike a normal garage door in that it is designed to allow you access to your space without having to open the main garage door. However, it’s important to mention that a side garage door must be as secure as your main opening to prevent a break in. These doors do offer an increased level of security, though, especially as you never need to reveal what’s inside your garage. The average price for a garage side door will cost between £865 and £2910.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access your garage because you use rarely need to open the main garage door, a side door is a worthwhile investment. Even if you have an all singing and dancing electric garage door, a side door is useful for gaining entry during a power failure. Not only is your privacy increased as you won’t need to expose the contents inside but you’ll also lose less heat each time you enter and leave the garage.

Side Hinged Garage Doors 

Another great solution for increasing privacy is a side hinged garage door. This type of door is designed with two separate openings that open outwards, meaning you only ever have to open one door to gain entry to your garage. Side hinged garage doors can be built to be hand-operated or fitted with electrical systems. Some manufacturers will offer extra design features, such as glazing and decorative finishes.

As you can imagine, side hinged doors are incredibly easy to operate even without the use of a remote control. Each of the two doors basically opens like a normal door, which makes them handy if you use your garage as a work space, gym or utility room. The typical cost of a new side hinged door minus the installation fees ranges from £1350 to £2450

Up and Over Garage Doors 

As the name suggests, up and over doors lift up and tilt over the opening of your garage to sit firmly under the ceiling. They tend to be designed with one large panel for simple and easy operation and can be manually or electrically operated. These doors are also reasonably priced and cost between £750 and £2720.

Both retractable and canopy up and over garage doors are quite simple in their design and are renowned for their reliable performance. A retractable version is the more popular of the two as it allows you to open and close the door while keeping your vehicle parked outside the front of your garage. Like retractable doors, canopy-style up and over garage doors are a space-saving solution but they will sit a little beyond the front of your garage when open.

Wooden Garage Doors

Many homeowners prefer wooden garage doors for their charming looks alone. Whether it be made from hardwood timber or softwood, a wooden garage door will look stunning in just about any environment. As wood is a natural material, each design will feature unique shading, graining and knots to leave you with a truly unique garage door. You also have the choice of an up and over, side hinged or overlap trackless wooden garage door to suit your needs and budget.

Wood is a natural insulator and sound barrier, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with temperature control and noise pollution with this type of garage door. You can also change the appearance of a wooden door with different stains and paints as and when you wish. If you do decide to purchase a wooden door, just be sure to use a natural material treatment to extend the life of the door.

Some wooden garage doors can be on the expensive side, depending on the size, design and type of wood you choose. The most commonly used woods are cedar and other timbers, but you can have a garage door made from virtually any type of wood with the right budget. The price of a new wooden garage door will cost you between £1375  and £7100.

Sectional Garage Doors

As sectional garage doors open vertically and curve in the tracking fitted to the ceiling, you won’t lose any space inside your garage. Instead of having just one large panel, they are built with various sections (panels) to ensure effortless operation and a neat opening. These doors are available in single skinned steel or insulated double skinned steel and prices range from £1090 to £2525.

Sectional garage doors, especially the electrically operated versions offer a high level of security and are virtually impossible to break into because they are fitted behind the opening. Plus, they’re really quiet and won’t disturb your household when opening and closing. By opening vertically, they enable you to keep your car on the driveway while accessing your garage. This also makes them perfect for any size of garage and homes with small driveways.

Garage Door Prices

If you know your garage measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

StyleSizeMaterialElectricTypical PriceInstallation CostTotal Price
Steel Roller Doors non insulatedSingleSteelNo/Yes£800£275£1,075
Steel Roller DoorsDoubleSteelNo/Yes£1,450£375£1,825
Insulated Aluminium roller shutter doorsSingleAluminiumNo/ Yes£1,150£275£1,425
Insulated Aluminium roller shutter doorsSingleAluminiumYes£1,200£300£1,500
Insulated Aluminium roller shutter doorsDoubleAluminiumYes£1,900£400£2,300
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleTimberNo/Yes£1,125£275£1,400
Up & Over Garage Door Security SpecificSingleSteelNo£900£250£1,150
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleGRPNo/Yes£1,050£275£1,325
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleSteelNo/Yes£550£175£750
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleTimberNo/Yes£2,125£275£2,400
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleSteelNo/Yes£1,625£275
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleGRPNo/Yes£2,375£325£2,700
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimberNo/Yes£1,625£275£1,900
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimber/SteelNo£1,075£275£1,350
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleGRPNo£1,200£250£1,450
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteel Double SkinNo/Yes£1,375£275£1,650
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteelNo/Yes£950£275£1,225
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteelNo/Yes£875£215£1090
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteelNo/Yes£1,650
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteel InsulatedNo/Yes£1,650£250£1,900
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteel InsulatedNo/Yes£2,250
Side Garage Doors2200x 2100AluminiumNo£2,250
Side Garage Doors2200x 2100Coloured AluminiumNo£2,700£210£2,910
Side Garage Doors1067 x 2134Solid SteelNo£690£175
Side Garage Doors1067 x 2134Steel Half GlazedNo£765£200£965
Overlap Trackless Garage DoorsSingleTimberYes£4,500£500£5,000
Overlap Trackless garage DoorsDoubleTimberYes£6,500£600£7,100
Round the Corner Garage DoorsSingleSteelYes£2,500£350£2,850
Round the Corner Garage DoorsSingleAluminiumYes£2,750£350£3,100
Round the Corner Garage DoorsDoubleAluminiumYes£3,250
Wood/ Timber Up & Over Garage DoorsSingleWood/TimberNo£1,075£300£1,375
Wood/ Timber Up & Over Garage DoorsDoubleWood/TimberNo£2,320£400£2,720
Wood / Timber Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleWood/TimberNo£1,600£300£1,900
Wood / Timber Side Hinged Garage DoorsDoubleWood/TimberNo£2,050£400£2,450

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