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Window replacement prices range between £340 &  £2115 incl. VAT & Installation.

Whether you’re building a new home or thinking of replacing your existing windows, it’s important to understand all the options available to you. However, with all the different styles, materials and features to choose between, we understand that selecting the right windows for your property can seem a little daunting. To ensure you make an informed decision in purchasing the right windows, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

Window Prices

Windows are an incredibly important element of your home as they are now designed to make your living space more comfortable, secure and energy efficient. Before committing to making a purchase, you must determine your exact needs and budget, along with the best window type for your property.

Think seriously about the style of your home and the look you wish to achieve before selecting your windows. This is quite important, especially as some window types are more suited to modern or traditional looking properties. Remember, the last thing you want to do is invest in a new set of windows that stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Once you’ve considered each design and chosen an ideal window type, your next step is to review your budget. You also need to factor in the additional installation and removal costs, as well as any optional extras.

Let’s say you’re on a limited budget but like the idea of investing in triple glazed windows. It might be that you can’t quite stretch to triple glazing and will need to opt for double glazing instead. With so many materials, glazing and bespoke options available, it shouldn’t be difficult to make smart choices while sticking to your budget.

When you consider that a new window is priced between £160 and £1825 before installation costs, you must always take all of the other costings into account to work out how much you will actually need to spend.

Why Replace Your Windows?

If your windows are more than a couple of decades old, it’s likely that they’ll need replacing. Old windows lack insulating properties and are terrible culprits for allowing draughts to enter your property. They are also prone to sticking as they get older and can become easily damaged, warped or broken compared to modern windows.

The best thing you can do is check all the windows in your home to get a feel for what they’re telling you. If they stick, fog up, feel draughty or don’t work in the same way they did when you purchased them, then they’re trying to tell you that they need to be replaced.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Windows

Nowadays, windows are much more energy efficient and can reduce your energy bills by around 10% to 25%. They’re also highly effective at making your home a more comfortable place to live because they keep your home warmer during the colder months and pleasantly cool during the warmer months of the year.

Then there’s the fact that newer windows require less maintenance. Even if you don’t live in a coastal region, older window styles need looking after more than their modern day alternatives. Depending on the finish you choose, you can now enjoy virtually maintenance-free windows.

Plus, many modern window styles will enhance your home’s security and be less of an easy target for potential intruders. Most window types come with high-quality locks or feature strong casements and glazing to better protect the safety of your household.

Another advantage of replacing your windows is that you can really improve the appearance of your home. There are lots of impressive window styles and casements to choose between, making it easy to add real value to your property. A set of stunning windows is a big selling point too, especially when they’re energy efficient, low-maintenance and highly secure.

Different Types of Windows

We’re going to share some key information about each window type to make the decision process a little easier.

Bay Window prices range between £1100 & £2200

A typical bay window is constructed of a number of central windows and various side windows that project outwards from your property. The side windows are usually smaller than the centre windows and set at a 30 or 40-degree angle. The entire window unit projects outwards to provide you with a better view and a deeper window sill area that can be used for storage or as a window seat.

3, 4 or 5 section bay windows are a popular choice among homeowners because they allow ventilation and natural light to enter a property from two directions. They also help to make your living space appear more spacious.

Prices vary and range between:

  • £1100 and £1440 for a 3 section bay window
  • £1450 to £1800 for a 4 section bay window
  • £1900 to £2200 for a 5 section bay window

The larger the bay window and the more sections you choose to have, the higher the price.

Bow Windows prices range between £1100 & £2150

Although most people think bow windows are the same as bay windows, they are actually quite different. They are usually designed with 3, 4 or 5 window sections that are put together to form a curve shape that projects outwards from your exterior wall. As a bow window is curved, you won’t be left with any protruding corners. You can also choose from various designs including awning, casement and double-hung, as well as opt for operable or fixed window sections.

By protruding outwards, bow windows make your room seem larger than it really is. They also enable more natural light to flood your space and can greatly enhance your view of the outdoors.

Prices vary and range between:

  • £1100 and £1300 for a 3 section bow window
  • £1450 to £1800 for a 4 section bow window
  • £1900 to £2150 for a 5 section bow window

With the right glazing, a bow window can meet your energy efficiency requirements and keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

Sash Window prices range between £475 & £825

Sash windows can be made to slide up or down (or both) and open fully or partially. You simply slide one window over the other to open the sash window. They are made with a spring or spiral balance to ensure the window stays open in its desired position. This type of window is also capable of tilting inwards and outwards to help make cleaning easy.

Modern uPVC sash windows can come with various locking systems to enhance your window security. As they can be opened from both the top and bottom, they can allow warm air to escape while letting cool breezes into your home. Sash windows also tend to be reasonably priced, ranging from £475 to £825. Just be aware that you will pay more for sash windows with woodgrain finishes.

Casement Window prices range between £335 & £700

Modern day casement windows are hinged on the side and open outwards with the use of a single-lever latch. If you prefer, you can opt for a casement window with an additional small top window. This smaller window (also known as an awning window) is hinged at the top and opened in the same way as the main casement window. You can also have a fixed casement window, which is ideal for allowing more natural light into a room.

Casement windows tend to be installed in hard to reach areas, such as above the kitchen sink because they are easy to operate. You simply open and close the window by turning the lever and pushing the window outwards. Fully operable casement windows range from £425 to £700, and fixed casement windows cost between £335 and £600.

Tilt and Turn Window prices range between £450 & £675

Tilt and turn windows can be tilted inwards and opened fully to give you complete control over ventilation. They can even be positioned at a precise angle for a smaller opening and immediate access to fresh air without compromising security. With just one simple hand action, you open, tilt, turn or close your window.

As tilt and turn windows can be opened to around 180 degrees, they’re ideal for various properties including high rise flats and apartments. Thanks to the unique dual action movement, these windows are extremely easy to clean from the comfort of your home. They also offer secure ventilation and can be used as a convenient fire escape when installed on a ground floor. Tilt and turn windows are affordably priced, ranging between £450 and £675.

French Casement Window prices range between £350 & £725 

Unlike standard casement windows, French casement windows boast two separate windows that meet in the middle. Both windows will be hinged on the side nearest to the wall and one of the windows will be built with a flying mullion. These windows perform in a very similar way to French doors because they open horizontally from the central point and leave you with unobstructed views. They also come with a single-lever hatch for effortless operation.

Not only can you allow plenty of fresh air to flood your home in seconds but you can also install French casement windows in any lower or upper storey room of your home. They’re also energy efficient, fitted with high-security locks and ideal fire escapes when installed in rooms on the ground floor. As for pricing, the typical cost of a French casement window is between £350 and £725.

Double Glazing Window prices range between £1100 & £2100

Double glazed windows come with an extra layer of insulation to prevent heat loss and guard your home against noise pollution. They are designed to make your property more energy efficient and comfortable year after year. By retaining heat during the colder seasons and keeping your rooms cooler in the summer months, double glazing can also help to reduce your energy bills. As double glazed windows are virtually impossible to force open, your household can also feel more safe and secure.

The amount you will need to spend on the right double glazed units will depend on which type you choose. There are various options available including bay windows, sash windows, bow windows, casement windows, French casement windows, tilt and turn windows and A-rated windows. Prices start at around £1100 and can reach up to as much as £2100.

Triple Glazed Window prices range between £505 & £895

Triple glazed windows work in the same way as double glazed windows while offering a better level of security, noise insulation and energy efficiency. They also reduce heat loss and ensure your home can be heated in less time, which in turn, helps to save you money on your energy bills. Many homeowners and property developers refuse to settle for anything less than triple glazed windows because they can achieve such low U-values.

Renowned for their sound insulation qualities and excellent security, triple glazed windows are ideal for all homes including those located in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. As they consist of 3 glazed panels, they keep noise pollution out and are virtually impossible to break into. Casement style triple glazed windows range from £310 to £450 and triple glazed windows with one opener are priced at £425 to £575.

A-Rated Energy Efficient Window prices range between £410 & £775

As you’ve probably already guessed, A-rated energy efficient windows improve the energy efficiency of your home and help to reduce your carbon emissions. That means you can save money on your energy bills while enjoying a comfortable living space throughout the changing seasons of the year. These windows are built with either double glazing or triple glazing to allow plenty of light into your property and prevent the heat from escaping.

A-rated energy efficient windows also act as excellent sound barriers and keep noise pollution at bay. They’re also incredibly strong and secure, which means they’ll last for many years to come and increase the value of your property. As the current building regulations state that all new homes must be built with windows that come with a minimum of a C energy rating, A-rated windows are a smart choice. The average price for an A-rated window is between £410 and £775.

Timber and Wooden Window prices range between £475 & £875

It comes as no surprise that timber and wooden windows are a favourite among homeowners for their magnificent looks. However, you may not be aware that they’re also a leading choice for longevity and performance. Wood is a natural insulator, which means a set of timber or wooden windows will improve energy efficiency and create a barrier against outdoor noise. Plus, with the right maintenance, your timber windows will look their best for many years.

One of the really great things about timber and wooden windows is that they suit all kinds of modern and period properties. They’re also an eco-friendly option because timber is a sustainable and renewable material. Top-quality timber and wooden window prices start at £475 and go up to around £875.

Window Prices

Feel free to check out our guide below for more information about prices on suitable replacement windows for your home.

SizeTypeMaterialColourTypical PriceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
2400 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£875£275£1,150
2400 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£925£295£1,220
3000 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£975£325£1,300
3000 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,030£340£1,370
3000 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,175£350£1,525
3000 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,265£360£1,625
3600 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,350£375£1,725
3600 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,305£395£1,700
3600 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,525£395£1,920
3600 x 1500Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,630£420£2,050
4000 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,575£425£2,000
4000 x 1500Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,650£440£2,090
500 x 500uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£315£175£490
1000 x 500uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£465£200£665
1000 x 1000uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£515£225£740
1200 x 1200uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£560£250£810
2400 x 1200Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£875£275£1,150
2400 x 1500Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£895£300£1,195
3000 x 1200Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£915£300£1,215
3000 x 1500Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£990£325£1,315
3000 x 1200Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,190£275£1,465
3000 x 1500Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,325£285£1,610
3600 x 1200Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,475£300£1,775
3600 x 1500Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,490£300£1,790
3600 x 1200Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,630£295£1,925
3600 x 1500Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,695£310£2,005
4000 x 1200Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,710£325£2,035
4000 x 1500Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,790£325£2,115
500 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£165£175£340
1000 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£190£200£390
1000 x 1000Casement WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£240£250£490
1200 x 1200Casement WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£290£300£590
500 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite/Woodgrain£290£150£440
1000 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite/Woodgrain£325£200£525
1000 x 1000Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite/Woodgrain£375£250£625
1200 x 1200Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite/Woodgrain£410£275£685
800 x 800Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£300£175£475
1000 x 800Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£310£200£510
1000 x 1000Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£390£225£615
1200 x 1200Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£410£250£660
500 x 500French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£210£150£360
1000 x 500French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£275£175£450
1000 x 1000French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£425£200£625
1200 x 1200French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£475£220£695
800 x 800Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£300£175£475
1000 x 800Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£310£200£510
1000 x 1000Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£390£225£615
1200 x 1200Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£410£250£660
500 x 500Timber / Wood WindowTimber / WoodWoodgrain£300£175£475
1000 x 500Timber / Wood WindowTimber / WoodWoodgrain£375£200£575
1000 x 1000Timber / Wood WindowTimber / WoodWoodgrain£465£250£715
1200 x 1200Timber / Wood WindowTimber / WoodWoodgrain£575£300£875
500 x 500Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£310£195£505
1000 x 500Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£325£220£545
1200 x 1200Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£425£320£745
500 x 500Triple Glazed 1OpeneruPVCWhite£425£195£620
1000 x 500Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£450£220£670
1200 x 1200Triple Glazed 1OpeneruPVCWhite£550£320£870
500 x 500A RateduPVCWhite£235£175£410
1000 x 500A RateduPVCWhite£250£200£450
1000 x 1000A RateduPVCWhite£275£250£525
1200 x 1200A RateduPVCWhite£325£300£625
500 x 500A Rated 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£325£150£475
1000 x 500A Rated 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£400£150£550
1000 x 1000A Rated 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£425£250£675
1200 x 1200A Rated 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£475£275£750

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