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Door prices range between £600 and £5650 incl. VAT & installation 

Whether you’re looking for a new front door, patio door or any other type of door for your home, we understand that it can be an overwhelming experience. You want to find the right door to fit your property’s style and one that suits both your taste and budget. Luckily for you, there are many great choices available including materials, designs and sizes, and we’re here to help make the selection process that much easier.

Firstly, determine what type of doors you need for your home. It could be that you require a new back door or some double glazed doors. Perhaps you’re on the lookout for the perfect patio door. Whatever it is you have in mind for a specific area of your house, you need to be aware that any new door is considered an investment. That means you need to get it right the first time around by choosing the correct material type and door style for your property.

You also need to figure out what you’re comfortable paying for a new door. That said, you should always choose a door that can add value to your home and prevent you from spending more in the long run. We’re not suggesting you should spend more than you can afford, but you should carefully consider all the options available to you before making a decision. Think about things like maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, weather performance and the long-term benefits.

Depending on the type of door you want, you can expect to pay anything between £600 and £5650 for a high-performance door. If you need a new front, back, composite or stable door, prices range from £400 to £875. When it comes to patio-style doors, such as French, bi-fold, sliding or sliding and folding doors, you’re looking at spending around £725 to £4800. These estimates do not include installation costs.

Why Replace Your Doors?

One of the best reasons to replace your home’s front doors is to improve the appearance of your property. After all, first impressions count and the front door of your home can tell a lot about the people who live inside. However, there are many other reasons for replacing various doors around your home even if they seem to be working fine. Newer front, back, side and patio doors help to keep your home safe and secure because they come with advanced safety and security features. They can also improve the energy efficiency of your property and lower your heating and cooling bills.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Doors

An older or damaged door can be difficult to open, which is both annoying and dangerous. If you’re having any performance issues with one of your doors, now is the time to replace it. Every door in your home should open and close with ease in case of an emergency. Plus, it’s safer and a lot more convenient to have a door that actually performs efficiently.

Security is also enhanced when you swap an old door for a new door. Whether it’s an entry door at the front of your home or a huge sliding door at the back of your property, most modern-day replacement doors come with excellent built-in security measures to help make your doors burglar proof.

Then there are the energy efficiency benefits. Newer doors with excellent insulation ratings will help to reduce your energy costs and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You may not even realise that there are drafts coming from your existing doors, but if there are, you could be wasting a whole lot of money on heating your property every year.

Many newer doors require less maintenance to keep them looking their best. These days, most manufacturers use low maintenance materials and protective coverings to ensure your doors are easy to clean and perform better for longer than the older door styles.

Lastly, updated doors make your house look more appealing. Your doors are one of the most noticeable parts of your property and that includes your back and patio doors. Doors that complement the design of your home will also give it more value.

Different Types of Doors

Here is a collection of facts about each door type and some of their benefits to help you decide which doors are best for your home.

Back Door prices range between £600 & £1050

There are three different types of back doors you can choose from including:

  • Standard roller lock
  • High security
  • Arched toplight

Most back doors can be constructed from uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), aluminium, solid oak, soft wood or timber and some variations can be half glazed or fully glazed. Depending on the size and type, you will pay anything between £600 and £1050 for a new back door.

The wooden versions will act as natural insulators and block out any unwanted exterior noise. They’ll also add real charm to the back of your house and suit any modern or traditional property. Aluminium back doors are also very stylish, energy efficient and a highly secure option. Then there are the uPVC back doors, which require minimal maintenance and are slightly better value for money.

Bi-Fold Door range between £2050 & £4919

Bi-fold doors are usually installed at the back of a property for easy access to the garden. They can come with 2 or 3 glazed doors that have a concertina mechanism to fold flat when stacked against a wall. These doors can be made with a wooden or uPVC finish and are fantastic for letting in lots of natural light and providing great views. Prices range from £2050 to £4919 before installation.

The huge glass panels help to make your indoor living space appear much larger and brighter even when the door is closed. They also give you convenient access to your garden area and allow you to keep a watchful eye on the outside world. The multi-point locking system keeps them highly secure and the concertina mechanism makes bi-fold doors a great option for both big and small homes.

Composite Doors range between £925 £1480

A composite door can be used as a front door or back door because they are really strong and secure. You have a choice of uPVC composite doors or timber versions with or without an arched toplight. Solid fire composite doors are an option as well to help better protect your home from smoke and fire. Glass options are also available, as well as various coloured and woodgrain finishes. Best of all, they’re affordably priced at £925 to £1480.

Many homeowners choose to install composite doors because they are robust and have a long lifespan. Most manufacturers use an inner layer of insulating foam during the construction process to ensure a superior level of energy efficiency. They’re also extremely difficult to damage and tamper with, making them ideal for front and back entrances.

Double Glazed Door prices range between £600 & £3050

Double glazed doors are commonly referred to as doors with insulating glass that helps to keep your home warmer. The double glazed panels found on a door will have two panes of sturdy glass separated by a spacer and be filled with a type of inert gas. This helps to prevent heat loss and improve the quality of your door.

The types of doors that can be fitted with double glazed panels include:

  • Front doors
  • Back doors
  • Composite doors
  • French doors
  • Patio doors
  • Bi-fold doors

You’ll be looking at spending around £400 to £2550 on a double glazed door, depending on which door type and size you choose to purchase. Considering you’ll be using less heat to make your home comfortable, we think they’re a good investment. Double glazed doors are also much harder to break through and a great option if you’re looking to increase security and reduce exterior noise.

French Door prices range between £975 & £2400

Classic French doors guarantee to look beautiful in any home and are ideal for giving you quick and easy access to your garden, patio or balcony. A set of French doors will have two separate openings that can open inwards or outwards and come complete with either half glazing, full glazing or clear glazing. When it comes to materials, you can select from aluminium, uPVC, solid oak laminate or timber. Prices start at £725 and go up to £1900 excluding installation fees.

The biggest advantage of French doors is that they flood your home with lots of natural light. When open, you can properly ventilate your property and welcome cool summer breezes into your living space. French doors also offer you wonderful views of your outdoor area and make your interior appear more spacious. Furthermore, they won’t allow heat to escape during winter, so you won’t need to use as much energy to heat your home.

Front Door prices range between £625 & £1150

Every home needs a strong and secure front door, and you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of stylish designs available. From uPVC and soft wood to solid oak and timber, finding the right look should be a breeze. You can also select from fully glazed and half glazed versions, as well as front doors with standard roller locks and high security locking systems. When it comes to price, you should be looking at paying around £625 to £1150 for a top-quality solution.

There is no doubt that solid oak front doors are the winners in terms of appearance. However, soft wood, timber and uPVC front doors will look stylish too. As wood is a natural insulator, all wooden front doors will increase energy efficiency, but a solid oak version has the edge. uPVC front doors also offer a high level of insulation and are better for withstanding extreme weather and maintaining their shape. If you want a value for money door with the appearance of wood, you could go for a uPVC front door with a woodgrain finish.

Patio Door prices range between £1025 & £2100 

Patio doors are made with large glass panels to enable lots of light to enter your home and give you convenient access to your outdoor space. They can be manufactured with 1 or 2 glazed panels and finished with uPVC or wooden casements. Both styles offer you the same benefits and can be opened, closed and locked from the interior or the exterior of your property. The average price for a patio door is between £14560 and £2100 with 1-panel doors coming out as slightly more expensive.

The nice thing about patio doors is the way they enable you to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home. Even when it’s miserable outside, your property can benefit from lots of natural light and you can still admire your garden from indoors. Patio doors are also thermally efficient and fitted with advanced locking systems to protect your household.

Sliding and Folding Patio Door prices range between £1000 & £5650

These doors can either come with sliding and folding mechanisms or a sliding only mechanism. Sliding and folding doors have large glass panels that open to the right or bend and slide to one side of the opening to create a large entrance. They are usually fully glazed with uPVC or solid oak frames and priced between £1000 and £5650. Sliding only doors simply move along a fitted track to give you access to your garden. This style of door is less expensive with prices ranging from £1000 to £2900.

Both of these patio door sets are designed to give you immediate access to the outdoors without taking up any interior or exterior space. Plus, they’re very stylish and an excellent option for letting in more natural light throughout the year. The natural light helps to make your room appear bigger and keep your home comfortably bright. A set of sliding and folding or sliding only doors will also be a lot more secure than the older-style versions of patio doors.

Stable Door prices range between £600 & £700

Stable doors work differently to a standard back or side door as they have two openings, one on top of the other. These openings can be operated together or independently to offer you more flexibility. If you want to open just one section of a stable door, you turn the handle on the part you wish to use to disengage it from the door you want to stay closed. Stable doors are available in uPVC or timber with half or full glazing and cost between £600 and £700.

These types of doors can come with high-security features or a standard roller lock system to suit your needs. Stable doors are a safe option if you have small children and pets as you only have to open the top section to allow natural light and breezes to enter your home. If you need a door suitable for use with a pram or wheelchair, stable doors can also be made with a low threshold for easy access.

Wooden/Timber Door prices range between £625 & £5650

Wooden doors are renowned for their quality and beautiful aesthetics, making them suitable for any period or modern home. Better still, wooden doors come in various designs and styles including:

  • Front doors
  • Back doors
  • Composite doors
  • Stable doors
  • French doors
  • Patio doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding and folding doors

From solid oak and soft wood to solid oak laminate, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to updating your property with timber doors. Prices range from £625 to £5650 and the amount you will need to spend will heavily depend on which type of door you require.

As wood is an energy efficient material, your home should be better at retaining heat with a timber door. A wooden door is also ideal for your property if you live in a noisy area because it will help to reduce noise pollution. With the right care and maintenance, any wooden door should last for many years to come. You can even update it in the future with various polishes and paints.

Door Prices

Feel free to use our price guide below for a better idea of the cost of a new door in the size you require, as well as the typical price for an installation.

SizeTypeMaterialDoor TypeTypical PriceFit PriceTotal price
1200 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed/Fully Glazed£725£250£975
1500 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed/Fully Glazed£750£275£1,025
1800 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed/Fully Glazed£850£300£1,150
900 x 2100Composite DoorsuPVCArched Toplight/Half Glazed /Solid Fire Door£825£255£1,080
900 x 2100Front DoorsuPVCStandard Roller lock£455£200£655
900 x 2100Front DoorsuPVCHigh Security£460£225£685
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCStandard Roller Lock Fully/Half Glazed£400£200£600
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCHigh Security Fully Glazed£475£225£700
900 x 2100Stable DooruPVCStandard Roller lockFully/Half Glazed£400£200£600
900 x 2100Stable DooruPVCHigh Security Fully /Half Glazed£475£225£700
1500 x 2100Patio Door 2 PaneluPVCWhite/Woodgrain£750£325£1,075
1800 x 2100Patio Door 2 PaneluPVCWhite/Woodgrain£875£350£1,225
2000 x 2000Patio Door 2 PaneluPVCWhite/Woodgrain£950£400£1,350
2100 x 2100Patio Door 1 PaneluPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,300£400£1,700
2500 x 2100Patio Door 1 PaneluPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,125£425£1,550
3000 x 2100Patio Door 1 PaneluPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,375£450£1,825
1200 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 paneuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£1,850£350£2,200
1500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 paneuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£2,250£400£2,650
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 paneuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£2,050£450£2,500
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£2,150£450£2,600
2100 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£2,300£475£2,775
2500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneuPVCWhite/Woodgrain£2,550£500£3,050
900 x 2100Stable DoorWood/TimberHigh Security Fully Glazed£625£225£850
900 x 2100Composite DoorsWood/TimberArched Toplight£850£255£1,105
900 x 2100Front DoorsWood/TimberHigh Security£850£225£1,075
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakArched Toplight£875£250£1,125
900 x 2100Front DoorsSoft WoodArched Toplight£425£250£675
900 x 2100Back DoorsSolid OakArched Toplight£725£250£975
900 x 2100Back DoorsWood/TimberHigh Security Fully Glazed£650£225£850
900 x 2100Back DoorsAlumiunumArched Toplight£725£225£950
900 x 2100Back DoorsSoft WoodArched Toplight£400£250£650
1200 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberFully Glazed£1,100£250£1,350
1200 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,050£250£1,300
1500 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberFully Glazed£1,300£275£1,575
1500 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,250£275£1,525
1800 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberFully Glazed£1,400£300£1,700
1800 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,350£300£1,650
1995 x 494French DoorsSolid Oak LaminateClear Glazing£1,700£400£2,100
1995 x 555French DoorsSolid Oak LaminateClear Glazing£1,800£450£2,250
1995 x 855French DoorsSolid Oak LaminateClear Glazing£1,900£500£2,400
1190x 2090French DoorsAlumiunumClear Glazing£1,005£300
1490 x 2090French DoorsAlumiunumClear Glazing£1,085£325£1,410
1790 x 2090French DoorsAlumiunumClear Glazing£1,125
1500 x 2100Patio Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,200£300£1,500
1800 x 2100Patio Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,350£350£1,700
2000 x 2000Patio Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,500£400£1,900
2100 x 2100Patio Door 1 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,350£400£1,750
2500 x 2100Patio Door 1 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,425£425£1,850
3000 x 2100Patio Door 1 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,500£450£1,950
1200 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,000£350£2,350
1500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,050£400£2,450
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,200£450£2,650
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,300£450£2,750
2100 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,500£475£2,975
2500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,700£500£3,200
1948x 2090Sliding & Folding Right Opening DoorsuPVCFull Glaze£2,800£600£3,400
1790 x2090Sliding & Folding Right Opening DoorsuPVCFull Glaze£2,300£550
1987 x 2090Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£2,600£600£3,200
1987 x 2390Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£2,800£650£3,450
1987 x 2990Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£3,900£700£4,600
2090 x 3590Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£4,600£800£5,400
2090 x 4800Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£4,800£850£5,650
2390x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsuPVCSliding 2 door£800£450£1,250
1490x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsuPVCSliding 2 door£600£400£1,000
1790 x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsuPVCSliding 2 door£650£425£1,075
2390 x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsAlumiunumSliding 2 door£1,600£450£2,050
3590 x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsAlumiunumSliding 2 door£2,405£550£2,955

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