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Side hinged garage door prices are on average £1400.00 incl. VAT & Installation

Side hinged garage doors consist of two doors that open outwards in the same way as regular doors. That means you don’t always have to open both doors to gain access to your garage. They are usually manufactured with equal sized doors but some manufacturers can offer customised solutions.

Not only are side hinged garage doors made from an attractive array of materials but they also come in various eye-catching designs. They can even be made to order in virtually any colour and uniquely designed to suit your home. You can purchase side hinged garage doors that are constructed of timber, steel or GRP (glass reinforced polyester), as well as double steel or a combination of timber and steel.

While most people choose hand-operated side hinged garage doors, you can opt for an electrically operated solution. Some manufacturers will even offer you designer finishes. Regardless of the colour, finish and design of your chosen door, you’ll be looking at paying between £1050 and £2050.

  • Types of Side Hinged Garage Doors

All side hinged garage doors are easy to use and great for enhancing security. With so many traditional and contemporary styles to choose between, you’ll certainly find a solution to complement your home. However, you do need to think about cost and the different side hinged garage door materials.

Depending on whether you choose just timber or a mix of timber and steel, timber side hinged garage doors can cost you anything between £1150 and £2050. Some timber garage doors are prone to movement, but a combination of timber and steel will provide you with a stronger and sturdier door. Either way, timber side hinged garage doors can be easily automated.

Steel side hinged garage doors can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to personalise your home. The types of steel doors available include a standard steel door or a double skinned steel door, and you can expect to pay between £1050 and £1750. Double skinned steel doors offer better security and protection from the elements, so keep that in mind before selecting a steel door.

If you’re looking for exceptional strength and security, a GRP side hinged garage door is the best option for you. They also require minimal maintenance, are corrosive resistant and offer the timeless appeal of real timber. The typical cost of a GRP side hinged garage door is around £1450.

The main advantage with a side hinged garage door has to be the fact that you have the option to open one door or both doors. That’s great news if you require regular access to your garage because you use the space as a utility room, gym or even an office. Side hinged doors are also very quiet to operate and can be made to fit any size garage.


These garage doors are attractive and stylish, and you can take your pick when it comes to colours, finishes and designs. You can also feature glass on your door to help boost its aesthetic quality and allow natural light into your garage.

With a side hinged garage door, you can forget about doing any lifting to gain access to your space. You simply open and close the doors manually without any fuss. Alternatively, you can decide to have an automatic side hinged door that allows you access at the click of a button.

It’s important to mention that side hinged garage doors are not ideal for your property if you have a short or sloped driveway. Also, you must get permission to install this type of garage door from your local authority if your garage opens onto a public pathway or area.

As both doors open outwards like a normal door, you will need to leave room on your driveway to enable your garage doors to open. That said, there are some manufacturers in the UK that are willing to make inward opening side hinged garage doors to help overcome all of the disadvantages we’ve mentioned.

Side Hinged Garage Door Overview

Partial OpeningFrequent pedestrian access
Classic and StylishVariety of modern and stylish designs available
Made to OrderFit your requirements
SecuritySecurity Locks as standard
Optional remote controlled accessManual or electric additional locking
Optional accessoriesWireless keypads/finger scan readers

Compare the best prices on Side Hinged Garage Doors.
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Side Hinged Garage Door Prices

If you know your garage measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

StyleSizeMaterialElectricTypical PriceInstallation CostTotal price
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimberNo£1500£250£1750
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimberYes£1750£300£2050
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimber/SteelNo£900£250£1150
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimber/SteelYes£1250£300£1550
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleGRPNo£1200£250£1450
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteel Double SkinNo£1300£250£1550
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteel Double SkinYes£1450£300£1750
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteelNo£800£250£1050
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteelYes£1100£300£1400

Compare the best prices on Side Hinged Garage Doors.
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What we think of Side Hinged Garage Doors

It’s clear to us that side hinged garage doors are a practical option for most properties. One of the best things about investing in this style of garage door is that it enables you to open just one side of the door to gain entry. That’s quite handy, especially if you want to keep your garage more private and prevent others from seeing what’s stored inside.

As you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to designs and colours, they’re excellent for making a real statement and boosting kerb appeal. Although they aren’t recommended for every homeowner, side hinged garage doors have to be one of the easiest to operate choices on the market.

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