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L shaped conservatory prices range between £13,375 & £21,945 incl. VAT & Installation.

What is an L shaped Conservatory and how much will it cost?

 An L shaped conservatory is a larger style of conservatory incorporating design features of both Edwardian and lean-to conservatory designs. This style of conservatory will cost between £13,375 and £21,945.

 Design Characteristics of L shaped Conservatories

 The longer section of an L shaped conservatory will run along your rear wall leading into a larger section. Unlike P shaped conservatories, which incorporate a Victorian bay front,  the main section of an L shaped conservatory will have a square or rectangular base with a pitched roof – similar to an Edwardian style conservatory.

The blend of modern and traditional styles means this style of conservatory will work well on almost any style of property, but is best suited to larger homes.

  • Cost Considerations
  • Should I get planning permission?

The design of this style of conservatory is perfect to create separate areas – a boot room and a dining room for example.

There are three factors to consider when thinking about the cost: the size, roof type and building work. Have a look at the chart below to compare prices.


Much of the overall cost comes from the conservatory roof. Here you have three options: glass, tiles and polycarbonate.

The most cost-effective option is polycarbonate. This is a durable thermoplastic material capable of with standing a wide range of temperatures as well as substantial levels of force. For example, you’ll find polycarbonate in bulletproof shields used by the police.

The good thing about polycarbonate is that it is light and very easy to transport and install. Covering sheets used for roofs with a film will block out UV rays. It also has a frosted appearance to give you privacy from neighbours.

On the downside it is not scratch resistant so take care when it comes to cleaning.

Overall, a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof will cost between £12,600 and £14,350.

Glass roofs look some what better than either polycarbonate and are better insulated. That works well on cooler days as it will mean you need to use less energy to heat your room. However, it is heavy and much more difficult to install than plastic roofs. Buying a conservatory with a glass roof will cost between £13,195 and £15,050.

The most expensive option is a tiled roof which will cost between £14,400 and £17, 100. However it is perhaps the ideal option if you’re going for heavy duty all year round roof. You won’t be freezing in winter and it will be less likely to get too hot during summer. Tiles will prevent furniture from fading and will keep out the sounds of the outside world – perfect if you live near a railway or a busy road.

On the other hand, there will be less sunlight, although you might be able to incorporate a roof with windows and glazed panels.

You can choose from a traditionally tiled roof or a Guardian roof which is much lighter and doesn’t needs as much structural support. On the inside, glass roofs will be finished with timber cladding or plaster.

Size / Measurements

Conservatories have a size limit: They must be a maximum of three metres wide for an attached house or four metres for if it’s detached. It must not be any higher than four metres.

To get an idea of how many doors and glazed panels you’ll need, measure the area of your conservatory. For example if it measures 3500 x 3500 start at £10,000. Larger conservatories of around 4000 x 4000 start at £12,200.

Building Work

It’s time to get building and you can start with wither a traditional or steel base. A traditional base stands on a foundation of concrete. It doesn’t needs as much excavation – all it needs is a steel frame laid on the ground with steel piles placed at certain points around the edge.

When it comes to glazing you might choose to take it all the way to the floor, or build on a dwarf wall. A full glazing option is usually cheaper – the building element of a conservatory build will set you back between £2,425 and £3,900, again depending on how big your conservatory is and what materials you are using.

Conservatories are classed as ‘permitted development’ and as such do not need planning permission. Even so there are some rules and you should research them when you think about your design.

The main criteria are that your conservatory will not be separated away from your house by any walls (for example, the back of your conservatory must be a part of your house). It must not be more than four metres or wider than three metres for an attached house (four metres if it’s detached). All in all the conservatory  and other outbuildings must not take up more than 50 per cent of the land around your house.

L Shaped Features & Benefits

Key Featuresbenefits
Affordabilityfrom £13,375 to £21,945 adds value to property
DurablePractical floor plan
StyleMultiple designs
ViewsLeaves large garden space to view
Build TimeTakes up to 1 month to build, cement flooring takes 8 weeks to dry
Optional ExtrasFlooring, Blinds, Heating, Furniture
Planning permissionNot required when no more than four metres tall and three metres wide
CharacteristicsDesigned to fit around the corners of a house, giving you two interlinking spaces

Compare the best prices on L Shaped Conservatories.
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L Shaped Conservatory Prices

The average price for a L Shaped conservatory is between £13,375, and £21,945, but you can get a better idea of how much one will set you back from our table below.

SizeTypeRoof MaterialTypical PriceRoof priceAverage Fit PriceTotal price
3500 x 3500L ShapePolycarbonate£6,950£4,000£2,425£13,375
3500 x 3500L ShapeGlass£6,950£4,150£2,595£13,695
3500 x 3500L ShapeTiled£6,950£7,000£3,250£17,200
3500 x 3500L ShapeGuardian Roof£6,950£6,195£3,600£16,745
3500 x 4000L ShapePolycarbonate£7,200£4,100£2,650£13,950
3500 x 4000L ShapeGlass£7,200£4,200£2,900£14,300
3500 x 4000L ShapeTiled£7,200£7,100£3,850£18,150
3500 x 4000L ShapeGuardian Roof£7,200£6,950£3,950£18,100
4000 x 4000L ShapePolycarbonate£7,450£4,200£2,950£14,600
4000 x 4000L ShapeGlass£7,450£4,450£3,150£15,050
4000 x 4000L ShapeGuardian Roof£7,450£7,050£3,650£18,150
4000 x 4000L ShapeTiled£7,450£7,200£3,900£18,550
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£9,950£4,000£2,675£16,625
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodGlass£9,950£4,150£2,800£16,900
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£9,950£6,195£3,600£19,745
3500 x 3500L Shape/WoodTiled£9,950£7,000£3,500£20,450
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£10,495£4,100£2,900£17,495
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodGlass£10,495£4,200£3,150£17,845
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£10,495£6,950£4,200£21,645
3500 x 4000L Shape/WoodTiled£10,495£7,100£4,100£21,695
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodPolycarbonate£10,995£4,200£3,200£18,395
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodGlass£10,995£4,450£3,400£18,845
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodGuardian Roof£10,995£7,050£3,900£21,945
4000 x 4000L Shape/WoodTiled£10,995£7,200£4,150£22,345

Compare the best prices on L Shaped Conservatories.
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