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The average price of a double glazed door is £1575 including VAT and installation

Double glazed doors are constructed with two panes of strong glass to increase security and ensure your home loses less heat. The two glass panes are separated by a spacer, and the space in between is filled with dehydrated air or inert gas to prevent heat loss and improve the quality of the glazing.

There are many door types that can be fitted with double glazed units including French doors, composite doors, front doors, back doors, patio doors and bi-fold doors. The frames of double glazed doors tend to be constructed of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) as it’s a strong and versatile material. The uPVC frame can also be finished in an extensive range of colours and woodgrain effects to suit each property.

You can pay anything between £600 and £3050 for a double glazed door, but the overall cost will depend on the door size and style. Bi-fold doors are the highest in price because of their complex design and the amount of glazing required to complete them.

  • Types of Double Glazed Doors

You can choose from a variety of door types with double glazed units. You just need to determine which door type best fits your property and needs before making a purchase. Here is a brief guide on all the different double glazed door types.

Front doors and back doors can come with a standard roller lock or a multi-point high-security system and both types can be fully glazed or half glazed. As front and back doors are often targeted by potential burglars, it’s important that you choose a door that’s constructed from the most secure materials. The double glazed units offer you maximum security, as well as heat and noise insulation. Double glazed front doors and back doors are also reasonably priced, costing between £625 and £695.

Composite doors made from uPVC will always look great and offer you excellent strength and durability. However, when you choose a composite door with double glazing rather than standard glazing, your door becomes a more secure option. Whether you want a half glazed, half arched, arched toplight or solid fire door, you can expect to pay £955 to £1200 for a double glazed composite door.

French doors tend to come with a lot of glazing, regardless of whether you opt for a half glazed or fully glazed version. When you choose a double glazed French door, you’ll be more protected from external noise and be able to enjoy more peacefulness in your home. As well as being shatter resistant and capable of safeguarding your property from intruders, your double glazed French doors will allow lots of natural light into your home. You’ll also be pleased to learn that they’re an affordable option, ranging from £975 up to £1200.

Patio doors cost anything from £1025 to £1575 and usually come with one or two panels to ensure your home is filled with lots of natural light. However, when you combine the double glazed units with uPVC frames, you will save on your energy consumption and bills. Furthermore, you can’t beat the strength and level of security you will get with a double glazed solution.

Bi-fold doors are the most expensive type of double glazed doors and cost between £2050 and £3050. However, they can open up an entire wall as they fold back and stack against one another. Double glazed versions will enable you to get closer to nature from inside your home while keeping you safe and secure. Even when the doors are fully open, each pane will be much stronger and virtually impossible to break. As the double glazing will transfer plenty of sunlight into your property and utilise what heat it can during the colder months, you won’t need to be as reliant on your heating system.

Some of the advantages of double glazed doors are quite clear. We’ve already discussed the fact double glazed doors will reduce your energy usage as they reflect heat back into your home. That means you won’t have to use your heating system as often and can save a considerable amount of money every year.

Double glazed doors are particularly beneficial if you require higher levels of security because the doors are much harder to break through. Double glazed doors create a strong enough barrier to keep noise pollution outside where it belongs.

What’s more, the many advantages of double glazed doors will add to the value of your property and offer you peace of mind when at home or away.

Double glazed doors tend to be more costly than other types of glazed units, but as they’ll save you money on your energy bills, they should pay for themselves in the long run. They can also make your home very warm during the warmer months because they’re so good at trapping heat. The only other real disadvantage of double glazed doors is that any broken seals can’t be repaired. You will have to replace the whole unit if and when the seals become faulty.

Double Glazed Features and Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityValue for money
MaterialsUPVC/Hard & Soft wood/ Aluminium
StylesMany Options
Different SizesVery large choice
Optional ExtrasMulti chambered lock
DurableKeeps shape
Carbon FootprintHeat & cold protection

Compare the best prices on Double Glazed Doors.
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Double Glazed Door Prices

If you know your double glazed door measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below

SizeTypeMaterialDoor TypeTypical PriceFit PriceTotal price
1200 x 2100French DoorsuPVCFully Glazed£725£250£975
1200 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£725£250£975
1500 x 2100French DoorsuPVCFully Glazed£750£275£1,025
1500 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£750£275£1,025
1800 x 2100French DoorsuPVCFully Glazed£825£300£1,125
1800 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£900£300£1,200
900 x 2100Composite DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed£950£250£1,200
900 x 2100Composite DoorsuPVCArched Half£850£250£1,100
900 x 2100Composite DoorsuPVCArched Toplight£700£255£955
900 x 2100Composite DoorsuPVCSolid Fire Door£750£260£1,010
900 x 2100Front DoorsuPVCStandard Roller£425£200£625
900 x 2100Front DoorsuPVCHigh Security£450£225£675
900 x 2100Front DoorsuPVCStandard Roller£480£200£680
900 x 2100Front DoorsuPVCHigh Security£470£225£695
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCStandard Roller Lock Fully Glazed£400£200£600
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCHigh Security Fully Glazed£475£225£700
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCStandard Roller Lock Half Glazed£400£200£600
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCHigh Security Half Glazed£475£225£700
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCStandard Roller Lock Fully Glazed£400£200£600
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCHigh Security Fully Glazed£475£225£700
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCStandard Roller Lock Half Glazed£400£200£600
900 x 2100Back DoorsuPVCHigh Security Half Glazed£475£225£700
1500 x 2100Patio Door 2 PaneluPVCWhite£725£300£1,025
1800 x 2100Patio Door 2 PaneluPVCWhite£800£350£1,150
2000 x 2000Patio Door 2 PaneluPVCWhite£900£400£1,300
2100 x 2100Patio Door 1 PaneluPVCWhite£1,050£400£1,450
2500 x 2100Patio Door 1 PaneluPVCWhite£1,075£425£1,500
3000 x 2100Patio Door 1 PaneluPVCWhite£1,125£450£1,575
1200 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PaneuPVCWhite£1,700£350£2,050
1500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PaneuPVCWhite£1,750£400£2,150
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PaneuPVCWhite£1,800£450£2,250
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneuPVCWhite£2,150£450£2,600
2100 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneuPVCWhite£2,300£475£2,775
2500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneuPVCWhite£2,550£500£3,050

Compare the best prices on Double Glazed Doors.
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What we think of Double Glazed Doors

There’s no denying the thermal, acoustic and security benefits of double glazed doors. They’re definitely one of the most superior door types on the market for protecting a home, especially when constructed from uPVC. While some versions can be expensive, it’s a small price to pay for a door that caters to the demands of your entire household.

As for the disadvantages, there isn’t anything that would put us off from purchasing a double glazed door. Besides, the pros massively outweigh the cons and have led us to believe that double glazing is the most appropriate option for making your home quieter, as well as more comfortable and secure.

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