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Double glazed window prices are on average £1200 incl. VAT and installation

Double glazed windows come with 2 panes of glass with an airtight gap between each one. The gap is filled with air or heat insulating gas for effective heat and noise insulation. These windows also capture and store an excellent level of natural heat from the sun and help combat security and condensation issues.

Most double glazed windows feature uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) frames because they help to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. uPVC double glazed windows are also available in different colour shades and woodgrain designs to match the style of your property.

uPVC double glazing costs vary based on size, quality and style. The types of double glazed windows available include:

  • Bay windows with 3, 4 or 5 sections – £1100 to £2000
  • Sash windows – £475 to £800
  • Bow windows with 3, 4 or 5 sections – £1100 to £2100
  • Casement window with or without an opening – £335 to £675
  • Tilt and turn windows – £450 to £650
  • French casement windows – £350 to £675
  • A-rated windows with or without an opening – £410 to £750

As you can see, the amount you will need to spend on double glazed windows will heavily depend on which type you choose.

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Double glazed windows can reduce heat loss in your home and lower your energy bills in the long run. Even when it’s cold outside, the insulating layer and airtight construction of double glazing can help to keep the cold out and make the inside of your property noticeably warmer. Plus, they help to heat up or cool down a room quickly.

As double glazed windows retain heat for longer, they’ll prevent frost from forming on the glass. This is particularly useful, especially as frost build up on a window will make you feel colder when indoors. That means a double glazed window will prevent you from needing to turn your heating up to stay at a comfortable temperature.

Another main advantage of double glazed windows is sound insulation. They will form a thick barrier between your room and the outside world to reduce the level of noise pollution in your home. These windows also help to ensure internal noise can’t be heard from the outside.

You’ll also have peace of mind that your uPVC double glazed windows cannot be easily broken into by a potential intruder. As they are virtually impossible to force open, they will enhance the security and safety of your home.

Double glazed windows are designed to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. They work by retaining heat to keep your home warmer during the colder months of the year. The 2 panes of glass are separated by a spacer and the gap in between is filled with air or a type of inert gas to prevent heat loss. This extra layer of insulation also helps to stop external noise from entering your property.

While uPVC double glazed windows are an excellent choice for any home, you might benefit more from installing triple glazed windows. This is especially true if you live in a typically cold or noisy area.

Triple glazed windows are made from 3 panes, making them more efficient at heat retention than double glazing. They also come with 2 sealed cavities filled with air or heat insulating gas. The extra pane and cavity make triple glazing the best solution for preventing heat loss.

uPVC triple glazed windows are also less prone to condensation build up than double glazing, and offer better acoustic performance for keeping out external noise. They are stronger too, ensuring excellent security for your home. These windows basically work in the same way as double glazed windows, however, they offer a higher level of energy efficiency, noise insulation and security.

Not only can you increase security, energy efficiency and noise insulation, but uPVC double glazing windows can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. That’s because you can choose from a wide range of glass designs and patterns for your preferred window type. There are also plenty of colours and woodgrain effects available, as well as handles to enhance the overall look of your double glazed windows.

Double Glazing Window Prices

Key FeaturesBenefits
Modernised propertyAdds value to the property
Praticality for cleaningEasy
EcoBetter for enviroment
MaterialAestically pleasing
AffordabilityMid range
ThermalGood insulation
SecurityHigh security locks
Ease of useNo effort to operate
Can have different openersStyled to your liking
LongivityWorthy invesment
AffordabilityMid Price Range

Compare the best prices on Double Glazing Windows.
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Double Glazing Window Prices

Double glazing costs start at £475 and go up to £2100 depending on your required window size and style. If you’d like a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend on a new double glazed window, feel free to check out our price chart below.

SizeTypeMaterialColourTypical PriceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
2400 x 1200Bay Window 3 Section
2400 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£880£295£1,175
3000 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£875£325£1,200
3000 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£960£340£1,300
3000 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,100£350£1,450
3000 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,190£360£1,550
3600 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,175£375£1,550
3600 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,255£395£1,650
3600 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,505£395£1,900
3600 x 1500Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,580£420£2,000
4000 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,525£425£1,950
4000 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,525£425£1,950
500 x 500uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite£300£175£475
1000 x 500uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite£450£200£650
1000 x 1000uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite£500£225£725
1200 x 1200uPVC Sash WindowsuPVCWhite£550£250£800
2400 x 1200Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£825£275£1,100
2400 x 1500Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£875£300£1,175
3000 x 1200Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£900£300£1,200
3000 x 1500Bow Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£975£325£1,300
3000 x 1200Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,175£275£1,450
3000 x 1500Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,275£275£1,550
3600 x 1200Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,450£300£1,750
3600 x 1500Bow Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,450£300£1,750
3600 x 1200Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,605£295£1,900
3600 x 1500Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,690£310£2,000
4000 x 1200Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,625£325£1,950
4000 x 1500Bow Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,775£325£2,100
500 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWhite£160£175£335
1000 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWhite£175£200£375
1000 x 1000Casement WindowuPVCWhite£225£250£475
1200 x 1200Casement WindowuPVCWhite£275£300£575
500 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£275£150£425
1000 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£300£200£500
1000 x 1000Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£350£250£600
1200 x 1200Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£400£275£675
800 x 800Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite£275£175£450
1000 x 1000Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite£375£225£600
1200 x 1200Tilt & Turn WindowuPVCWhite£400£250£650
500 x 500French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite£200£150£350
1000 x 500French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite£350£175£525
1000 x 1000French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite£350£200£550
1200 x 1200French Casement WindowsuPVCWhite£455£220£675
500 x 500A RateduPVCWhite£235£175£410
1000 x 500A RateduPVCWhite£250£200£450
1000 x 1000A RateduPVCWhite£275£250£525
1200 x 1200A RateduPVCWhite£325£300£625
500 x 500A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£325£150£475
1000 x 500A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£400£150£550
1000 x 1000A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£425£250£675
1200 x 1200A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£475£275£750

Compare the best prices on Double Glazing Windows.
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