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Energy Efficient Window prices are on average £550 each incl. VAT & installation

Energy efficient windows that are A-rated are designed to ensure you consume less energy to heat your property and save money on heating bills. As you’ll be using less energy to make your home warmer, you’ll also reduce your carbon emissions. The energy efficiency scale actually goes from A to G, with A being the best solution for keeping your home comfortable and secure.

A-rated windows are available with uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) frames to enhance energy efficiency and can come with or without an opening. The average price for an A-rated window is between £475, and £675, making them an affordable option for any home. If you’d prefer a window with an opening, you can expect to pay anything between £475, and £775.

For your peace of mind, the British Federation Ratings Council (BFRC) are responsible for checking and grading the performance of all A-rated windows. It’s also worth mentioning that the latest building regulations state that all new homes must be built with windows that have a minimum C energy rating.

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The biggest advantage of installing energy efficient windows with an A rating is that they will improve the energy efficiency of your home. In turn, you’ll reduce the amount of energy you use and save money on keeping your property warm and comfortable year after year.

As energy efficient windows use less fuel to heat than single glazing or standard double glazing, you’ll reduce your CO2 emissions and play your part in helping the environment. All A-rated windows provide an excellent level of sound protection as well, making them ideal if you live in a noisy or built-up area.

By choosing energy efficient windows with an A rating, you won’t need to replace your windows for an incredibly long time. In fact, you may never have to replace your windows, especially when you choose a high-quality solution. Furthermore, these windows are made with robust uPVC and strong glass for added strength and security.

On top of all those benefits, you’ll increase the value of your property and make your home more sellable when the time comes. There’s also the reassurance that your windows have been checked and graded by the British Federation Ratings Council.

Energy efficient windows come with either 2 sheets (double glazing) or 3 sheets (triple glazing) of low emissivity (Low-E) glass with a gap in between to create an insulating barrier. The glass is designed to allow plenty of light and heat into your home and reduce the amount of heat that can escape. On a hot day, the glass will keep the heat outside.

The gap between each pane of glass is usually filled with an effective gas to further increase energy efficiency. Spacers are also used around the inside edges of the glass to keep each pane apart. Some pane spacers are known as ‘warm spacers’, which are best for keeping your windows condensation-free and thermally efficient.

Both double glazed windows and triple glazed windows are considered energy efficient, with triple glazing coming out on top. Double glazing comes with 1 sealed cavity and triple glazing will have 2 sealed cavities, all of which will be filled with heat insulating gas. It’s the extra energy efficient pane of glass and cavity that make triple glazing the slightly better of the two window types.

That said, both double glazed and triple glazed windows can help to keep warmth in your home, as well as provide excellent security and sound insulation. However, if your rooms seem hard to heat, an A-rated energy efficient window will make the world of difference.

Just remember that the higher the energy efficiency rating, the more energy your windows will save. If you do decide to buy double glazed or triple glazed windows, make sure they have a high energy efficiency rating to maximise performance.

Some A-rated energy efficient window manufacturer’s offer upgrades on the glass. As well as A-rated windows, you have the option of A+ and A++ for an even greater level of energy efficiency. When it comes to the uPVC frames, all A-rated energy efficient windows can be customised in a choice of colours and woodgrain effects. If you choose windows with openings, you’ll also get to select from a stylish array of handle options.

Energy Efficient Window Benefits and Features

Key FeaturesBenefits
Energy EfficientLess heat Loss
Choice of designsDesign for every household
Save on heating billsNo draughts or cold spots
Noise reductionPeace & quiet
Healthy QualityReduced condensation
FunctionalEconomical in long term
Ease of useEasy to clean
AffordabilityHigh End

Compare the best prices on Energy Efficient Windows.
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Energy Efficient Window Prices

If you’re considering switching to A-rated energy efficient windows and would like to get a better idea of the costs involved, feel free to check out our price chart below.

SizeTypeMaterialColourTypical PriceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
500 x 500A RateduPVCWhite£235£175£410
500 x 500A RateduPVCWoodgrain£245£175£420
1000 x 500A RateduPVCWhite£250£200£450
1000 x 500A RateduPVCWoodgrain£250£200£450
1000 x 1000A RateduPVCWhite£275£250£525
1000 x 1000A RateduPVCWoodgrain£300£250£550
1200 x 1200A RateduPVCWhite£325£300£625
1200 x 1200A RateduPVCWoodgrain£350£300£650
500 x 500A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£325£150£475
500 x 500A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWoodgrain£375£150£525
1000 x 500A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£400£150£550
1000 x 500A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWoodgrain£425£200£625
1000 x 1000A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£425£250£675
1000 x 1000A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWoodgrain£475£250£725
1200 x 1200A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWhite£475£275£750
1200 x 1200A Rated 1 OpeninguPVCWoodgrain£500£275£775

Compare the best prices on Energy Efficient Windows.
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