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Electric garage door prices are on average £2750 including VAT and installation

An electric garage door is designed to be used with an electric operator to make it easy for you to open and close your garage door. The door is usually activated by a wall mounted push-button or a handheld remote. You can also choose from a range of other accessories including key switches and external wireless keypads, as well as finger scan readers and card readers.

Various types of electrical operators are available for electric garage doors made from steel, aluminium, timber or GRP (glass reinforced polyester), along with steel insulated or timber/steel. That means you’re presented with a huge choice of styles, colours and designs too.

The amount of money you will need to spend will depend on the garage door size, style and material you choose. However, we can tell you that electric garage door prices start at just £950 and go up to around £7100.

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There are various garage door types that are compatible with an electric operator, such as:

Steel roller doors – £1350 to £2000

Roller doors roll straight up and vertically to create an opening without taking up any unnecessary space. They’re very quiet when in use and can be made to fit almost any size garage. When it comes to electric operation, steel roller garage doors are one of the most popular solutions for homeowners.

Insulated aluminium roller shutter doors – £1500 to £2300

Roller shutters are made up of horizontal aluminium slats that roll up and down. Most people choose to have their shutter motorised for convenience and better performance. They are commonly made using insulated aluminium to help reduce noise pollution and draughts.

Up & over garage doors – £950 to £2550

With up and over garage doors, you have the choice or a canopy or retractable mechanism. That said, retractable up and over garage doors are easier to convert to electric operation. Canopy style garage doors will require more equipment including an arm converter and canopy bow.

Side hinged garage doors – £1400 to £2050

This type of garage door comes with two openings that hinge outwards. The majority of homeowners opt for hand-operated versions, especially if they use the garage as an office, workshop or storage space for items other than a car. There are electrically operated solutions available nonetheless.

Sectional garage doors – £1225 to £2750

One of the best things about a sectional garage door is that it doesn’t ever swing outwards when in operation. The door is split into sections (panels) and curve as they follow the garage roofline. Another plus point is that a sectional garage door is easily automated.

Overlap trackless garage doors – £5000 to £7100

An overlap trackless door doesn’t require any ceiling tracks, so it enables you to make the most of your space. The door panels never protrude past the frame because they rise behind the subframe, which is supported by weights that are placed either side of the door. They also come with an automated opening as standard.

Round the corner garage doors – £2050 to £3650

If your garage is limited on headroom or you don’t want a door that swings out, a round the corner garage door could be the answer. The door panels slide one way while following a side wall in the garage, which means there’s no up and down action. They’re usually made to order and can be remote control operated.

As previously mentioned, prices do vary, but it’s important to remember that an electric garage door is a long term investment.

Advantages of Electric Garage Doors

The main advantage of an electric garage door is it requires a lot less effort to open and close. You don’t even have to leave your car or worry that your hands are full with bags of shopping, as you can simply use a remote control.

Electric garage doors are also a lot safer than manual door systems because you don’t have to come into contact with the garage to open it. That means less chance of any accidents and injuries. Plus, most modern versions will halt immediately when they detect something in the way of the opening.

Enhanced security is another advantage to owning an electric garage door, as only those with the remote control can open it. Furthermore, you won’t have to install separate locks to prevent potential intruders and thieves from breaking in. You’re also more likely to close the door when you leave the garage for a few minutes than you would if you had a manual door. Remember, it only takes a few seconds for a burglar to steal your belongings.

Finally, you won’t have to compromise on style, especially as electric garage doors come in all sorts of styles and finishes. It should be a breeze to find the perfect one for your traditional or modern home.

Like with most garage doors, there are a few downsides to choosing an electric version. Firstly, electric garage doors tend to be pricier than manual alternatives. There’s also the added cost of paying for a professional garage door technician to install your door.

Sadly, the expense doesn’t end there. Your electric door will require regular maintenance, which is usually carried out by a professional. If your door needs any repairs or replacements parts, they can be costly too. However, repairs can be avoided when you take good care of your electric door.

Electric Garage Door Overview

Key Features Benefits
Electric Door OpeningNo effort required
Remoted controlled accessEnhanced Security
All styles / FinishesBig range of choice
Wireless Keypads / Finger scan readersOptional Acessories

Compare the best prices on Electric Garage Doors.
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Electric Garage Door Prices

If you know your garage measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

StyleSizeMaterialElectricTypical PriceInstallation CostTotal cost
Steel Roller DoorsSingleSteelYes£1000£300£1300
Steel Roller DoorsDoubleSteelYes£1600£400£2000
Insulated Aluminium roller shutter doorsSingleAluminiumYes£1200£300£1500
Insulated Aluminium roller shutter doorsDoubleAluminiumYes£1900£400£2300
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleTimberYes£1250£300£1550
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleGRPYes£1100£300£1400
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleSteelYes£750£200£950
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleTimberYes£2250£300£2550
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleSteelYes£1750£300£2050
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleGRPYes£2500£350£2850
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimberYes£1750£300£2050
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleTimber/SteelYes£1250£300£1550
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteel Double SkinYes£1450£300£1750
Side Hinged Garage DoorsSingleSteelYes£1100£300£1400
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteelYes£1000£225£1225
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteelYes£1800£250£2050
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteel InsulatedYes£1700£250£1950
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteel InsulatedYes£2500£275£2775
Overlap Trackless Garage DoorsSingleTimberYes£4500£500£5000
Overlap Trackless Garage DoorsDoubleTimberYes£6500£600£7100
Round the Corner Garage DoorsSingleSteelYes£2500£350£2850
Round the Corner Garage DoorsSingeAluminiumYes£2750£350£3100
Round the Corner Garage DoorsDoubleAluminiumYes£3250£400£3650

Compare the best prices on Electric Garage Doors.
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What we think of Electric Garage Doors

Manual doors will never be as convenient, and let’s be honest, we’re all always looking for ways to save time and make life easy. If you use your garage a lot, then an electric garage door will quickly become invaluable.

Although some electric doors might cost more than manual varieties, we actually think they’re very reasonable. You’re paying for something that is highly advanced and technical, so keep that in mind before being put off by the price. The added safety and security benefits also make them a sound investment and should offer you peace of mind.

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If you’d like to get a competitive quote on an electric roller door, you’re in the right place.We can direct you to reputable suppliers who will offer you the best deals on a new door. Also, remember to ask about installation costs and fixed prices to ensure you’re fully aware of all the costs involved. We hope your new electric garage door will be the perfect finishing touch to your home.


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