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Lean-to conservatories prices range between £10,600 and £20,750 incl. VAT & Installation.

What is a Lean-to Conservatory and how much do they cost?

 Lean-to conservatories are a modern style of conservatory featuring a low pitched roof. This style of conservatory will cost between £10,600 and £20,750.

Design Characteristics of Lean-to Conservatories

 Lean-to conservatories are built upon a square or rectangular base with a pitched roof ‘leaning’ against the exterior wall of your property. Although decorative features can be added, lean-to conservatories are designed to be simple and modern – suitable for both period and contemporary properties.

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The low pitched makes roof lean-to conservatories ideal for long, narrow conservatories (for those who don’t want to eat up too much of their garden!), and for single storey dwellings that may be subject to stricter height restrictions.

The cost of your conservatory will depend on its size, the amount of building work required and the type of roof that you choose. The table below will give you an idea of the different pricing options.

  1. Roof

You can choose to have your conservatory roofed with polycarbonate, glass, or tiles. The roof you chose will have a large bearing on the overall cost of your conservatory but you also need to consider other factors, such as appearance and room use.

Polycarbonate is the cheapest option. Polycarbonate is a strong plastic able to with stand the worst of the British weather. Polycarbonate has an opaque appearance so is ideal if you want privacy from over looking windows. It will still allow plenty of sunlight into your conservatory and can be covered with film to protect you from UV rays. A lean-to conservatory with a polycarbonate roof will cost between £10,600 and £14,200.

Glass roofs are a touch more expensive than polycarbonate roofs but offer better insulation, so will require less energy to heat in cooler weather. A conservatory with a glass roof will cost between £11, 800 and £14,900.

A tiled roof offers both privacy and insulation but will of course allow less sun light into your conservatory. You can however close to have glazed panels and roof windows installed but this will have a bearing on the cost of your project. You can choose to have a standard tiled roof, or a Guardian tiled roof,; Guardian roofs are lighter so require less structural support.  A lean-to conservatory with a tiled roof will cost between £15,100 and £18,000.

  1. Size / Measurements

Conservatories must not be more than four metres in height or three metres wide (four metres if you live in a detached property).  This should give you an idea of how big your conservatory is going to be so that you can estimate the cost; a conservatory measuring 3500×3500 will cost between £10,600 and £14,400.  A conservatory measuring 4000 x 4000 will cost between £14,200 and £18,000.

  1. Building Work

Traditionally conservatories are built on concrete foundations, this ensures that your conservatory will stand the test of time and weather, but will require more labour (and mess!) You can choose to have your conservatory built upon a steel frame. This modern approach calls for less work and is perfect if you wish to place your conservatory upon an existing base or a patio.

Another factor to consider when researching your building costs is whether you wish to have your conservatory glazed to the floor, or built upon a dwarf wall. Having a dwarf wall will cost more money, but it is arguably the more attractive option. Building a lean-to conservatory should cost between £1,800 and £3,600.


Conservatories are considered permitted development, so do not need planning permission. There are however limits on the size your conservatory can be (no more than four metres tall and three metres wide for an attached property, four for detached). Your conservatory also needs to share a wall with your house.

Lean-to Conservatory Features and Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
Affordabilityfrom £10,600 to £20,750 add value to home
DurableEver lasting
StyleSun Room
Build TimeTakes up to 1 month to build, cement flooring takes 8 weeks to dry
Optional ExtrasFlooring, Blinds, Heating, Furniture
Planning permissionNot required when no more than four metres tall and three metres wide
CharacteristicsSimple shape

Compare the best prices on Lean-to Shaped Conservatories.
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Lean-to Conservatory Prices

The average price for a Lean to conservatory is between £10,600 and £20,750, but you can get a better idea of how much one will set you back from our table below.

SizeTypeRoof MaterialTypical PriceRoof priceAverage Fit PriceTotal price
3500 x 3500Lean ToPolycarbonate£5,700£3,100£1,800£10,600
3500 x 3500Lean ToGlass£5,700£4,100£2,000£11,800
3500 x 3500Lean ToGuardian Roof£5,700£5,600£3,100£14,400
3500 x 3500Lean ToTiled£5,700£6,200£3,200£15,100
3500 x 4000Lean ToPolycarbonate£6,000£3,600£2,800£12,400
3500 x 4000Lean ToGlass£6,000£4,000£2,800£12,800
3500 x 4000Lean ToGuardian Roof£6,000£5,850£3,300£15,150
3500 x 4000Lean ToTiled£6,000£6,600£3,400£16,000
4000 x 4000Lean ToPolycarbonate£7,300£4,100£2,800£14,200
4000 x 4000Lean ToGlass£7,300£4,500£3,100£14,900
4000 x 4000Lean ToGuardian Roof£7,300£6,100£3,550£16,950
4000 x 4000Lean ToTiled£7,300£7,100£3,600£18,000
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodPolycarbonate£8,700£3,100£2,100£13,900
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodGlass£8,700£4,100£2,300£15,100
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodGuardian Roof£8,700£5,600£3,400£17,700
3500 x 3500Lean To/WoodTiled£8,700£6,200£3,500£18,400
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodPolycarbonate£9,200£3,600£3,200£16,000
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodGlass£9,200£4,000£3,100£16,300
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodGuardian Roof£9,200£5,850£3,600£18,650
3500 x 4000Lean To/WoodTiled£9,200£6,600£3,700£19,500
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodPolycarbonate£9,750£4,100£3,100£16,950
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodGlass£9,750£4,500£3,400£17,650
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodGuardian Roof£9,750£6,100£3,850£19,700
4000 x 4000Lean To/WoodTiled£9,750£7,100£3,900£20,750

Compare the best prices on Lean-to Shaped Conservatories.
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