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Secure garage side door prices are on average £985.00 incl. VAT and installation

The unique thing about a garage side door is that it allows you access to the garage without having to operate the main door. They are not built into the actual garage but they are made from the same materials as normal garage doors. Garage side doors are often referred to as pedestrian doors, and many homeowners have them installed to increase convenience and security.

Most garage side doors are made from timber, steel or aluminium. They can also be manufactured in the same colours and finishes as various types of garage doors. That means you should be able to match your side door with your existing garage opening.

Like with most other garage doors, prices vary and start at around £755. You shouldn’t have to pay more than £2,990, but that will depend on the style and type of entrance door you choose.

  • Types of Garage Side Doors

It’s important to remember that your garage side door must be as secure as your main garage door. Otherwise, there very little point in having one installed. We’ve put together some information on the various types of side doors available and how they differ.

Timber Garage Side Doors prices range between £755 and £2990

If timber is your material of choice, it’s crucial to select a superior quality garage side door. Most off-the-shelf solutions won’t provide you with enough security or protection so don’t ever be swayed by the price. You’ll still have plenty of style and stain options and you should be looking at doors that cost between £755 and £2,990.00.

Steel Garage Side Doors prices range between £755 and £985

Garage side doors made from steel tend to look more modern than timber versions. They offer excellent security and can help to keep intruders at bay. You can also select from a wide range of powder coat paint finishes to complement the exterior of your property. When it comes to price, you can expect to spend between £755 and £985 for a first-rate steel garage side door.

Aluminium Garage Side Doors prices range between £2,425 and £2990

Aluminium garage side doors require less maintenance than alternative materials and they better suit contemporary homes. They guarantee maximum weather resistance and these doors won’t rust or corrode. High quality aluminium side doors offer the best level of security and are priced from £2,425 to £2,990.

The biggest advantage of a garage side door is being able to enter your garage quickly and easily without having to open your main garage door. As your main garage door stays closed, your privacy is increased and you won’t need to expose the contents of your garage to people passing by.

Another plus point to installing a garage side door is that it’s more energy efficient. You’ll be opening a much smaller door, which means you’ll lose less heat each time you enter and exit your garage. As you’ll open and close your main garage door a lot less, wear and tear are greatly reduced, which in turn, should extend its life.

If you have a garage door that is electrically operated, you’ll still have access through the side door whenever you experience a power cut. This is extremely useful if your only access to your garage is through the main door.

Obviously, if you choose a cheap garage side door, then you run the risk of reducing the security of your property. Basic locking mechanisms should also be avoided, as potential thieves and intruders will be on the lookout for them. The other disadvantage is that the price and installation costs of garage side doors can be as expensive as a normal garage door. It really depends on what door you choose. However, you must remember to never compromise on quality.

Garage Side Doors Overview

Side garage doorEasy access
Outside KnobAdded Security
TraditionalGood Choice of styles colours
ConvienceNo lifting involved
SecurityPrivacy no view into garage
Materials Wood or AluminiumChoice

Compare the best prices on Garage Side Doors.
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Garage Side Door Prices

If you know your garage measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

StyleSizeMaterialElectricTypical PriceInstallation CostTotal Price
Side Garage Doors1800x 2250AluminiumNo£2,225£200£2,425
Side Garage Doors2200x 2100AluminiumNo£2,250£210£2,460
Side Garage Doors2500x 2558AluminiumNo£2,320£230£2,550
Side Garage Doors1800x 2250Coloured AluminiumNo£2,515£200£2,715
Side Garage Doors2200x 2100Coloured AluminiumNo£2,700£210£2,910
Side Garage Doors2500x 2558Coloured AluminiumNo£2,760£230£2,990
Side Garage Doors762 x 1931Solid SteelNo£605£150£755
Side Garage Doors762 x 1931Steel Half GlazedNo£680£170£850
Side Garage Doors914 x 1981Solid SteelNo£650£165£815
Side Garage Doors914 x 1981Steel Half GlazedNo£715£185£900
Side Garage Doors1067 x 2134Solid SteelNo£690£175£865
Side Garage Doors1067 x 2134Steel Half GlazedNo£765£200£965
Side Garage Doors1209 x 2136Solid SteelNo£700£195£895
Side Garage Doors1209 x 2136Steel Half GlazedNo£775£210£985

Compare the best prices on Garage Side Doors.
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What we think of Garage Side Doors

A garage side door won’t be for everyone, but it will be beneficial for those who use their garage space as an office, storeroom, workshop or even a gym. There’s no question that it will save you time and hassle each time you enter and lock up your garage.

If you only ever go into your garage to store your vehicle at night and to take it out the following day, it’s unlikely that a side door will be of much use to you. You just need to weigh up how often you think you’ll use a garage side door to determine whether it’s worth making an investment.

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