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The average price for a Wooden / Timber Door is £2400 incl. VAT and installation

If you’re thinking of buying any type of door for your home, you can’t ignore the natural charm of wood. Whether it be a front door, back door or even a patio door, wooden and timber openings will always make a beautiful statement and create a stylish barrier to the outside world.

With so many solid oak, wood/timber, soft wood and solid oak laminate door types available, it’s easy to add a unique, classic look to your property. You can also select from a variety of glazing options to enhance the beauty of your door. Best of all, you’re guaranteed to find the right wooden door to perfectly suit your unique home.

The amount you’ll need to spend on a new wooden door will depend entirely on the type of door you want, as well its size and material. Prices start at £625, and you can pay anything up to £5650 to get a door that suits both your taste and requirements.

  • Types of Wooden Doors

If you’re thinking of updating either a stable, composite, front, back, French, patio, bi-fold or sliding and folding patio door, one of the most important things to consider is the type of wood used in its construction. The most popular materials used include solid oak, wood/timber, soft wood and solid oak laminate. Here’s a guide to help simplify the decision-making process.

Solid oak doors tend to be a little pricier and range between £975 and £5650 because they are the highest quality wooden door type available. These doors are also the best for deadening sound and will act as good insulators. Whether you’re looking for a front door, bi-fold door or sliding and folding patio door, you can choose from various glazing high-security options. However, like with all wooden doors, solid oak doors will need to be maintained correctly to prevent twisting and warping.

Solid oak laminate doors are a great option if you have a tighter budget but want to achieve the look of natural wooden French doors. Laminated doors are well known for their reliability and durability, and can last a lifetime when correctly maintained. The decorative oak veneer will also resist moisture, warping and twisting while delivering a beautiful finish. When it comes to price, you’ll be looking at paying anything between £2100 and £2400 for a solid oak laminate French door.

Soft wood is typically used to construct front doors and back doors that are suitable for use in various settings. These types of doors are more cost-effective as well, ranging between £625 and £750. They also come with good sound-insulating properties and can greatly reduce external noise. Again, the surface of soft wood doors should be treated regularly to enhance their stability and durability. While more affordable, they can offer you the same benefits as a solid oak door when cared for in the correct manner.

There are also many wood/timber doors available including stable doors, composite doors, front doors, back doors, French doors and patio bi-fold doors. You can expect to pay anything between £1300 and £3200, as well as select from a wide range of glazed and unglazed doors in a choice of finishes. Most wooden/timber doors are constructed to add aesthetic value to a property and ensure thermal efficiency. Just like with all the other wooden door types, wood/timber doors will require regular sealing treatments.

One of the biggest advantages of wooden and timber doors is the huge choice of solutions available and the variations in price. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a wooden door to suit it. Each of the wooden and timber door types is also renowned for their natural beauty and their ability to add sophistication to any traditional or modern property.

Wood is an energy efficient material, which means a new wooden door will help to maintain the temperature inside your home. Plus, wood is a reliable noise insulator so you can rest assured that a wooden door will play its part in considerably reducing noise pollution.

You won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion, as the entire door including the frame will be made from wood. Wooden and timber doors are also easy to polish and paint, making it a breeze to maintain or change the appearance of your door. As long as you pick a door made from high-quality materials, your wooden door will perform well for many years.

While it’s always wise to invest in good quality wooden/timber doors, some door types can be very expensive. You also have to continually maintain your new door to ensure the wood doesn’t change shape or become damaged. Yes, treatments such as varnishes and paints can be easily applied, but you still need to be prepared to treat your door on a regular basis. It’s also important to avoid cheap wooden doors because they tend to become weak over time.

Wooden and Timber Door Features and Benefits

Key Featuresbenefits
AffordabilityMid to high range
MaterialsSoft & Hard Wood
StylesClassic & modern Combined
Size LimitationsVast choice
Optional ExtrasVarious security options
DurableDoes not dent
Carbon FootprintuPVC doors are more efficient than solid wood

Compare the best prices on Wooden & Timber Doors.
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Wooden / Timber Door Prices

If you know your Wooden door measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

SizeTypeMaterialDoor TypeTypical PriceFit PriceTotal price
900 x 2100Stable DoorWood/TimberHigh Security Fully Glazed£625£225£850
900 x 2100Composite DoorsWood/TimberArched Toplight£850£255£1,105
900 x 2100Front DoorsWood/TimberHigh Security£850£225£1,075
900 x 2100Front DoorsSoft WoodHalf Glazed£400£250£650
900 x 2100Front DoorsSoft WoodArched Toplight£425£250£675
900 x 2100Front DoorsSoft WoodSolid Fire Door£500£250£750
900 x 2100Back DoorsWood/TimberHigh Security Fully Glazed£650£225£875
900 x 2100Back DoorsSoft WoodHalf Glazed£375£250£625
900 x 2100Back DoorsSoft WoodArched Toplight£400£250£650
900 x 2100Back DoorsSoft WoodSolid Fire Door£425£250£675
1200 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberFully Glazed£1,100£250£1,350
1200 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,050£250£1,300
1500 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberFully Glazed£1,300£275£1,575
1500 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,250£275£1,525
1800 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberFully Glazed£1,400£300£1,700
1800 x 2100French DoorsWood/TimberHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,350£300£1,650
1500 x 2100Patio Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,200£300£1,500
1800 x 2100Patio Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,350£350£1,700
2000 x 2000Patio Door 2 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,500
2100 x 2100Patio Door 1 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,350£400£1,750
2500 x 2100Patio Door 1 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,425£425£1,850
3000 x 2100Patio Door 1 PanelWood/TimberWood/Timber£1,500£450£1,950
1200 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PaneWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,000£350£2,350
1500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PaneWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,050£400£2,450
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 2 PaneWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,200
1800 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,300£450£2,750
2100 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,500£475£2,975
2500 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 PaneWood/TimberWood/Timber£2,700£500£3,200
1995 x 494French DoorsSolid Oak LaminateClear glazing£1,700£400£2,100
1995 x 555French DoorsSolid Oak LaminateClear glazing£1,800£450£2,250
1995 x 855French DoorsSolid Oak LaminateClear glazing£1,900£500£2,400
1987 x 2090Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£2,600£600£3,200
1987 x 2390Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£2,800£650£3,450
1987 x 2990Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£3,900£700£4,600
2090 x 3590Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£4,600£800£5,400
2090 x 4800Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£4,800£850£5,650
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakHalf Glazed£900£250£1,150
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakArched Toplight£875£250£1,125
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakSolid Fire Door£900£250£1,150
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakHalf Glazed£750£250
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakArched Toplight£725£250£975
900 x 2100Front DoorsSolid OakSolid Fire Door£800£250£1,050
1800x 1300Bi Fold Door 3 DoorSolid Oak3 Door£1,900£400£2,300
2100 x 2100Bi Fold Door 3 DoorSolid Oak3 Door£2,150£475£2,625
2400 x 2400Bi Fold Door 3 DoorSolid Oak3 Door£2,275£500£2,775
2700 x 2700Bi Fold Door 3 DoorSolid Oak3 Door£2,350£525£2,875

Compare the best prices on Wooden & Timber Doors.
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What we think of Wooden and Timber Doors

It’s obvious that wood is a beautiful natural material and wooden doors will give your home plenty of appeal. Even if you want to install wooden doors to the rear of your property, you’ll always have something stunning to look at when indoors and enjoying your outdoor space.

There’s no right or wrong choice to be made here, but you do have to consider the pros and cons of each door type to find the best solution for your needs. You’ll also have to be happy to maintain any type of wooden door to ensure its longevity.

Apart from the disadvantages, we think wooden doors boast a level of elegance that’s unmatched by any other type of door construction.

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