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Casement windows prices are on average £425 each including VAT and installation

Casement windows are hinged on the side and usually open outwards with the use of a single-lever latch. They are designed with one or more side hinges to save you from lifting or pulling the window open. You can choose casement windows that come with a smaller top window, otherwise known as an awning window. The awning window will be hinged at the top and opened in the same way as the main casement window.

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) casement windows are ideal for anywhere in the home, but they are often found in hard to reach areas, such as above the kitchen sink. They come in coloured and woodgrain finishes and are one of the most popular window styles available. You can also choose from an extensive range of sizes and glazing designs to complement the appearance of your property.

The cost of a new casement window will depend on the size, finish and style you require. However, we can tell you that prices start from £335 and go up to £600, meaning you should never have to pay too much for a high-performance solution.

If you’re not looking for a window that opens, a fixed casement window could be the answer. This type of window cannot be opened like a regular casement window and is solely used to allow more light into a room. A fixed casement window is also cheaper than an alternative version and will cost between £335 and £600.

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One of the main benefits of casement windows is that they are extremely easy to operate even in difficult to reach places within the home. You simply turn the latch and gently push the window open for instant access to cool breezes on a hot summer’s day. When the windows are closed, you can enjoy a nice view of the outside world and allow plenty of light to enter your property.

Casement windows are made with slim frames that look sleek to help enhance your connection with the outdoors. You’ll have no trouble finding the right casement window for your modern or period property because they are available in a whole host of beautiful designs.

uPVC casement windowsoffer energy efficiency, especially when you choose a fixed version. That said, casement windows with openings also allow for a more comfortable home as they push against the frame when closed to create a seal that is air-tight from draughts.

Unlike wooden casement windows, uPVC alternatives will never warp or rot. They are very low maintenance and the frames won’t need repainting in the future.

The feature that makes casement windows so convenient is their single-lever latch. The latch is designed to make it extremely easy for you to fully open and close the window with one simple hand action. You just turn the lever and push the window outwards to allow fresh air into your property.When you want to close the window, you simply pull it towards you and turn the lever in the opposite direction. uPVC casement windows also come with high-security locks to protect your home against intruders.

If you like the convenience of a casement window but want more control over the amount of fresh air you let into your home, you could opt for a French casement window. It will offer you the same advantages as a regular casement window with the added benefit of additional ventilation.

French casement windows come with two windows that open outwards with one window carrying the central mullion when opened. Put simply, they perform just like a French door. When both the windows are open, you’ll achieve a better level of ventilation within your home and be left with a completely unrestricted view.

While a regular casement window is great for providing a good level of ventilation, a French casement window offers you more. As you’ll achieve a wider opening when both doors are open, your French window will also act as a much larger fire escape in emergency situations.

uPVC casement windows can be made to suit your home and individual requirements, making them an excellent choice for all building styles. The uPVC panels can be finished in various woodgrain effects or a colour to match your period or contemporary property. When it comes to the finer details, you can select from an elegant collection of handles in sophisticated colours. There are also different glass options to choose between including eye-catching designs and striking patterns.

Casement Windows Benefits and Features

Key FeaturesBenefits 
Bow windows tend to have 3 panes or moreGiving unobstructive views
Usually curvedIncreased space
Types of windowsFixed / double hung or single hung or combination
Eco friendlyEnergy efficient
ResilianceAdded security
DurableLong life span
WindowsAll Purpose
Optional extrasOpeners
Easy to useAjustable & Adaptable
Panoramic ViewsHome Comfort
AffordabilityMid to High Price Range

Compare the best prices on Casement Windows.
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Casement Window Prices

In general, casement windows are very reasonably priced and range between £335 and £600. However, the size, finish and optional extras you choose will have an impact on the overall cost. Please feel free to check out our chart below for more information on casement window prices.

SizeTypeMaterialColourTypical PriceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
500 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWhite£160£175£335
500 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWoodgrain£170£175£345
1000 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWhite£175£200£375
1000 x 500Casement WindowuPVCWoodgrain£200£200£400
1000 x 1000Casement WindowuPVCWhite£225£250£475
1000 x 1000Casement WindowuPVCWoodgrain£250£250£500
1200 x 1200Casement WindowuPVCWhite£275£300£575
1200 x 1200Casement WindowuPVCWoodgrain£300£300£600
500 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£275£150£425
500 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£300£150£450
1000 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£300£200£500
1000 x 500Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£350£200£550
1000 x 1000Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£350£250£600
1000 x 1000Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£400£250£650
1200 x 1200Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£400£275£675
1200 x 1200Casement Window 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£425£275£700

Compare the best prices on Casement Windows.
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