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Conservatory roof replacement prices range between £3200 & £11,200 incl. VAT & Installation

Conservatory roof replacements are available in a stylish choice of materials, such as glass, polycarbonate and tiles. You can also choose from a wonderful selection of conservatory roof designs to suit both your home and budget. From Edwardian and Victorian to gable fronted, P-shaped and all other conservatory styles, our product and price guide should help you to determine the right roof for your living space.

How Much Does a Conservatory Roof Cost?

There are a number of factors that will affect the total cost of your conservatory roof including the size, design and material you choose. You also need to consider the style of your existing conservatory to ensure it can support your preferred roof type. As some roofs will let in more light than others, you must seriously think about how you plan to use your space too.

Glass conservatory roofs tend to be the most popular choice among UK homeowners because they can flood a conservatory with plenty of natural light. Having said that, polycarbonate (plastic) roofs are a favourite for those trying to stick to a tight budget as they are much cheaper than most glass versions. Solid or tiled conservatory roofs can be made with or without roof windows and are ideal if you want to make your conservatory appear more like a traditional extension.

When shopping around for the right conservatory roof, remember to consider the quality and energy efficiency benefits before making a final decision. Also, think about the style of your property to ensure your roof complements the period or modern design elements.

The average price of a new conservatory roof including the installation costs is between £3200 and £11,200. While we’re on the subject of price, it’s worth pointing out that you should compare at least 3 quotes from local and national installers to get the best deal.

Why Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

You might want to think about changing your conservatory roof if you’re having to put up with certain issues, such as leaks, damp, mould or condensation. It could be that you’re just looking to increase security or energy efficiency because your roof is a little dated. Some manufacturers offer conservatory roofs made from specialist glass to boost energy efficiency or self-cleaning glass to keep your roof looking its best.

At the end of the day, your conservatory should be a space that you can enjoy all year round, so it’s important to make it as comfortable as possible with the right roof. Plus, replacing your conservatory roof with a modern-day alternative will help to increase the overall appearance and value of your home.

The Advantages of Installing a New Conservatory Roof

The key benefit of replacing your conservatory roof is that you can create a space that is usable during both the hottest and coldest months of the year. If you currently have a conservatory that feels like a sauna in the summer and a freezer in the winter, then it’s definitely time for you get a new roof installed.

Most new conservatory roofs are much more energy efficient, which helps to control the temperature throughout the year. This means you can have a lovely cool place to relax and entertain in the summer and a cosy spot to sit in during the winter while saving on your heating bills. Whether it be a kitchen extension, home office, gym or dining area, an energy efficient conservatory roof replacement allows you to use your living space however you wish.

As conservatory roofs are available in a beautiful range of colours and styles these days, you can create an extension that blends in with the rest of your property. Whatever the current style of your conservatory, a well-matched roof will add great value to your home. A replacement roof will also enable you to transform your conservatory with ease and without affecting the rest of its structure.

How Easy is it to Change Your Conservatory Roof?

Every home is different, so it’s impossible to say precisely how long it will take to change your conservatory roof. However, we can tell you that most conservatory roof replacement projects are fairly straightforward and take no longer than 5 to 7 days to install. It really just depends on the size of your conservatory. Obviously, the larger the conservatory and the more complex the design, the longer it will take to complete the installation work.

Different Types of Conservatory Roofs

We’re now going to share a little more information about each conservatory roof type and how much they cost to purchase and install.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof prices range between £3200 and £8115

Most polycarbonate conservatory roofs are cost-effective and should last around 10 to 15 years. As they are cheaper to manufacture and easier to handle, transport and install, both the purchase and labour costs are a lot cheaper. They also come in a choice of protective tints to help you filter out heat and the sun’s UV rays, which is something most other materials struggle to achieve.

However, polycarbonate conservatory roofs are not the best for blocking out noise, especially the sound of heavy rain. When it comes to their suitability, polycarbonate roofs can be installed on the following conservatory types:

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable Fronted
  • Georgian
  • Double Hipped
  • Lantern
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape

If you think a polycarbonate conservatory roof is right for your home, you’ll need to budget between £3200 and £8115.

Glass Conservatory Roof replacement prices range between £3650 and £9005

Glass conservatory roofs are known for their beautiful aesthetics and ability to make a space appear wonderfully bright and airy. They are the best type of roofs for flooding your room with plenty of natural sunlight and enabling you to truly connect to the outside world. Glass roofs can come in many tinted options, as well as energy efficient and self-cleaning glazing options to ensure your space is comfortable 365 days of the year.

High-quality glass roofs will be able to keep noise pollution at bay including rain and hailstorms. They’re also ideal for various conservatory styles, such as:

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable Fronted
  • Georgian
  • Double Hipped
  • Lantern
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape

Depending on the size and type of your conservatory, you can expect to pay between £3650 and £9005 for a fully installed glass roof.

Solid or Tiled Conservatory Roof replacement prices range between £7400 and £11,200

These roofs are perfect for making your conservatory feel like a conventional living space. The tiles slot together with ease and are usually made from excellent insulating materials. Solid or tiled conservatory roofs also enable you to do pretty much what you wish with your room without the hassle and expense of building an actual extension. This means you can transform your conservatory into a playroom, lounge, kitchen, gym, study or even a bedroom.

Solid or tiled roofs are also made with a layer of insulation to retain heat and keep out exterior noise. These roof types can be fitted to pretty much any style of conservatory including:

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable Fronted
  • Georgian
  • Double Hipped
  • Lantern
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape

Prices including installation costs range from £7400 to £11200, making a solid or tiled conservatory roof a slightly more expensive option.

Guardian Conservatory Roof replacement prices range between £6980 and £10750

Guardian conservatory roofs are suitable for traditional and contemporary homes and offer an appearance that’s similar to a normal extension. This means you can transform your conservatory into a play area, lounge, kitchen, office or any room you desire because the roof helps to create an extra liveable room. These roofs are also well-known for their energy efficiency benefits, as well as their soundproofing and temperature control qualities.

Not only are Guardian roofs designed to be practical and stylish but they’re also suitable for the following conservatory types:

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable Fronted
  • Georgian
  • Double Hipped
  • Lantern
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape

The total price of a fully fitted Guardian conservatory roof is around £6980 to £10,750.

Lantern Conservatory Roof prices range between £4550 and £5000

Lantern conservatory roofs are most suitable for large orangeries and pool enclosures. They are quite different to typical sloping roofs as they have a two-tiered effect, making them appear more elegant compared to other roof types. These two tiers are usually separated by a smaller row of windows to create the lantern shape and give your conservatory more height. Thanks to the many windows, you’ll be left with a bright, well ventilated and extremely comfortable living space.

As well as making your home appear grand inside and out, lantern conservatory roofs offer you amazing outdoor views. You can also choose between polycarbonate or glass panels that can be fixed or electrically operated, as well as translucent and opaque tints. When it comes to price, a fully built and fitted lantern roof will set you back anything between £4550 and £5000.

Conservatory Roof Prices

The following price table will help you to determine the total cost of a conservatory roof in your preferred style, material and size.

Type of conservatoryRoofSizepriceFit priceTotal price
Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate2500 x 3000£2,600£600£3,200
Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£2,805£700£3,505
Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate3000 x 3500£2,950£750£3,700
Victorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,500£750£4,250
Victorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,600£800£5,400
Victorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,250£850£7,100
Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,600£7,50£4,350
Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,750£800£5,550
Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,450£850£7,300
Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,600£750£4,350
Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,750£800£5,550
Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,450£850£7,300
Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,600£750£4,350
Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,750£800£5,550
Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,450£850£7,300
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,950£750£4,700
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£5,350£800£6,150
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,900£850£7,750
Lantern Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£4,000£800£4,800
Lantern Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£5,350£850£6,200
Lantern Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£7,250£900£8,115
P ShapePolycarbonate5000x 3000£4,275£800£5,075
P ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 3500£4,450£850£5,300
P ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 4000£4,600£900£5,500
T ShapePolycarbonate5000x 3000£4,275£800£5,075
T ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 3500£4,450£850£5,300
T ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 4000£4,600£900£5,500
L ShapePolycarbonate3500 x 3500£4,000£800£4,800
L ShapePolycarbonate3500 x 4000£4,100£850£4,950
L ShapePolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,200£900£5,100
Lean to ConservatoryGlass2500 x 3000£2,900£750£3,650
Lean to ConservatoryGlass3000 x 3000£3,200£800£4,000
Lean to ConservatoryGlass3000 x 3500£3,400£850£4,250
Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£4,900£950£5,850
Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£6,675£1,000£7,675
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£5,100£950£6,050
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£7,150£1,000£8,150
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass4000 x 4000£5,100£950£6,050
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass5000 x 5000£7,150£1,000£8,150
Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£5,100£950£6,050
Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£7,150£1,000£8,150
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass3000 x 3000£4,100£850£4,600
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass4000 x 4000£5,850£950£6,800
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass5000 x 5000£7,650£1,000£8,650
Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£4,250£875£5,125
Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£5,575£975£6,550
Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£7,950£1,055£9,005
P ShapeGlass5000x 3000£4,600£975£5,575
P ShapeGlass5000 x 3500£4,800£990£5,790
P ShapeGlass5000 x 4000£5,100£1,010£6,110
T ShapeGlass5000x 3000£4,600£975£5,575
T ShapeGlass5000 x 3500£4,800£990£5,790
T ShapeGlass5000 x 4000£5,100£1,010£6,110
L ShapeGlass3500 x 3500£4,150£900£5,050
L ShapeGlass3500 x 4000£4,200£920£5,120
L ShapeGlass4000 x 4000£4,450£975£5,425
Lean to ConservatoryTiled2500 x 3000£5,900£1,500£7,400
Lean to ConservatoryTiled3000 x 3000£6,300£1,775£8,075
Lean to ConservatoryTiled3000 x 3500£6,800£1,995£8,795
Victorian Conservatory RoofTiled3000 x 3000£6,500£1,775£8,275
Victorian Conservatory RoofTiled4000 x 4000£7,300£2,100£9,400
Victorian Conservatory RoofTiled5000 x 5000£8,500£2,700£11,200
Edwardian Conservatory RoofTiled3000 x 3000£6,500£1,895£8,395
Edwardian Conservatory RoofTiled4000 x 4000£7,300£2,100£9,400
Edwardian Conservatory RoofTiled5000 x 5000£8,500£2,700£11,200
Gable Fronted ConservatoryTiled3000 x 3000£6,500£1,895£8,395
Gable Fronted ConservatoryTiled4000 x 4000£7,300£2,100£9,400
Gable Fronted ConservatoryTiled5000 x 5000£8,500£2,700£11,200
Georgian Conservatory RoofTiled3000 x 3000£6,500£1,895£8,395
Georgian Conservatory RoofTiled4000 x 4000£7,300£2,100£9,400
Georgian Conservatory RoofTiled5000 x 5000£8,500£2,700£11,200
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsTiled3000 x 3000£6,500£1,895£8,395
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsTiled4000 x 4000£7,300£2,100£9,400
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsTiled5000 x 5000£8,500£2,700£11,200
Lantern Conservatory RoofTiled3000 x 3000£6,500£1,895£8,395
Lantern Conservatory RoofTiled4000 x 4000£7,300£2,100£9,400
Lantern Conservatory RoofTiled5000 x 5000£8,500£2,700£11,200
P ShapeTiled5000 x 3000£7,300£2,100£9,400
P ShapeTiled5000 x 3500£7,800£2,400£10,200
P ShapeTiled5000 x 4000£8,250£2,600£10,850
T ShapeTiled5000x 3000£7,300£2,100£9,400
T ShapeTiled5000 x 3500£7,800£2,400£10,200
T ShapeTiled5000 x 4000£8,250£2,600£10,850
L ShapeTiled3500 x 3500£7,000£2,000£9,000
L ShapeTiled3500 x 4000£7,100£2,050£9,150
L ShapeTiled4000 x 4000£7,200£2,100£9,300
Lean to ConservatoryGuardian2500 x 3000£5,650£1,340£6,980
Lean to ConservatoryGuardian3000 x 3000£6,150£1,575£7,725
Lean to ConservatoryGuardian3000 x 3500£6,650£1,795£8,445
Victorian Conservatory RoofGuardian3000 x 3000£6,350£1,595£7,945
Victorian Conservatory RoofGuardian4000 x 4000£7,150£1,700£8,850
Victorian Conservatory RoofGuardian5000 x 5000£8,350£2,350£10,700
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGuardian3000 x 3000£6,350£1,595£7,945
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGuardian4000 x 4000£7,150£1,700£8,850
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGuardian5000 x 5000£8,350£2,350£10,700
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGuardian3000 x 3000£6,350£1,595£7,945
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGuardian4000 x 4000£7,150£1,700£8,850
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGuardian5000 x 5000£8,350£2,350£10,700
Georgian Conservatory RoofGuardian3000 x 3000£6,350£1,595£7,945
Georgian Conservatory RoofGuardian4000 x 4000£7,150£1,700£8,850
Georgian Conservatory RoofGuardian5000 x 5000£8,500£2,350£10,700
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGuardian3000 x 3000£8,350£1,595£7,945
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGuardian4000 x 4000£7,150£1,700£8,850
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGuardian5000 x 5000£8,350£2,350£10,700
Lantern Conservatory RoofGuardian3000 x 3000£6,400£1,850£8,250
Lantern Conservatory RoofGuardian4000 x 4000£7,150£1,900£9,050
Lantern Conservatory RoofGuardian5000 x 5000£8,350£2,400£10,750
P ShapeGuardian5000x 3000£7,100£1,850£8,950
P ShapeGuardian5000 x 3500£7,400£2,000£9,400
P ShapeGuardian5000 x 4000£7,800£2,100£9,900
T ShapeGuardian5000x 3000£7,100£18,50£8,950
T ShapeGuardian5000 x 3500£7,400£2,000£9,400
T ShapeGuardian5000 x 4000£7,800£2,100£9,900
L ShapeGuardian3500 x 4000£6,950£1,600£8,550
L ShapeGuardian4000 x 4000£7,050£1,700£8,750
OrangerieLantern Roof3500 x 3500£3,700£850£4,550
OrangerieLantern Roof3500 x 4000£3,900£900£4,800
OrangerieLantern Roof3500 x4500£4,050£950£5,000

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