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uPVC Conservatory Prices range between  £10,000 & £21,300 incl. VAT & Installation

What is an uPVC Conservatory?

 uPVC is a tough plastic used as a modern alternative to wood in conservatory construction. An uPVC conservatory will cost between £10,000 and £21,300, depending on the style of conservatory you choose.

 Design Characteristics of uPVC Conservatories

 The design of your uPVC conservatory will depend on the style of conservatory you choose; uPVC is a versatile material that works with traditional style conservatories such as Edwardian and Victorian, and modern, lean to and gable end conservatories. uPVC will make up the main frame of your conservatory and, if you have a glass or polycarbonate roof, the roof structure as well. uPVC is available a range of colours: white, cream, brown, green or wood effect. You can even choose to have the exterior finished in one colour and the interior in another to suit your interior design scheme.

uPVC is an adaptable material that can be moulded into different shapes to suit your design. An uPVC conservatory can have bi-fold, French or patio doors. 

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Unlike wood, plastic doesn’t rot, fade, flake or get beset by damp and woodworm. uPVC is easy to maintain – needing barely more than an occasional wipe with a damp cloth. 

The cost of a conservatory constructed in UPVC will depend on the style of conservatory you choose, its size, roof type and the labour required.

  1. Style

There is a wide range of conservatory styles to suit every home and budget. Edwardian and Victorian and Gable end conservatories have traditional design features and decorative elements such as faceted windows and roof crests. Lean-to conservatories are a good option for those with a limited budget or limited space. P, L, and T shaped conservatories are ideal for those with larger properties who want a versatile living space.  Orangeries are at the top end of the market and are arguably the most attractive, but are best suited to period homes. The cost of an UPVC conservatory varies wildly – – a small Edwardian conservatory with a polycarbonate roof will cost £10,000; an orangery with a lantern roof will cost £21,300.

  1. Roof

The roof is the most expensive part of a conservatory so it is important to consider your options, which (with the exception of orangeries which traditionally have glass lantern roofs) are glass, polycarbonate or tiles.

Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic able to withstand all that nature can throw at it. Polycarbonate is light, so cheap to transport and install. Polycarbonate has a slightly frosted appearance which will give you privacy from neighbours and can be covered in a film to block UV rays. Polycarbonate is the cheapest option with prices starting at £10,000 for a smaller sized Edwardian conservatory, rising to  £14,500 for larger P or T shaped conservatories.

Glass is the most traditional roofing material and doesn’t cost that much more than polycarbonate . Glass will provide you with some insulation, keeping those heating costs down. Glass will not give you any shelter from prying eyes, although you can have blinds fitted. UPVC Conservatories with a glass roof cost between £11,000 and £15,200.

The third and final option is tiling . Tiles will give you insulation and privacy – but less sunlight. However, if you plan to use your conservatory all year round a solid roof may be your best bet – you can have glazed panels installed to let in more light. You can choose to have traditional tiles or a Guardian tiled roof, which will be lighter and easier to erect. Conservatories with tiled/ guardian tiled roofs cost between £13,800 and £18,700.

  1. Size / Measurements

Your conservatory cannot be more than four metres wide (three if you live in an attached home) and no more than three metres tall. These restrictions, and thespace available to you, should give you an idea of how large your conservatory will be so that you can begin to get an idea of cost. An Edwardian conservatory measuring 3000×3000 will cost upwards of £10,000. At the other end of the scale an orangery measuring 3500×4500 will cost around £21,300.

  1. Building Work

Whatever conservatory style you decide to go for you will need to have a solid base. You can choose between a concrete foundation or a steel frame. It is worth noting that concrete foundations require more labour and more mess! All conservatory styles can be fully glazed (to the floor) or built upon a dwarf wall. Building a conservatory will cost between £1,800 and £4,000.


The good news is that you do not need planning permission to build a conservatory. However you must remember to keep within the size restrictions (four metres in height by three metres wide for an attached, four metres by four metres for a detached property). You also need to have your conservatory built against a wall (not separated from your property by external walls). You should also make sure that no more than 50 per cent of your garden is covered by outbuildings

uPVC Features & Benefits

Key Featuresbenefits
AffordabilityFrom £10,000 to £21,300 add value to home
DurableModern material doesn't warp
StyleEnhance home
ViewsVarious choices
Size LimitationsNone
Build TimeTakes up to 1 month to build
Optional ExtrasFlooring, Blinds, Heating, Furniture
Planning permissionNot required when no more than four metres tall and three metres wide

Compare the best prices on uPVC Conservatories.
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uPVC Conservatory Prices

The average price for a uPVC conservatory is between £10,000, and £21,300, but you can get a better idea of how much one will set you back from our table below.

SizeTypeRoof MaterialTypical PriceRoof priceAverage Fit PriceTotal price
3500 x 3500EdwardianPolycarbonate£4,900£3,300£1,800£10,000
3500 x 3500EdwardianGlass£4,900£4,200£2,000£11,100
3500 x 3500EdwardianGuardian Roof£4,900£5,800£3,100£13,800
3500 x 3500EdwardianTiled£4,900£6,300£3,200£14,400
3500 x 4000EdwardianPolycarbonate£5,600£3,800£2,300£11,700
3500 x 4000EdwardianGlass£5,600£4,200£2,500£12,300
3500 x 4000EdwardianGuardian Roof£5,600£6,050£3,300£14,950
3500 x 4000EdwardianTiled£5,600£6,800£3,400£15,800
4000 x 4000EdwardianPolycarbonate£6,200£4,300£2,800£13,300
4000 x 4000EdwardianGlass£6,200£4,700£3,100£14,000
4000 x 4000EdwardianGuardian Roof£6,200£6,300£3,550£16,050
4000 x 4000EdwardianTiled£6,200£7,300£3,600£17,100
3500 x 3500VictorianPolycarbonate£5,500£3,500£2,000£11,000
3500 x 3500VictorianGlass£5,500£4,400£2,200£12,100
3500 x 3500VictorianGuardian Roof£5,500£6,000£3,300£14,800
3500 x 3500VictorianTiled£5,500£6,500£3,400£15,400
3500 x 4000VictorianPolycarbonate£6,200£4,000£2,500£12,700
3500 x 4000VictorianGlass£6,200£4,400£2,500£13,100
3500 x 4000VictorianGuardian Roof£6,200£6,250£3,500£15,950
3500 x 4000VictorianTiled£6,200£7,000£3,600£16,800
4000 x 4000VictorianPolycarbonate£6,600£4,500£3,000£14,100
4000 x 4000VictorianGlass£6,600£4,900£3,300£14,800
4000 x 4000VictorianGuardian Roof£6,600£6,500£3,750£16,850
4000 x 4000VictorianTiled£6,600£7,500£3,800£17,900
3500 x 3500Lean ToPolycarbonate£5,700£3,100£1,800£10,600
3500 x 3500Lean ToGlass£5,700£4,100£2,000£11,800
3500 x 3500Lean ToGuardian Roof£5,700£5,600£3,100£14,400
3500 x 3500Lean ToTiled£5,700£6,200£3,200£15,100
3500 x 4000Lean ToPolycarbonate£6,000£3,600£2,800£12,400
3500 x 4000Lean ToGlass£6,000£4,000£2,800£12,800
3500 x 4000Lean ToGuardian Roof£6,000£5,850£3,300£15,150
3500 x 4000Lean ToTiled£6,000£6,600£3,400£16,000
4000 x 4000Lean ToPolycarbonate£7,300£4,100£2,800£14,200
4000 x 4000Lean ToGlass£7,300£4,500£3,100£14,900
4000 x 4000Lean ToGuardian Roof£7,300£6,100£3,550£16,950
4000 x 4000Lean ToTiled£7,300£7,100£3,600£18,000
3500 x 3500Gable EndPolycarbonate£6,500£3,200£1,850£11,550
3500 x 3500Gable EndGlass£6,500£4,300£2,100£12,900
3500 x 3500Gable EndGuardian Roof£6,500£5,700£3,200£15,400
3500 x 3500Gable EndTiled£6,500£6,300£3,300£16,100
3500 x 4000Gable EndPolycarbonate£6,750£3,700£2,900£13,350
3500 x 4000Gable EndGlass£6,750£4,100£3,100£13,950
3500 x 4000Gable EndGuardian Roof£6,750£5,950£3,300£16,000
3500 x 4000Gable EndTiled£6,750£6,700£3,400£16,850
4000 x 4000Gable EndPolycarbonate£7,500£4,200£2,800£14,500
4000 x 4000Gable EndGlass£7,500£4,600£3,100£15,200
4000 x 4000Gable EndGuardian Roof£7,500£6,200£3,550£17,250
4000 x 4000Gable EndTiled£7,500£7,200£3,600£18,300
5000x 3000P ShapePolycarbonate£7,000£4,275£2,475£13,750
5000x 3000P ShapeGlass£7,000£4,600£2,600£14,200
5000x 3000P ShapeGuardian Roof£7,000£7,100£3,400£17,500
5000x 3000P ShapeTiled£7,000£7,300£3,300£17,600
5000 x 3500P ShapePolycarbonate£7,250£4,450£2,700£14,400
5000 x 3500P ShapeGlass£7,250£4,800£2,950£15,000
5000 x 3500P ShapeGuardian Roof£7,250£7,400£4,000£18,650
5000 x 3500P ShapeTiled£7,250£7,800£3,900£18,950
5000 x 4000P ShapePolycarbonate£7,500£4,600£3,000£15,100
5000 x 4000P ShapeGlass£7,500£5,100£3,200£15,800
5000 x 4000P ShapeGuardian Roof£7,500£7,800£3,700£19,000
5000 x 4000P ShapeTiled£7,500£8,250£3,950£19,700
5000x 3000T ShapePolycarbonate£7,000£4,275£2,475£13,750
5000x 3000T ShapeGlass£7,000£4,600£2,600£14,200
5000x 3000T ShapeGuardian Roof£7,000£7,100£3,400£17,500
5000x 3000T ShapeTiled£7,000£7,300£3,300£17,600
5000 x 3500T ShapePolycarbonate£7,250£4,450£2,700£14,400
5000 x 3500T ShapeGlass£7,250£4,800£2,950£15,000
5000 x 3500T ShapeGuardian Roof£7,250£7,400£4,000£18,650
5000 x 3500T ShapeTiled£7,250£7,800£3,900£18,950
5000 x 4000T ShapePolycarbonate£7,500£4,600£3,000£15,100
5000 x 4000T ShapeGlass£7,500£5,100£3,200£15,800
5000 x 4000T ShapeTiled£7,500£8,250£3,950£19,700
5000 x 4000T ShapeGuardian Roof£7,500£7,800£3,700£19,000
3500x 3000OrangerieLantern£12,500£3,700£2,600£18,800
3500 x 4000OrangerieLantern£13,000£3,900£2,800£19,700
3500 x4500OrangerieLantern£14,250£4,050£3,000£21,300
3500 x 3500L ShapePolycarbonate£6,950£4,000£2,425£13,375
3500 x 3500L ShapeGlass£6,950£4,150£2,595£13,695
3500 x 3500L ShapeTiled£6,950£7,000£3,250£17,200
3500 x 3500L ShapeGuardian Roof£6,950£6,195£3,600£16,745
3500 x 4000L ShapePolycarbonate£7,200£4,100£2,650£13,950
3500 x 4000L ShapeGlass£7,200£4,200£2,900£14,300
3500 x 4000L ShapeTiled£7,200£7,100£3,850£18,150
3500 x 4000L ShapeGuardian Roof£7,200£6,950£3,950£18,100
4000 x 4000L ShapePolycarbonate£7,450£4,200£2,950£14,600
4000 x 4000L ShapeGlass£7,450£4,450£3,150£15,050
4000 x 4000L ShapeGuardian Roof£7,450£7,050£3,650£18,150
4000 x 4000L ShapeTiled£7,450£7,200£3,900£18,550

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