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Triple glazed window prices are on avg. £670 each incl. VAT and Installation

Triple glazed windows are constructed from 3 panes of glass that are filled with air or heat insulating gas to create 2 sealed cavities. They are essentially the same as double glazed windows, except they offer a higher level of energy efficiency, noise insulation and security. Triple glazing is most popular in the UK and in countries that experience extremely cold winters.

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) triple glazed windows make it a lot harder for heat to escape from your home. However, you can buy triple glazed units with one opening window to ensure your property is flooded with fresh air during the warmer months of the year. As the uPVC casings come in a variety of colours and woodgrain finishes, you also have the option to customise your triple glazed windows.

Triple glazing costs vary based on size, style and quality of the window. uPVC casement style triple glazed windows are generally priced between £505 and £770. If you prefer to have a window with one opener, then you can expect to pay around £620 to £895.

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Many property developers and homeowners believe triple glazing is the way forward for various reasons. The biggest selling point for most people is that triple glazing achieves lower U-values, which in turn, reduces heat loss and saves you money on your energy bills. These windows can help get rid of cold spots in a reasonably heated home to deliver maximum comfort all year round.

uPVC triple glazed windows are renowned for their sound insulation qualities and can help to reduce noise pollution in busy areas. That means you can enjoy a much quieter home than you would be able to with windows made from 1 or 2 glass panels.

The extra pane of glass in triple glazing helps to enhance security too. Your home will be much safer and more secure with triple glazed units because they are virtually impossible to break into. uPVC triple glazed windows are also resistant to condensation problems and are ideal in areas that experience extreme weather.

Put simply, triple glazed windows work by trapping more heat in your property. A spacer bar made from insulating material is placed between each pane of glass to prevent heat escaping from the window. The space between each pane is then filled with a type of inert gas to further increase energy efficiency. When installed, triple glazed windows can save you energy and money because they reduce heat loss while ensuring your home is heated in less time.

In some cases, double glazing might be the right option. Double glazed windows will make a significant improvement over single glazed windows, but they aren’t quite as good at retaining heat and blocking out unwanted noise as triple glazing. That said, double glazing is still energy efficient and can deliver a good level of security and sound insulation.

If your home is very cold or you struggle with outside noise, triple glazed windows are probably the best solution. It really just depends on where you live and the things you’re looking to combat. Whichever you decide to install, be sure to choose triple glazing or double glazing with a high energy efficient rating for better results.


Like all windows made from uPVC, you can choose from an extensive range of colours and woodgrain effects to beautify your triple glazed windows. If you opt for units with an opener, you can also select from various handle options and finishes. Some manufacturers will even offer you unique collections of patterned and decorative triple glazing. That means you can customise your uPVC triple glazed windows to suit your taste and budget.

Triple Glazing Windows Benefits and Features

Key FeaturesBenefits
Energy EfficientReduce Heating Bills
Extended ChoiceTailor made to your requirements
Noise reductionHome Comfort
Worthy investmentEver Lasting
Ease of useUpgraded Double glazing
Money SavingLong Life span
Easy usePractical
AffordabilityHigh Price Range

Compare the best prices on Triple Glazing Windows.
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Triple glazing window prices

While it’s impossible to say exactly how much a triple glazed window will cost you, we do know that you shouldn’t have to pay any more than £505 to £895. You can also get a better idea of the price differences between triple glazed window sizes from our table below.

SizeTypeMaterialColourTypical PriceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
500 x 500Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£310£195£505
500 x 500Triple GlazeduPVCWoodgrain£320£195£515
1000 x 500Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£325£220£545
1000 x 500Triple GlazeduPVCWoodgrain£350£220£570
1000 x 1000Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£375£270£645
1000 x 1000Triple GlazeduPVCWoodgrain£400£270£670
1200 x 1200Triple GlazeduPVCWhite£425£320£745
1200 x 1200Triple GlazeduPVCWoodgrain£450£320£770
500 x 500Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£425£195£620
500 x 500Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£450£195£645
1000 x 500Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£450£220£670
1000 x 500Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£500£220£720
1000 x 1000Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£500£270£770
1000 x 1000Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£550£270£820
1200 x 1200Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWhite£550£320£870
1200 x 1200Triple Glazed 1 OpeneruPVCWoodgrain£575£320£895

Compare the best prices on Triple Glazing Windows.
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