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Good quality French door prices are on average £1500 including installation & VAT

French doors are designed to allow you easy access to your patio, garden or alfresco living area. Not only are French doors great for creating a garden entrance but they can also be fitted to enable access to a balcony. The doors come in sets of two and can be made with outward or inward openings.

When it comes to styles, French doors are available in uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), solid oak laminate, aluminium or softwood. You also have the choice of a range of glass options, colours and decorative finishes to enhance the look of your French doors.

Another thing you’ll need to consider is how much you want to spend on a new set of doors. The average cost of French doors ranges between £975 and £2400, which means you should be able to find a solution to suit your budget.

  • Types of French Doors

French doors can be made from uPVC, solid oak laminate, aluminium or softwood. They also come with different glazing options.

Fully glazed French doors are more energy efficient and the best type for enabling you to admire your garden or outdoor area. They are also particularly useful for rooms that don’t get enough natural light. That said, they might not be the best option if the back of your home is overlooked because the big glazed panels may lead to privacy issues. Fully glazed French doors tend to be made with uPVC or softwood frames and will cost you anything from £975 to £1625.

Half glazed plain panel French doors are also made with uPVC frames, which means you can choose from a wide variety of frame colours and wood effects. One half of the doors will be glazed and the other half will be constructed from an uPVC panel in your chosen finish. These doors will still allow plenty of light into your room, but they won’t give you a full view of your outdoor space. Prices start at £975 and go up to around £1700.

Both aluminium and solid oak laminate French doors come with clear glazing, making the glass completely transparent and colourless. Aluminium French doors are slightly cheaper out of the two finishes and start at £1305. Solid oak wood laminate French doors with clear glazing can go up to as much as £2400. While clear glazing offers high visibility and light, it won’t be very resistant to glare and heat gain.

One of the main advantages of French doors is that they allow natural light to enter your home. You should save on heating costs in the cooler months as well because they won’t let heat escape. Their sizable openings also provide maximum ventilation and comfort by letting in a lot of fresh air during the warmer months.

Another benefit of choosing French doors is the way they connect your interior to your outdoor space. You can leave them open to bring a little bit of nature into your home and get a better view of the outside. Not only that, but French doors create the illusion of more space, especially when opting for a fully glazed version.

You can also install French doors that are part glazed with plain panels to add an extra layer of privacy to your home. The half glazed versions are great if your garden is overlooked and you want to stop your neighbours from seeing into your property. Many different security features are available as well to deter potential thieves and burglars from breaking into your home.

As French doors come in a range of framing options and glazed panels, it’s easy to find an attractive set to complement the rest of your property. They actually work well with virtually any architectural style and are available in both simple and ornate designs.

There are a few disadvantages of French doors that might tempt you to try an alternative type of door. Firstly, French doors tend to be pricier than other basic doors, as are the installation costs. Then there’s the glazed panels which offer you little privacy, but you might be able to find a manufacturer that will construct your doors with opaque glass. You could also consider a half glazed and half panel version or use curtains to increase privacy levels.

While French doors require minimal maintenance, you will have extra windows to clean to ensure you can clearly see through the glass panels. Finally, French doors can be an issue when you’re tight on space, so think about that before choosing outward or inward openings.

French Door Features and Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityMid range
MaterialsAlumiunum/hard Wood/ UPVC/Soft wood
Stylesside light/ dwarf light/fully glazed/ half glazed
Size LimitationsUnlimited
Optional ExtrasOpeners and extra security
DurableHard wearing
Carbon FootprintHeat loss prevention

Compare the best prices on French Doors.
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French Door Prices

If you know your French door measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

SizeTypeMaterialDoor TypeTypical PriceFit PriceTotal price
1200 x 2100French DoorsuPVCFully Glazed£725£250£975
1200 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£725£250£975
1500 x 2100French DoorsuPVCFully Glazed£750£275£1,025
1500 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£750£275£1,025
1800 x 2100French DoorsuPVCFully Glazed£825£300£1,125
1800 x 2100French DoorsuPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£900£300£1,200
1995 x 494French DoorsSolid Oak Laminateclear glazing£1,700£400£2,100
1995 x 555French DoorsSolid Oak Laminateclear glazing£1,800£450£2,250
1995 x 855French DoorsSolid Oak Laminateclear glazing£1,900£500£2,400
1190x 2090French DoorsAlumiunumclear glazing£1,005£300£1,305
1490 x 2090French DoorsAlumiunumclear glazing£1,085£325£1,410
1790 x 2090French DoorsAlumiunumclear glazing£1,125
1988x 2090French DoorsSoftwoodFully glazed£1,000£350£1,350
1988x 2090French DoorsSoftwood1 Side Light£1,250£350£1,600
1988x 2090French DoorsSoftwood2 Dwarf light£1,400£350£1,750
1200 x 2100French Doors - Triple GlazeduPVCFully Glazed£1,250£250£1,500
1500 x 2100French Doors - Triple GlazeduPVCFully Glazed£1,290£275£1,565
1800 x 2100French Doors - Triple GlazeduPVCFully Glazed£1,325£300£1,625
1200 x 2100French Doors - Triple GlazeduPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,310£250£1,560
1500 x 2100French Doors - Triple GlazeduPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,350£275£1,625
1800 x 2100French Doors - Triple GlazeduPVCHalf Glazed Plain Panel£1,400£300£1,700

Compare the best prices on French Doors.
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What we think of French Doors

We think French doors offer you a great way to enjoy your outdoor space year after year. Thanks to the huge choice of designs and style available, you can really make a bold statement and add some elegance to your property. As a timeless classic, French doors can also provide your home with lots of character and enhance the value of your home.

The most important thing to consider is the type of glazing you select for your French doors. Think about any privacy issues you might have and whether you would be better off picking a set made from both windows and panels. The last thing you want to do is have your doors installed to then realise that others can see into an area of your home that you’d like to keep free from prying eyes.

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