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Three section Bay window prices are on avg. £1300 including VAT & installation 

Bay windows come with central and side windows that project outwards from your property. The overall structure will consist of 1, 2 or 3 center windows to go with the smaller side windows at either end. These smaller side windows are usually set at a 30 or 40-degree angle to provide you with a better view of the outside world and a deeper window sill area.

Regardless of whether you choose a bay window with 3, 4 or 5 glass panels, you can open two individual windows as and when you please. Unlike standard windows, high-quality bay windows also allow ventilation and natural light to enter your property from two directions.

Most people choose bay windows with white or woodgrain uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) frames for their sophisticated looks. Whether it be the kitchen, living room or bedroom, uPVC bay windows can enhance just about any room in a traditional or modern home.

When it comes to price, a 3 section bay window will cost you anything between £1100 and £1440. If you want a 4 section bay window, you can pay anything from £1100 to £1405. Alternatively, you can go bigger with a 5 section bay window which is usually around £1450 to £1475. Basically, the larger the panels and the more you have, the more you will need pay.

It’s also worth mentioning that uPVC bay windows with a woodgrain finish will be slightly more expensive than those with a coloured finish.

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Bay windows are often chosen for their ability to make a room appear more spacious. By sitting away from the exterior wall, you’ll be left with a room that seems wider than it actually is. The extra space beneath the window is also useful for storage or creating a comfortable seating area.

When you install bay windows with their three protruding sides, you can enjoy panoramic views. Rather than just seeing straight ahead, the side windows allow you to look out in multiple directions. Bay windows are also fantastic for enhancing natural light and airflow, as they will make your home brighter and a lot more comfortable throughout the year.

While many people choose to install bay windows in the kitchen or living room, they will look just as good in upper storey rooms too. Bay windows are extremely attractive and available in finishes to suit any style of property. Woodgrain finishes can work well in both classic and modern homes as can white or coloured uPVC casings.

There’s also the low maintenance benefits of uPVC bay windows. You won’t ever have to sand, stain or repaint your windows as they are designed to be strong, weather-resistant and long-lasting. In addition to them requiring minimal aftercare, bay windows with uPVC casings are energy efficient and can help to keep your home warmer during the colder months.

In terms of how bay windows operate, they are exactly the same as a normal window because they open and close with the use of a handle. However, they look very different and offer you more benefits than a standard window.

Whether you go for a bay window with 3, 4 or 5 separate glass panels, you have the choice to have two windows opened (one from the centre and one from the side) at one time. That means you’ll be able to let in the cool breeze and natural light from two different directions to help optimise ventilation in your home. A bay window will also leave you with a larger sill area for displaying personal items and house plants.

Instead of choosing a bay window to open up a room and let in more light and air, you can install a bow window. Both window styles look very similar but there are some subtle differences.

Bay windows come with 3 or more glass panels (like a picture window) whereas a bow window will have 4, 5 or 6 panels that are joined together to form a curve. The curved finish creates a semi-circular appearance on the outside of a property. As bay windows are angled and not curved, they can protrude further out from the exterior wall.

Bow windows offer some interior space and tend to be bigger than bay windows. However, bow windows will not provide any extra exterior space and are more suited to traditional homes. Unlike bow windows, bay windows look stunning in any setting and allow extra exterior and interior space.

One of the nice things about selecting uPVC bay windows is that they can be personalised to complement your home. You can start by customising the uPVC casings, which can be coated in a wide variety of colours and woodgrain effects. The windows don’t have to be constructed from plain glass panels either. From decorative leaves and floral designs to all kinds of stylish patterns, there are plenty of beautiful glass options available. Finally, you have the choice of white, black, gold or silver-toned handles to complete the overall look of your bay window.

Bay Window Features and Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
Bay windows tend to be archedOffering natural light
Middle window is usually fixedImproved security
Home appearanceValue to home
Tend to have 3 panes but can have moreVersatyle style
FunctionalGood ventilation
FlexiableLight & airy
UpgradedEco friendly
AffordabilityMid Price Range

Compare the best prices on Bay Windows.
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Bay Window Prices

The average price for a superior bay window is between £1300, and £1700, but you can get a better idea of how much one will set you back from our table below.

SizeTypeMaterialColourTypical PriceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
2400 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£825£275£1,100
2400 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£925£275£1,200
2400 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£880£295£1,175
2400 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,005£295£1,300
3000 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£875£325£1,200
3000 x 1200Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,000£325£1,325
3000 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWhite£960£340£1,300
3000 x 1500Bay Window 3 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,100£340£1,440
3000 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,100£350£1,450
3000 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,125£350£1,475
3000 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,190£360£1,550
3000 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,340£360£1,700
3600 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,175£375£1,550
3600 x 1200Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,325£375£1,700
3600 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWhite£1,255£395£1,650
3600 x 1500Bay Window 4 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,405£395£1,800
3600 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,505£395£1,900
3600 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,555£395£1,950
3600 x 1500Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,580£420£2,000
3600 x 1500Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,680£420£2,100
4000 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,525£425£1,950
4000 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,625£425£2,050
4000 x 1200Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWhite£1,525£425£1,950
4000 x 1500Bay Window 5 SectionuPVCWoodgrain£1,760£440£2,200

Compare the best prices on Bay Windows.
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