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Edwardian conservatory prices range between £10,000 and £23,600 incl. VAT & Installation

What is an Edwardian Conservatory and how much will it cost?

Edwardian conservatories are traditional in design, taking on architectural features from the Edwardian era. They have a square or rectangular base to maximise available floor space and cost between £10,000 and £23,600, depending on the size of the conservatory and the materials used.

Design Characteristics of Edwardian Conservatories

 Edwardian conservatories are less ornate than Victorian style conservatories, although decorative features, such as finials, crests and decorative windows, can be added. They are built upon a square or rectangular base, with a pitched roof beneath an apex – giving a lighter or airier feel than lean-to conservatories. An Edwardian conservatory can be built using an aluminium, steel, or UPVC frame.

The side walls of an Edwardian style conservatory can be glazed to the floor, or built upon a dwarf wall.

  • Cost Considerations
  • Do I need planning permission?

Edwardian style conservatories have a larger floor area than traditional Victorian (faceted) designs. Their simple-but-traditional styling make them suitable as an extension for many different house types.

The three main cost considerations to consider when buying a conservatory are size, roof type, and building work. Please refer to the table below for price comparisons.


A conservatory roof is a large part of a conservatory’s cost. There are three options:Polycarbonate, glass, and tiled .

A polycarbonate roof is the cheapest option. Polycarbonate is a tough thermoplastic, able to withstand high and low temperatures, and considerable force (polycarbonate is used to make DVDs and bulletproof police shields). Polycarbonate is light, so easy to transport and install. Polycarbonate sheets used for roofs can be covered with a film to block UV rays. Polycarbonate is not scratch resistant, so care needs to be taken during cleaning.  Polycarbonate has a frosted appearance, a benefit if you require privacy from overlooking windows. A conservatory with a polycarbonate roof will cost between £10,000 and £13,300.

Glass roofs are more aesthetically pleasing than polycarbonate and PVC , and they offer better insulation – so you use less energy heating your conservatory on cooler days. Glass is heavy, so more difficult to install than plastic roofs. Glass is of course weather resistant, and less easy to scratch than plastic roofs. A conservatory finished with a glass roof will cost between £11,000 and £14,000.

A tiled roof is the most expensive roof type, but perhaps the best option if you are intending to use your conservatory all year round, better insulation allowing your conservatory to become an additional room. A tiled roof will of course allow less sunlight into your conservatory, although you can incorporate roof windows and glazed panels. A tiled roof will help to prevent furniture from fading – and mute the sound of rain! You can opt for a traditionally tiled roof, or a Guardian roof, which is lighter (requiring less structural support). Internally, glass roofs are finished with timber cladding or plaster.  Tiled roofs cost between £14,400 and £17,100.

Size / Measurements

There is a limit to the size that your conservatory can be: no more than three metres wide for an attached, or four for a detached property. Your conservatory can not be higher than four meres in height. Measuring the area of your conservatory should give you an idea of  how many glazed panels, and how many doors you will need: a conservatory measuring 3500 x 3500 begin at £10,000. Larger conservatories measuring 4000 x 4000 begin at £13,300.

Building Work

Your conservatory can be built upon a traditional base or a steel base.

A traditional base is built on a concrete foundation. A steel base requires less excavation – a steel frame is laid upon the ground, then steel piles are placed at strategic pints around the perimeter.

You can choose to have your conservatory glazed to the floor, or built upon a dwarf wall. Full glazing is usually the cheaper option. The  building element of a conservatory build will cost between £1,800, and £3,600, again depending on the size of your conservatory and the materials used (glass or glass and brick).


Conservatories are considered ‘permitted development’ and as such do not need planning permission. However there are rules pertaining to the building of conservatories, and these should be researched when considering your design. The main criteria are that your conservatory is not separated from your property by external walls (i.e. the back wall of your conservatory needs to be party to your house). Your conservatory must not be more than four metres in height, and must not be wider than three metres for an attached, or four metres for a detached property. In total no more half of the land around your original house should be covered by outbuildings.

Edwardian Features & Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityFrom £10,000 to £23,600 adding value to home
StyleUnderstated elegance
ViewsUnderstated elegance
Build TimeTakes up to 1 month to build, cement flooring takes 8 weeks to dry
Optional ExtrasFlooring, Blinds, Heating, Furniture
Planning permissionNot required when no more than four metres tall and three metres wide
CharacteristicsLightness and airiness, with subdued lines and ornamentation

Compare the best prices on Edwardian Conservatories.
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Edwardian Conservatory Prices

The average price for a Edwardian conservatory is between £10,000, and £23,600, but you can get a better idea of how much one will set you back from our table below.

SizeTypeRoof MaterialTypical PriceRoof priceAverage Fit PriceTotal Price
3500 x 3500EdwardianPolycarbonate£4,900£3,300£1,800£10,000
3500 x 3500EdwardianGlass£4,900£4,200£2,000£11,100
3500 x 3500EdwardianGuardian Roof£4,900£5,800£3,100£13,800
3500 x 3500EdwardianTiled£4,900£6,300£3,200£14,400
3500 x 4000EdwardianPolycarbonate£5,600£3,800£2,300£11,700
3500 x 4000EdwardianGlass£5,600£4,200£2,500£12,300
3500 x 4000EdwardianGuardian Roof£5,600£6,050£3,300£14,950
3500 x 4000EdwardianTiled£5,600£6,800£3,400£15,800
4000 x 4000EdwardianPolycarbonate£6,200£4,300£2,800£13,300
4000 x 4000EdwardianGlass£6,200£4,700£3,100£14,000
4000 x 4000EdwardianGuardian Roof£6,200£6,300£3,550£16,050
4000 x 4000EdwardianTiled£6,200£7,300£3,600£17,100
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodPolycarbonate£8,500£3,300£2,500£14,300
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodGlass£8,500£4,200£2,700£11,000
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodGuardian Roof£8,500£5,000£3,800£17,300
3500 x 3500Edwardian/WoodTiled£8,500£6,300£3,900£18,700
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodPolycarbonate£10,000£3,800£2,300£16,100
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGlass£10,000£4,200£3,200£17,400
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGuardian Roof£10,000£6,050£4,000£20,500
3500 x 4000Edwardian/WoodTiled£10,000£6,800£4,100£20,900
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodPolycarbonate£12,000£4,300£3,500£19,800
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGlass£12,000£4,700£3,800£20,500
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodGuardian Roof£12,000£6,300£4,250£22,550
4000 x 4000Edwardian/WoodTiled£12,000£7,300£4,300£23,600

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