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Up and Over garage door prices are on average £1750.00 incl. VAT & installation

Up and over garage doors are usually made from one panel that can be lifted up and tilted out of the way. They are designed to safely glide ‘up and over’ the opening of a garage and lay flat under the ceiling of a garage.

One of the great things about opting for an up and over garage door is the variety of designs available. With so many different styles, colours and materials to choose between, it’s easy to find the right garage door to suit your traditional or modern property.

From steel and timber to GRP (glass reinforced polyester), all up and over garage doors can be either manual or remote control electric operated. When it comes to price, you can expect to pay anything between £550 and £2850 for a safe and reliable solution.

  • Types of Up and Over Garage Doors

There are two different operating mechanisms available with both single and double size up and over garage doors including canopy and retractable. While both types are a secure option for your home, you also need to consider whether you want your door constructed of steel, timber or GRP.

Steel up and over garage doors start at around £750 and can cost you up to £1750. As long as you make sure you don’t compromise on quality, a steel door will offer you great value for money. Plus, they are easy to maintain and can be electrically operated. You should also be able to find a choice of panelled and ribbed designs.

Timber up and over garage doors can add natural warmth and beauty to your property. Prices range between £1000 and £2250, which makes them a little pricier than the steel versions. Some timber doors are constructed of solid timber or a combination of woods, and you can opt for electric operation. With the right care and maintenance, a timber door will last for many years.

GRP up and over garage doors are long lasting and require very little maintenance, which makes them perfect for just about any home. They won’t shrink or swell like timber and they won’t corrode or rust like steel. In fact, GRP doors are among the best your money can buy. Whether you choose a white, colour or woodgrain finish, you can expect to pay between £1000 and £2500 for one of these doors.

It’s also worth mentioning that canopy up and over garage doors are generally cheaper than retractable versions, as retractable doors allow for a smoother and neater opening.

The biggest advantage of up and over garage doors is their price. They are one of the most affordable options on the market, and they are easy to install. As the mechanism that comes with this style of door is uncomplicated, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience many performance issues. If you do experience problems, you can rest assured that components can be repaired or replaced with ease.

As previously mentioned, up and over garage doors come in a range of materials and attractive designs. They’re readily available in most garage opening heights and widths, so you won’t have any trouble sourcing the perfect fit for your garage. You can also select a motorised door with a remote control system for added ease and convenience.

If you decide to install a retractable up and over garage door, you have the luxury of opening and closing it even when your vehicle is parked right in front of the garage. While a canopy door will sit slightly beyond the front face of your garage when open, it still offers you maximum indoor space.

Up and over garage doors are not insulated, so they won’t be as effective for keeping out noise and keeping in heat. You will also be left will be a slight gap between the door and the frame once your door is installed, which means it won’t be draught proof either.

If you select a canopy up and over garage door that needs to swing outwards, you will have to ensure your vehicle is not parked in front of your garage. You also need to remember that canopy doors tend to be quite noisy when you open and close them.

Retractable up and over doors have some disadvantages too. You will lose some space in your garage, as retractable doors will be installed with tracks across the ceiling of your garage. If you go with an electrically operated retractable door, the height of your garage will be reduced further because a door opening must be fitted.

Up and Over Garage Door Overview

AffordabilityValue for Money
DurableEver Lasting simple design
Optional remote controlled accessEasy to operate
Optional assessoriesSecuity locks, Wireless keypads/finger scan readers
Electric or Manual Door OpeningChoice of use

Compare the best prices on Up and Over Garage Doors.
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Up and Over Garage Door Prices

If you know your garage measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

StyleSizeMaterialElectricTypical Priceinstallation CostTotal price
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleTimberNo£1000£250£1250
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleTimberYes£1250£300£1550
Up & Over Garage Door Security SpecificSingleSteelNo£900£250£1150
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleGRPNo£1000£250£1250
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleGRPYes£1100£300£1400
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleSteelNo£400£150£550
Up & Over Garage DoorSingleSteelYes£750£200£950
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleTimberNo£2000£250£2250
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleTimberYes£2250£300£2550
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleSteelNo£1500£250£1750
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleSteelYes£1750£300£2050
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleGRPNo£2250£300£2550
Up & Over Garage DoorDoubleGRPYes£2500£350£2850

Compare the best prices on Up and Over Garage Doors.
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What we think of Up and Over Garage Doors

While up and over garage doors do not provide the same level of security as roller or sectional doors, they are still one of the most popular garage door types among homeowners in the UK. That probably has something to do with the fact that they’re so affordable and easy to operate. If you’re looking for value for money, then we think an up and over garage door could be right for you.

We also like the huge choice of designs available, as it makes it easy to find the right look for your home. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful property and creating an eyesore with an unsightly garage door. However, we would definitely choose a retractable up and over garage door made from GRP, as it will maintain its good looks and require virtually no maintenance.

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  1. I have a Cardale ‘manual operated’ steel door that is 7 yrs old and has now broken twice. I am interested to know whether the current steel door could be converted to an electric mechanism?

  2. Replacement Up & Over metal door 6′ 11″ wide x 6′ 4.5″ height (210 mm x 194 mm).
    Brick work opening is 7′ 7″ wide x 6′ 10″ height (231 mm x 208 mm).

    Cost estimate fitted please – Area WN4

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