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Sectional Garage Door Prices are on average £1725.00 incl. VAT and Installation

Sectional garage doors are called sectional is because they are constructed of various sections rather than one panel. They open (rise) vertically, which means you won’t lose any driveway space and can always leave a vehicle parked in front of your garage.

Sectional garage doors are either made from single skinned steel or insulated double skinned steel. You can also choose from a variety of designs, effects and finishes. Whether you go with a woodgrain effect, ribbed design, paint finish or any other stylish option, you’re sure to find a door to match your property.

Single skinned steel sectional garage doors are slightly lower in price than the double skinned versions. The cost will vary depending on which type of steel door you choose, and you can expect to pay between £950 and £2750 for a high-quality solution.

  • Types of Sectional Garage Doors

Both single skinned steel and insulated double skinned steel sectional doors can be installed in most garages. From arched and rounded to the more traditional shaped garages, they can be fitted to small and large sized openings. You just need to determine which type of steel construction is right for you and your property.

Single skinned steel sectional garage doors are the more affordable option, and range between £950 and £2050. They are available in single and double sizes, as well as with manual or electric operation. This type of door is ideal if you have a stand-alone garage and don’t need any thermal insulation. Although they are single skinned, these doors offer great security qualities.

When it comes to double skinned sectional garage doors, you’re likely to pay between £1750 and £2750. Again, manual and remote control versions are available, along with single and double sizes. These doors are perfect for garages that are used as a workshop or office and where thermal insulation is important. They also provide a higher level of strong security and protection for your personal items.

Sectional doors are fitted behind garage openings, making it difficult for an intruder to pry the door open from the outside. If you choose an electrically operated version, you’ll make it virtually impossible for anyone other than your household to gain access. These doors are made to fit any shape and size garage, as well asall modern and traditional homes.

Another major advantage of investing in a sectional door is that you can make the most of your available space inside and in front of your garage. As previously mentioned, these doors open and close vertically, so they are a fantastic solution for homes with small driveways and garages.

Regardless of whether you choose a manual or remotely operated version, a sectional garage door will always remain quiet when being opened and closed. Repair costs tend to be reasonable too, especially as they can be done on each faulty section instead of the entire door.

Most sectional garage doors are weather-resistant, so you can use your garage as you wish without worrying about dust, wind and rain. Lastly, these doors can be finished in a wide variety of colours and effects to enhance the overall appearance of your property.

The only disadvantages to choosing sectional garage doors are the fitting and maintenance costs. Installation can be a quite challenge, so you will need to get a professional to carry out the work to ensure safe and effective operation. They also require regular maintenance including lubrication and cleaning, but you can save money by doing both things yourself.

Sectional Garage Door Overview

Key FeaturesBenefits
DiversityHuge List of choise
Timber, Steal or AluminiumDurable and weather resistent
Optional remote controlled accessEasy to access
Optional accessoriesWireless keypads/finger scan readers
Popular choiceSuits larger and difficult spaces
Colours and FinishesHuge list of options
SecurityAdditional locking for security

Compare the best prices on Sectional Garage Doors.
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Sectional Garage Door Prices

If you know your garage measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

StyleSizeMaterialElectricTypical PriceInstallation CostTotal Price
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteelNo£750
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteelYes£1,000
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteelNo£1,500
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteelYes£1,800£250
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteel InsulatedNo£1,500£250£1,750
Sectional Garage DoorsSingleSteel InsulatedYes£1,700£250£1,950
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteel InsulatedNo£2,000£275£2,275
Sectional Garage DoorsDoubleSteel InsulatedYes£2,500£275£2,775

Compare the best prices on Sectional Garage Doors.
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What we think of Sectional Garage Doors

If security is a concern, then we believe a sectional garage door will provide maximum levels of security and protection for your belongings. You’re also presented with such a huge choice of colours, finishes and designs, so we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect sectional door for your home.

As well as being designed and constructed for strength and longevity, sectional garage doors are extremely practical. You can park your vehicle right in front of your garage whenever you like and never need move it to open and close the door. We think that’s a great advantage, especially if you have more than one vehicle or use your garage as a workroom, gym or storage space.

Most importantly, sectional garage doors tick all the boxes. They’re highly secure, weather–resistant, space-saving and very attractive. There’s nothing not to like. Some manufacturers even offer terrific warranties, so it’s well worth asking about written guarantees when shopping around.

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  1. Quote for the following please:- Double door, size 4000mm width x 2000 height sectional type in steel, electrically driven.

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