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Composite door prices are on average £1255 incl. VAT and installation

Composite doors are usually installed as a front or back door to allow you to enter and exit your property. They are specially built to be sturdy and strong, which helps to ensure your home is guarded against unwanted visitors. These doors work like a traditional door and play a big role in keeping you and your home protected.

While you might expect composite doors to look heavy, they are actually very attractive and available in an extensive range of modern and sleek designs. You can also choose between a range of beautiful colours, finishes and glass options to create a stylish entrance to your home. Most homeowners opt for composite doors constructed from a combination of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), insulating foam and glass reinforced plasticas they retain their good looks for many years.

To purchase a high-quality composite door, you will be looking at paying anything between £900 and £1510. The average cost of installation is under £300, so that should give you a better idea of the amount you’ll need to spend overall.

  • Types of Composite Doors

A good composite door will be made from the highest quality uPVC and one or two other materials so it stays secure, strong and weather resistant. However, there are different versions of composite doors to be had, so we’ve put together a guide to help you understand the differences between each available door type.

Half glazed composite doors never fail to make an impact, which is helped by the wide variety of colours, designs and glazing patterns available. As the frame will be constructed from uPVC, you can opt for a wood effect finish that will not twist, bow or warp like real wood. These doors can also be made to your exact specification with your choice of glass panels to allow plenty of natural light into your home. You can expect to pay around £1110 for a half glazed composite door.

Some composite doors come complete with an arched toplight rather than side glass panels to protect privacy and obscure the view. The arched top light helps to make a decorative statement and ensure your home is still flooded with natural light. It will cost you around £955 to purchase a composite door with an arched top light.

In addition to half glazed and arched toplight doors, solid composite fire doors are available to fully protect your property in the event of a fire. They are completely solid and draught proof and will protect your household from both fire and smoke. The average price for one of these doors is £1010, which is pretty reasonable when you consider their robustness and reliability. Not only are they suitable for houses but composite fire doors are ideal for flats and apartments.

Composite doors are very popular because they offer many benefits to individuals living in various types of properties. They don’t require frequent painting or staining to keep them looking their best because their finishes and colours never scratch or fade. Wear and tear isn’t a problem either, as it’s virtually impossible to damage the outer layer and material.

Door customisation options are available, meaning you’ll always find a solution to suit your property and personal taste. They’re also extremely strong, practical and secure, which is why so many people choose them to serve as front doors and back entrances. Furthermore, composite doors won’t need any special treatments or maintenance other than the occasional wipe down.

These doors can be made with various glazed panels to maximise light transmission and are generally cheaper than wooden alternatives. Most composite doors are thermally efficient too because they come with an inner layer of insulating foam.

There’s only one disadvantage of investing in a composite door, which is that it’s difficult to make changes to the door once it’s installed. Let’s say you want to change the colour or locks for example. Once the door has been fitted, it’s very difficult to change any of the finishes and features.

Composite Door Features and Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityMid range
MaterialsSoft wood / Hard wood/UPVc
StylesHalf/ glazed/ solid
Size LimitationsTo fit frame
Optional ExtrasCo-ordinated details
DurableWeather resistant
Carbon FootprintThermally efficient

Compare the best prices on Composite Doors.
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Composite Door Prices

If you know your door measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below.

SizeTypeMaterialDoor TypeTypical PriceFit PriceTotal price
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCHalf Glazed front door patterend glaze£950£260£1,210
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCArched Toplight front door£800£255£1,055
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCSolid Fire Door front door£750£260£1,010
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVC4 panels front door£875£255£1,130
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVC2 panels 1 grill front door£850£260£1,110
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCDiamond front door£900£260£1,160
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCsolid composite door£790£250£1,040
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVChalf glazed front door patterend glaze£850£260£1,110
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCBack door toplight£675£255£930
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCback door diamond£850£255£1,105
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCBack door solid£700£250£950
900 x 2100Composite DoorsUPVCback door half glazed£825£255£1,080
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodHalf Glazed front door patterend glaze£850£250£1,100
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodArched Toplight front door£700£255£955
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodSolid Fire Door front door£700£250£950
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft wood4 panels front door£825£250£1,075
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft wood2 panels 1 grill front door£800£260£1,060
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodDiamond front door£850£255£1,105
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodsolid composite door£740£250£970
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodhalf glazed front door patterend glaze£800£250£1,050
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodBack door toplight£665£260£925
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodback door diamond£800£260£1,060
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodBack door solid£650£250£900
900 x 2100Composite DoorsSoft woodback door half glazed£775£260£1,035
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard WoodHalf Glazed front door patterend glaze£1,250£260£1,510
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard WoodArched Toplight front door£1,100£255£1,355
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard WoodSolid Fire Door front door£1,050£250£1,300
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard Wood4 panels front door£1,200£255£1,455
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard Wood2 panels 1 grill front door£1,175£260£1,435
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard WoodDiamond front door£1,225£255£1,480
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard Woodsolid composite door£1,025£255£1,280
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard Woodhalf glazed front door patterend glaze£1,200£250£1,450
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard WoodBack door toplight£1,075£260£1,335
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard Woodback door diamond£1,175£260£1,435
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard WoodBack door solid£1,150£250£1,400
900 x 2100Composite DoorsHard Woodback door half glazed£1,175£260£1,435
900 x 2100Composite DoorsalumiunumHalf Glazed front door patterend glaze£1,150£260£1,410
900 x 2100Composite DoorsalumiunumArched Toplight front door£1,000£255£1,255
900 x 2100Composite DoorsalumiunumSolid Fire Door front door£950£250£1,200
900 x 2100Composite Doorsalumiunum4 panels front door£1,075£255£1,330
900 x 2100Composite Doorsalumiunum2 panels 1 grill front door£1,050£260£1,310
900 x 2100Composite DoorsalumiunumDiamond front door£1,100£255£1,355
900 x 2100Composite Doorsalumiunumsolid composite door£990£255£1,245
900 x 2100Composite Doorsalumiunumhalf glazed front door patterend glaze£1,050£250£1,300
900 x 2100Composite DoorsalumiunumBack door toplight£875£260£1,135
900 x 2100Composite Doorsalumiunumback door diamond£1,050£260£1,310
900 x 2100Composite DoorsalumiunumBack door solid£900£250£1,150
900 x 2100Composite Doorsalumiunumback door half glazed£1,025£260£1,285

Compare the best prices on Composite Doors.
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What we think of Composite Doors

Having learned that the only drawback of composite doors is the difficulty (or impossibility) of making changes, it’s clear that they will make an excellent front or back door for any home. There’s nothing not to like about them, especially as you’re presented with so many colour options and glazed finishing touches to complement the rest of your property.

You just need to consider your personal preferences, the appearance of your home and the most practical composite door type for you to ensure you make the right decision. We also strongly advise that you ask about energy efficiency and locking systems with each supplier you liaise with.

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