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Sliding and folding door prices are on average £2900 incl. VAT and installation

Sliding and folding patio doors consist of large glass panels that bend on the joints and slide to one side to enable you easy access to your outdoor space. They also come with panels that slide along to the first panel to create a versatile opening. You can also purchase a sliding door that stays perfectly balanced as it moves along its tracks. Both of these door systems are great for providing you with better views and allowing more natural light and air into your home.

Most sliding and folding patio door frames can be constructed of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), solid oak, aluminium, soft wood or hard wood. While some homeowners like the natural finish of wood frames, others prefer the variety of colours and effects available with the uPVC and aluminium versions.

When you choose a sliding and folding door system or a sliding door that’s manufactured to the highest standard, you’ll be looking at paying anything between £1000 and £5650.

  • Types of Sliding and Folding Doors

Many manufacturers can produce sliding and folding door systems and sliding doors in bespoke sizes to suit your property. In most cases, you can even choose the number of panels you’d like to have in the door to ensure the perfect fit. With so many ways to open up your living space to the outside, we’re going to talk you through your options.

Sliding and folding right opening doors come fully glazed with uPVC frames and cost around £2850 to £3400. Whether you have a large opening or restricted doorway, the neat folding and sliding motion offers you flexibility and practicality. They slide to one side (on the right) and provide you with better access and visibility to your garden. Sliding and folding right opening doors also offer you better security thanks to their multiple-point locking systems.

Solid oak sliding and folding patio doors cost between £3200 and £5650, making them pricier than uPVC alternatives. Again, they are fully glazed for enhanced security and safety. They can be installed in most situations and allow you to open your space completely in a matter of seconds. As with the uPVC versions, these doors are weather resistant and help to retain heat.

Sliding patio doors usually consist of two doors and come in a choice of frames including uPVC, aluminium, soft wood and hard wood. As the doors slide on a track system, the panels sit behind each other to allow for a much wider opening. Prices start from just £1000 and go up to £2905 depending on the frame material and door size you choose.

A set of sliding and folding patio doors can help you make the best use of your room and outdoor space while bringing the outdoors in. That means you can admire your garden in the warmer months and keep an eye on your family outdoors while staying comfortable indoors.

The other main advantage is you’ll have easy access to your garden or alfresco living area. You simply fold or slide your doors open to create an entrance to your outdoor space. These types of doors are also aesthetically pleasing and you can choose from a range of styles and designs to match the rest of your home.

Whether you go for sliding and folding or sliding only doors, you can maximise your natural light when the doors are both open and closed. Both types are great for saving space as well, especially as they don’t open outwards or inwards like basic patio doors.

Sliding and folding patio doors tend to be more thermally efficient than other types of patio doors. They are also low maintenance solutions that offer a great level of security compared to other traditional types of patio doors.

While sliding and folding doors offer an enhanced view, they can break up your view when they are closed. Regardless of which door type you choose, you will need the help of professional to install your doors, which adds to the overall cost. The installation of these types of doors is virtually impossible to do by yourself.

Sliding & Folding Door Features & Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityHigh Range
MaterialsAlumiunum/ Soft wood / hard wood/UPVc
StylesSliding or swing
Size LimitationsMade to measure
Optional ExtrasGlass style e.g. Tinted, High security locking
DurableEver Lasting
Carbon FootprintThe opening can be controlled

Compare the best prices on Sliding and Folding Doors.
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Sliding and Folding Door Prices

If you know your doors measurements and want a typical price on a new door and fitting costs, check out our price guide below

SizeTypeMaterialDoor TypeTypical PriceFit PriceTotal price
1948x 2090Sliding & Folding Right Opening DoorsuPVCFull Glaze£2,800£600£3,400
1790 x2090Sliding & Folding Right Opening DoorsuPVCFull Glaze£2,300£550£2,850
1987 x 2090Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£2,600£600£3,200
1987 x 2390Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£2,800£650£3,450
1987 x 2990Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£3,900£700£4,600
2090 x 3590Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£4,600£800£5,400
2090 x 4800Sliding & Folding Patio DoorsSolid OakFull Glaze£4,800£850£5,650
2390x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsuPVCSliding 2 door£800£450£1,250
1490x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsuPVCSliding 2 door£600£400£1,000
1790 x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsuPVCSliding 2 door£650£425
2390 x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsAlumiunumSliding 2 door£1,600£450£2,050
3590 x 2090Sliding Patio DoorsAlumiunumSliding 2 door£2,405£550£2,955
1805 x 2105Sliding Patio DoorsSoft WoodSliding 2 door£1,050£425£1,475
2105 x 2105Sliding Patio DoorsSoft WoodSliding 2 door£1,100£450£1,550
2405 x 2105Sliding Patio DoorsSoft WoodSliding 2 door£1,200£500£1,700
1805 x 2105Sliding Patio DoorsHard WoodSliding 2 door£2,200£425£2,625
2105 x 2105Sliding Patio DoorsHard WoodSliding 2 door£2,250£450£2,700
2405 x 2105Sliding Patio DoorsHard WoodSliding 2 door£2,400£500£2,900

Compare the best prices on Sliding and Folding Doors.
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What we think of Sliding and Folding Doors

We’re confident that sliding and folding patio doors will provide you with many great benefits right after the installation is complete. Obviously, the material you choose will have an impact on the price of your doors, but it is worth it because they will last for a very long time.

If you want to have the choice of completely opening your home to the outdoors without any barriers, then a set of sliding and folding doors are best. These doors also keep their sleek looks and can flood your home with light and fresh air.

Sliding only doors are still a great option but you’ll only enjoy them if doesn’t bother you that the space between the inside and outside of your home will be partially restricted. That said, the panes of glass are usually a lot wider than those you’ll find on a sliding and folding door, so you just need to weight up the pros and cons to find the right type for your needs.

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