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Orangery  conservatories prices range between £17,800 & £29,250 incl. VAT & Installation

What is an Orangery Style Conservatory?

 An orangery is a brick and glass structure based upon the traditional orangeries of the 17th to 19th centuries. These buildings were constructed to house citrus plants and became a symbol of wealth and prestige An orangery style conservatory will cost between  £17,800 and £29,250.

 Design Characteristics of Orangery Style Conservatories

 Orangeries are all about design, incorporating decorate brickwork, colonnades and lantern roofs. Orangeries are built on rectangular bases and have more brickwork and less glazing than other conservatory types (the glazed panels are separated by columns of brick, rather than a thin strip of wood or UPVC).

Orangeries are particularly suited to older homes, especially Georgian properties that share their architectural features.

  • Cost Considerations
  • Should I get planning permission?

Orangeries are an extremely attractive type of conservatory that will add value to your home.

There are two factors to consider when thinking about your orangery build: size, and the building work required. Please refer to the chart below to get an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

  1. Size / Measurements

Orangeries are subject to the same size restrictions as conservatories; they cannot be more than four metres high and four meres wide (three metres wide on an attached property. An orangery style conservatories measuring £3,500 x £3,500 will cost  £17,800. An orangery measuring 3500×4500 will cost £21,300.

  1. Building Work

Your conservatory will need to be built upon either a concrete foundation or a steel base. Orangeries are traditionally built in brick, but you can have them built in timber or UPVC. Building an orangery will cost between £2,600 and £3000.

You can choose to have your conservatory fully glazed, or built upon a dwarf wall.




Providing they stick within the size guidelines above orangeries do not need planning permission. It is important to note that you orangery must share a wall with your home, and that in total, conservatories and outbuildings must not cover more than 50 per cent of the land around your original house.

Orangery Features & Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityFrom £17,800 to £29250 add value to property
DurableRetains Shape
ViewsUnobstructed panoramic views
Size LimitationsTend to be larger sizes
Build TimeTakes up to 1 month to build, cement flooring takes 8 weeks to dry
Optional ExtrasFlooring, Blinds, Heating, Furniture
Planning permissionNot required when no more than four metres tall and three metres wide
CharacteristicsOrangerie', design had large windows and doors within a stone building

Compare the best prices on Orangery Conservatories.
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Orangery Conservatory Prices

The average price for a Orangery conservatory is between £17,800 and £29,250, but you can get a better idea of how much one will set you back from our table below.

SizeTypeRoof MaterialTypical PriceRoof priceAverage Fit PriceTotal price
3500x 3000OrangerieLantern£12,500£3,700£2,600£18,800
3500 x 4000OrangerieLantern£13,000£3,900£2,800£19,700
3500 x4500OrangerieLantern£14,250£4,050£3,000£21,300
3500 x 3500Orangerie/WoodLantern£19,000£3,700£2,800£25,500
3500 x 4000Orangerie/WoodLantern£21,000£3,900£3,000£27,900
3500 x4500Orangerie/WoodLantern£22,000£4,050£3,200£29,250

Compare the best prices on Orangery Conservatories.
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