Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Read our helpful tips to help you decide if it’s time to invest in a new garage door – plus a look at some replacement options.

There are lots of problems with garage doors that can occur and be solved without having to actually replace them but there will always be some issues that can’t be fixed to ensure your door performs safely and efficiently. Apart from the obvious signs of wear and tear, it can often be tricky to determine whether you’re looking at a repair job or a whole new garage door replacement.

Here are 3 signs that are telling you it’s time to say goodbye to your garage door, along with some useful information on replacements.

Noisy Operation

Some garage doors are rather loud when in use, so you need to listen carefully for any strange noises. Clicking, grinding or whirring noises are usually a sign that something is wrong with your door system. It could be badly worn mechanisms, a sign of failing parts or a major problem with the door’s structure. If you haven’t heard any strange noises but have noticed a sudden increase in the amount of noise your door makes, this could also be a cause for concern.

Visible Damage

What may seem like a little cosmetic damage could become a major problem further on down the line. Your garage door is going to show visible signs of wear and tear at some point, but what you won’t know is whether there are cracks or holes beyond the surface. When left, cracks, holes and even rot will leave your door unsafe and insecure. Get some professional advice to see if it can be repaired or whether it will be more cost-effective to replace your garage door.

Outdated Safety and Security Features

Most of the older garage door types lack important safety and security elements, such as reverse action sensors, rolling code features and multi-point locking systems. As they won’t be very strong or well-constructed, older models will also be very easy to break into. New garage doors can save you from injury and help keep intruders out of your garage because they come with excellent safety and security features as standard.

Garage Door Replacement Options

From high-spec automatic doors to more reasonably priced manual doors, there are plenty of high-quality garage door replacements available on today’s market.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most recommended garage door types:

  • Sectional garage doors – Not only are sectional garage doors one of the most practical choices for any size and shape of a garage but they’re also incredibly stylish, safe and secure. These doors come with individual panel sections which work as one unit and open vertically without needing to swing outwards.
  • Roller garage doors – Like sectional doors, roller garage doors are neat, efficient, space-saving solutions which open and close vertically. They can be fitted behind, in front or in between the structural opening of your garage because there is no need for an internal track to be installed. They’re also available in an extensive range of colours and woodgrain finishes.
  • Side hinged garage doors – These days, side hinged doors are available in various stunning designs, materials and finishes. They come with two separate doors that open outwards, making them perfect for accessing your space quickly and without opening the entire garage door.
  • Up and over garage doors – Up and over garage doors come with a large panel and either a canopy or retractable mechanism for easy operation. A canopy door will sit slightly out from the sub-frame when open and the retractable door will retract fully into the garage when open, so you just need to decide which type of door will best suit your needs.

Here at Price Experts, we have put together specialist guides on every type of garage door replacement imaginable. Head on over to our Garage Doors pages to find out more. 



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