Window Security: Secure Your Windows Against Burglars

Find out ways you can properly protect your home windows from becoming targets of burglar attacks.

Burglars tend to get into your home one of two ways. Either through a door or through a window. While most homeowners implement good security measures to help prevent thieves from breaking into their external doors, far too many admit to ignoring their windows. Shocking! Even if you think you live in a safe neighbourhood, we can’t stress the importance of planning ahead and making sure your windows are burglar resistant.

We’re going to look 3 interesting facts about burglars to help you make wiser home security decisions and guide you on the different types of window security solutions.

Fact 1: Burglars avoid most homes with security systems

The presence of alarms and surveillance cameras act as effective deterrents and will make a burglar think twice about jumping through your window. Alarms are particularly good for making an intruder question whether they should proceed because they know they will go off and alert you to their mischievous activity.

Fact 2: Many burglars come back for seconds

If a burglar manages to break into your home, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll return for round two. Once they’ve got inside your house, they will know its weak points and can take advantage of them again. However, if they fail the first time, it’s unlikely they’ll come back to try again. This is why it’s so important to ensure your windows are as secure as possible.

Fact 3: Some burglars aren’t scared to break-in when you’re at home

That means your family could come face to face with an intruder and become victims of a violent crime. It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? If you haven’t already considered your home windows security, it’s crucial that you do so right now.

Effective Window Security Solutions

We hope those facts have helped you realise just how important your window security is when it comes to preventing burglaries. We’re now going to discuss the best solutions available for making your windows secure and your home safer.

Tip 1: Reinforce your window glass

Reinforcing your window glass will stop most burglars in their tracks. You can reinforce your glass windows with tempered or laminated glass to make them more difficult to break into. Bullet-resistant glass is another option which offers the same benefits, however, it’s a lot more expensive.

Tip 2: Invest in highly secure window locks

Many older types of windows don’t come with solid enough locks to prevent burglars from breaking in. Experts suggest fitting locks that are visible from the outside to all first-floor windows to act as an effective burglar deterrent. If you end up fitting locks that come with a key system, make sure you leave the key somewhere safe and where no one else can find it.

Tip 3: Install window alarms

You may not realise that there are such things as window alarms. There are quite a few different types available which can be used on any style of window. A simple window sensor alarm is a great choice as it will sound the alarm as soon as it detects that your window has been opened or damaged. There are also wireless versions on the market that work in a similar way. Also, you can have your windows connected to your home’s alarm system to warn you of a burglar, as well as alert your chosen security service provider or the police.

Tip 4: Fit window security bars or screens

Even if a burglar smashes your windows, they still won’t be able to get inside your house because the security bars or screen will be in the way. You don’t even have to worry about the security bars making your home look a bit like a prison as they can be customised to suit your taste. If you prefer the look of a screen, make sure you choose one that is made of strong steel and has small spaces between the gaps.

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows to enhance security levels at your home, feel free to check out our detailed window guides. You can also get yourself a free window quote via the Price Experts website.



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