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Anglian has been manufacturing British-made products for over 5 decades and is well-known for installing a wide range of conservatory roofs at all types of properties across the UK. As one of the top home improvement brands in the country, Anglian takes pride in employing skilled craftspeople and experienced sales representatives.

As well as boasting factories in Norwich and showrooms across England, Scotland and Wales, Anglian hire trusted installers to fit each of their conservatory roof systems. By making everything in-house, you’re always guaranteed products that have been manufactured to the highest industry standards.

With 95% of purchasers recommending products and services to their friends and family, and 42% of the company’s weekly sales coming from returning customers, it’s clear that the Anglian Home Improvement family is a reliable choice.

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The overall cost of a new conservatory roof from Anglian will depend on the size and roof material you require. It will also depend on the quality of your existing conservatory and whether or not it’s strong enough to hold a new roof system. If your conservatory is in good condition and Anglian are happy to replace your conservatory roof, you can expect to pay anything between £5,100 and £13,400.

An Anglian representative will need to look at your existing conservatory to ensure it is structurally sound to take a new roof. If it is, the sales representative will suggest the best options available, provide a free quote and discuss finance options with you.

You also need to be aware that, subject to survey, Anglian are happy to match any like-for-like quote that you may have received from another home improvement company. It’s all part of the 7-day price match promise, meaning you’ll have 7 days to find a cheaper quote elsewhere for the exact same conservatory roof.

Take a look at the table below for a better idea of the types of roof systems Anglian offer and their typical prices.


Anglian help you manage your conservatory roof budget by offering a finance option. Nearly half of all Anglian customers choose to take out an Anglian Gold Account finance agreement so that they can spread the cost of their new roof. If you decide to do the same, Anglian will offer you a loan through one of the following:

  • Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC
  • Shawbrook Bank Limited
  • Creation Consumer Finance Limited
  • Barclays Partner Finance

The Anglian Gold Account is a reducing balance loan where interest is charged on your outstanding balance. If you increase your payments each month, you’ll reduce the interest you must pay. You’ll also receive an exclusive discount when taking out a finance agreement.

Anglian Conservatory Roof Prices

BrandRoof TypeMaterialPrice
AnglianVictorian Conservatory RoofGlass£7,500
AnglianEdwardian Conservatory RoofGlass£7,100
AnglianLean to ConservatoryGlass£6,100
AnglianGable Fronted ConservatoryGlass£8,950
AnglianGeorgian Conservatory RoofGlass£8,900
AnglianDouble Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass£8,975
AnglianLantern Conservatory RoofGlass£7,995
AnglianP ShapeGlass£7,100
AnglianT ShapeGlass£7,950
AnglianL ShapeGlass£7,995
AnglianVictorian Conservatory RoofTiled£10,500
AnglianLean to ConservatoryTiled£9,600
AnglianEdwardian Conservatory RoofTiled£10,500
AnglianGable Fronted ConservatoryTiled£10,450
AnglianGeorgian Conservatory RoofTiled£13,400
AnglianDouble Hipped Conservatory RoofsTiled£10,450
AnglianLantern Conservatory RoofTiled£10,500
AnglianP ShapeTiled£10,450
AnglianT ShapeTiled£10,995
AnglianL ShapeTiled£12,450
AnglianVictorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate£7,000
AnglianLean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate£5,100
AnglianEdwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate£6,450
AnglianGable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate£7,400
AnglianGeorgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate£7,850
AnglianDouble Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate£8,100
AnglianP ShapePolycarbonate£6,700
AnglianT ShapePolycarbonate£6,900
AnglianL ShapePolycarbonate£6,750

How to Get the Best Price from Anglian

As previously mentioned, Anglian offer a 7-day price match promise. However, the quotes you receive from other conservatory roof providers must be like-for-like for Anglian to match the competitive quote. This means the size, style and features of the conservatory roof offered by an alternative company have to be the same as your chosen roof through Anglian.

If you manage to find a cheaper conservatory roof quote elsewhere, you’ll have 7 days to send it to your Anglian representative in order for it to be accepted. Local conservatory roof companies tend to be more competitive than national brands, so it’s always best to obtain quotes from providers in and around your local area.

Are Anglian Conservatory Roofs Worthwhile Investments?

Anglian offer three roofing options including the Solid Roof, Solaroof and Polycarbonate Roof. Every roof is custom built and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Your designer will use your geographic location to determine your roofing system’s weather requirements, as well as use specialist software to create your conservatory roof.

The Solid Roof is a tiled roof system which is designed to look like an extension, giving you a new room and conservatory all-in-one. Each tile is individually made and available in various colours to suit your taste and property’s exterior. The Solid Roof is also lightweight and 15 times more thermally efficient than alternative roof types. Prices start at around £9,600 and go up to £12,450, and all tiled roofs from Anglian come with a 10-year guarantee.

Anglian’s Solaroof system also allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round and whatever the weather. It has been designed by the experts at Anglian, meaning you won’t be able to find the same roof anywhere else. The Solaroof is built from toughened safety glass to make it over 50% more energy efficient and features a wafer-thin film to reduce the sun’s heat and glare. This conservatory roof comes with a 10-year guarantee and is priced between £6,100 and £8,975.

The most cost effective conservatory roofing system from Anglian is the Polycarbonate Roof, which also comes with a 10-year guarantee. It’s available in different colours, as well as light and solar transmissions. This roof can also be designed with different u-value and shading efficiency, and your sales representative will help you choose the best options for your conservatory. When it comes to price, you can expect to pay between £5,100 and £8,100 for a Polycarbonate Roof through Anglian.

As Anglian is currently the only home improvements company in the UK to provide a full service, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a conservatory roof that’s built to your exact requirements. From the initial design phase right through to the installation, you can expect a first class experience. We should also point out that Anglian has been given the Gold Trusted Service Award from Feefo and boasts a 7.5 out of 10 Trust Pilot rating (correct as of September 2017).

Anglian’s Accreditations

With 50 years’ experience in delivering quality products and great service, Anglian is recognised as one the country’s leading home improvements companies. Anglian is also endorsed by the following industry bodies and glazing federations:

  • The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF)
  • The Federation Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA)
  • The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC)
  • The Glazing Arbitration Scheme (TGAS)
  • Energy Saving Trust
  • TSP Assured
  • TrustMark
  • Feefo

You can also find the ‘Made in Britain’ marque on all of Anglian’s products, which should give you peace of mind that your conservatory roof has been made in a British factory from start to finish.

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