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Price Experts outline everything you need to know about Everest conservatory roofs and prices

Since 1965, Everest has manufactured and sourced products in the UK for over 2 million customers. From solid roofs and glass roofs to polycarbonate roofs, Everest is also truly dedicated to helping homeowners find the perfect conservatory roof to match their property.

Not only does Everest create conservatory roofs that are made with high-quality materials but the brand also ensures all their products are tested beyond British standards. Furthermore, all replacement conservatory roofs come with a generous 10 year guarantee.

With local expert advisors and design consultants throughout England, Wales and Scotland, we’re pleased to confirm that Everest makes home improvement enjoyable and easy. So – if you’re looking for a replacement conservatory roof that offers many benefits, be sure to get a quote from Everest.

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  • Everest Finance Options

As you would expect from any reputable company, Everest will provide you with a free face-to-face appointment at your home to discuss your needs and suggest the best options available to you. At this time, you will also be provided with a no-obligation quote.

It’s also worth mentioning that Everest will cut their price to match a cheaper quote that you’ve obtained elsewhere, so make sure you shop around before agreeing to any work. Once you’ve chosen your new conservatory roof and agreed on the price, a specialist will carry out a detailed survey to ensure Everest can achieve precisely what they have promised.

The actual price you will pay will heavily depend on the size and style of conservatory roof you select, as well as things like location and ease of access to your conservatory. However, we can tell you that you can expect to spend anything between £3650 and £11,200 for a replacement conservatory roof from Everest.

Check out our table below for more information on Everest’s conservatory roof prices.

When it comes to repayment plans through Everest Home Solutions, you can get a loan that is financed by either Barclays Partner Finance or Creation Consumer Finance Limited. Regardless of which option you choose, you can benefit from low deposits, easy monthly repayments and additional product discounts.

The typical loan terms offered through Everest Home Solutions include:

  • 15 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months
  • 120 months

You can also clear your loan quicker and reduce the overall interest you’ll need to pay by paying more than the minimum repayment amount due each month. For example, if you double your monthly payments, you will pay off your loan in half the time.

Everest Conservatory Roof Prices

3500 x 4000Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass£6,200
4000 x 4000Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass£5,850
4000 x 4000Lean to ConservatoryGlass£3,650
2500 x 3000Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass£7,675
5000 x 5000Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass£7,675
5000 x 5000Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass£7,675
5000 x 5000Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass£6,550
4000 x 4000P ShapeGlass£5,790
5000 x 3500T ShapeGlass£5,575
5000x 3000L ShapeGlass£5,425
4000 x 4000Victorian Conservatory Rooftiled£8,400
3000 x 3000Lean to Conservatorytiled£7,400
2500 x 3000Edwardian Conservatory Rooftiled£8,400
3000 x 3000Gable Fronted Conservatorytiled£8,395
5000 x 5000Georgian Conservatory Rooftiled£11,200
4000 x 4000Double Hipped Conservatory Roofstiled£9,400
3000 x 3000Lantern Conservatory Rooftiled£8,395
3000 x 3000P Shapetiled£8,395
5000 x 3000T Shapetiled£9,400
5000 x 3500L Shapetiled£10,200
3500 x 4000victorian conservatory roofPolycarbonate£5,550
4000 x 4000Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate£3,900
3000 x 3500Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate£5,550
4000 x 4000Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate£4,350
3000 x 3000Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate£7,300
5000 x 5000Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate£6,150
4000 x 4000P ShapePolycarbonate£5,900
5000 x 3500T ShapePolycarbonate£6,075
5000x 3000L ShapePolycarbonate£6,950
3500 x 4000Lantern RoofGlass£6,550

How to Get the Best Price from Everest

As previously mentioned, Everest is happy to match a cheaper quote on a replacement conservatory roof. However, once you’ve received your free quote from Everest, you only have 7 days to compare it with other installers and advise your Everest consultant about the price difference.

We highly recommend you get and compare quotes from local providers because they tend to be a lot more competitive. It’s also important to get a like-for-like quote which includes things like the same conservatory roof style, size, material, etc. to ensure Everest match it without any objections.

Are Everest Conservatory Roofs Worthwhile Investments?

Everest’s reputation for manufacturing practical, secure and high-performance conservatory roofs is one that should never be overlooked. As a UK based company that takes pride in manufacturing their own products, you’re also guaranteed bespoke solutions based on your exact specifications.

Another great thing about choosing Everest is that you’re presented with various options for customising your replacement conservatory roof, such as:

  • Different materials (uPVC, aluminium and timber)
  • Different glazing options
  • Different glass options
  • Different casements
  • Different coloured finishes

Everest’s replacement conservatory roofs are also energy efficient, which means you can save money on your energy bills and use your living space all year round. Then there’s the 10-year guarantee against leaks, condensation and discolouration for peace of mind.

When it comes to customer reviews, Everest has achieved an 8 out of 10 rating on Trust Pilot with 71% of customers scoring the company’s products and services as excellent. Please be aware that this rating and score is correct as of July 2017.

Everest’s Accreditations

As well as holding 15 British Standards Institute (BSI) accreditation, Everest is a founding member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). The brand also helps to establish test criteria for BSI’s improved security windows kitemark.

Other awards, accreditation and memberships include but are not limited to:

  • The British Board of Agreement (BBA) certificates for Roof Waterproofing System, Conservatory Roof System, uPVC Roofline System and uPVC Cladding
  • A comprehensive range of BSI accreditations
  • TrustMark membership
  • Conservatory Association membership
  • The Institute of Customer Service membership
  • Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) registered firm

Get a Competitive Quote

Want a competitive conservatory roof quote from trusted local providers? Feel free to use our online quote engine. Whether you want to start your search today or have already received a quote from Everest, we can help you find the best deals available.

  • Compare Tailored Quotes
  • All Installers FENSA Approved
  • Save £1000's of Pounds

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