Glass Conservatory Roof Prices

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New Glass Conservatory Roof Prices range between £2900 and £7950 incl. VAT & Installation.

If you’re looking to transform your conservatory into a bright and welcoming space, then a glass roof is an excellent choice. Glass conservatory roofs are designed to allow plenty of natural light to enter your home while protecting you from the elements. The glass panels that make up the roof are usually supported by a sturdy framework in a colour that matches the rest of your conservatory.

Whether you use your conservatory for relaxing, dining, working or anything else, a glass roof will help to create a comfortable and peaceful environment. You can even enjoy beautiful garden and sky views both day and night. As long as you invest in a high-performance glass conservatory roof with excellent temperature control, you can make the most of your space all year round.

A high-quality glass roof is suitable for various conservatory styles including:

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable Fronted
  • Georgian
  • Double Hipped
  • Lantern
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape

The average price of a new glass roof starts from £2900 and rises up to £7950, depending on the size and type of your conservatory. It’s also worth mentioning that glass conservatory roofs have long lifespans and come at a fraction of the cost of a whole new conservatory replacement.

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A glass roofed conservatory comes with many benefits with the most sought after being the huge amount of natural light it lets into the home. The natural light also makes your environment appear more spacious and prevents you from having to tolerate as many unnatural indoor lights. Thanks to the glass roof, your conservatory becomes a practical and comfortable living space which is bright and airy.

With a glass roof, you will also have a real connection to your outdoor space without ever worrying about what the weather is up to. Come rain or shine, you will always be surrounded by outdoor views from the comfort of your home. While some people consider a conservatory with a glass roof a summertime room, it’s actually a space that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year.

Glass conservatory roofs are better insulated than some of the alternative solutions, meaning you won’t need to crank up the heating during the winter. Even when the sun isn’t shining, you will save money on your energy bills because your conservatory will always stay at a comfortable temperature.

You also never need to worry about your conservatory being too hot during the warmest months of the year. That’s because most well-constructed glass roofs can reflect up to around 90% of the sun’s rays and block about 70% of glare to help keep your conservatory cool in the summer.

If you like watching the rain from your conservatory but are put off by the noise it makes, a glass roof could be the answer. Just be sure to avoid cheaper glass roofs as they will not be capable of reducing the sound of rain. Remember, the noise from rain and hail hitting down on a conservatory roof can travel to the surrounding roomsand make your conservatory unbearably loud.

Unlike some plastic conservatory roofs, glass roofs will not warp or leak over time.  A glass roof will also keep draughts at bay, leaving you with a warm space even on the windiest of days. If you want something extremely low maintenance, you should consider investing in a self-cleaning glass conservatory roof.

The glass option is also a lot more popular among homeowners because the glass provides a better view of the outdoor world. Whether you like to sit back and admire your garden in the day or gaze at the stars at night, you can do it all and more. As glass is totally clear, you’ll also increase the amount of natural light allowed to flood into your home, as well as the positive ambience within your indoor space.

A glass conservatory roof never fails to give a modern or traditional home a stylish aesthetic. Regardless of the type of conservatory you own, there are few better options than glass roofing. From Lean-to and Victorian to T-Shape and Double Hipped conservatories, there are plenty of desirable designs available to suit your property. When it comes to personalisation, you can choose between various design features, as well as materials and colours to complete the framework.

Glass Conservatory Roof Prices

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anything between £2900 and £7900 for a glass conservatory roof before installation. Depending on the size and design of your chosen roof, the average cost of installation ranges from £750 to £1055. For an approximate cost of a new glass conservatory roof in the size you require, check out our price guide below.

Glass Conservatory Roof Features & Benefits

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityMid Range
DurabilityWill not warp or leak over time
Weather ResilianceCan reflect up to around 90% of the sun’s rays and block about 70% of glare
DesignModern stylish aesthetic
LightDesigned to allow plenty of light
Conservatory FitAll conservatory types

Glass Conservatory Roof Prices

type of conservatoryRoofSizepriceFit priceTotal price
Lean to ConservatoryGlass2500 x 3000£2,900£750£3,650
Lean to ConservatoryGlass3000 x 3000£3,200£800£4,000
Lean to ConservatoryGlass3000 x 3500£3,400£850£4,250
Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£4,900£950£5,850
Victorian Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£6,675£1,000£7,675
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£5,100£950£6,050
Edwardian Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£7,150£1,000£8,150
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass4000 x 4000£5,100£950£6,050
Gable Fronted ConservatoryGlass5000 x 5000£7,150£1,000£8,150
Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£3,750£850£4,600
Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£5,100£950£6,050
Georgian Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£7,150£1,000£8,150
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass3000 x 3000£4,100£850£4,950
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass4000 x 4000£5,850£950£6,800
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsGlass5000 x 5000£7,650£1,000£8,650
Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass3000 x 3000£4,250£875£5,125
Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass4000 x 4000£5,575£975£6,550
Lantern Conservatory RoofGlass5000 x 5000£7,950£1,055£9,005
P ShapeGlass5000x 3000£4,600£975£5,575
P ShapeGlass5000 x 3500£4,800
P ShapeGlass5000 x 4000£5,100£1,010£6,110
T ShapeGlass5000x 3000£4,600£975£5,575
T ShapeGlass5000 x 3500£4,800£990£5,790
T ShapeGlass5000 x 4000£5,100£1,010£6,110
L ShapeGlass3500 x 3500£4,150£900£5,050
L ShapeGlass3500 x 4000£4,200£920£5,120
L ShapeGlass4000 x 4000£4,450£975£5,425

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