Polycarbonate Roof Prices

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Polycarbonate conservatory roof prices range between £3200 & £8115 incl. VAT & Installation.

Polycarbonate is used to construct conservatory roofs because it is a strong and lightweight thermoplastic material. The polycarbonate panels are made up of lots of thin sheets of plastic with air sections to enable the final product to insulate and withstand extreme temperatures.The more layers used to construct the sheets the greater the insulation value. These panels are also available in various tints to reflect heat and add extra shade to your space,making them ideal for conservatories.

Most polycarbonate conservatory roofs are less expensive and easier to handle than the glass versions. As polycarbonate is heat and rain resistant, the panels won’t fade or discolour over time.They’re also virtually unbreakable and should last around 10 to 15 years.

A polycarbonate roof is suitable for a wide variety of conservatory style including

  • Lean-to
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Gable Fronted
  • Georgian
  • Double Hipped
  • Lantern
  • P-Shape
  • T-Shape
  • L-Shape

The amount you will need to spend on a new polycarbonate roof will depend on the size and style of your conservatory, as well as any extra design features. However, we can tell you that you will pay anything between £3200 and £8115 for an ideal solution.

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate Design

There is no doubt that polycarbonate conservatory roofs are more affordable but that isn’t the only thing that makes them so desirable. The choice of numerous protective film layers (tints) is another major selling point among homeowners. While all polycarbonate roofs offer the same level of heat retention, the light and solar transmission values vary depending on the finish you go with. That means you can choose how much or little protection you have from heat and sunlight, which is something you don’t get with various other roof types.

A favourable factor with polycarbonate roofs is their excellent resistance to heat and cold. Regardless of how harsh the environment, they will stay their best for an extremely long time. They’re also resistant to snow, rain and sunlight, making them perfect for covering a conservatory.

Another plus point with polycarbonate roofs is their ability to block out ultraviolet rays. Your conservatory will still be flooded with plenty of heat and natural light but you’ll experience less glare. Whether you’re light sensitive or love being surrounded by sunlight, you can prioritise how much light you allow into your room. Just remember the more light you allow the more heat you will gain.

Polycarbonate roofs are cheaper to manufacture and those savings are passed onto you, the consumer. As polycarbonate is easier to handle, transport and install compared to glass and other roof types, the labour costs will be less expensive too.

The polycarbonate panels are available in translucent and opaque shades for better control of light transmission and heat. From clear, bronze and opal to heatguard and bronze/opal, there are plenty of shades to be taken into consideration. You can also select from an extensive range of frames to match the panels or create a contrasting look. White, brown and woodgrain finishes tend to be the most popular but there are other coloured finishes offered by manufacturers.

Polycarbonate Roof  Benefits & Features

Key FeaturesBenefits
AffordabilityLower range
Durability10 to 15 years
Weather ResilianceExcellent resistance to heat and cold
DesignAvailable in translucent and opaque shades
FinishesWhite, brown and woodgrain finishes most popular
LightAbility to block out ultraviolet rays
Conservatory FitAll conservatory types

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Prices

A high-performance polycarbonate conservatory roof will set you back around £2600 to £7250 with installation costs coming in at £600 to £900. The final amount you’ll need to pay will come down to the size and style of your conservatory, as well as any optional extras. Check out our price guide below to help you work out your costs.

type of conservatoryRoofSizepriceFit priceTotal price
Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate2500 x 3000£2,600£600£3,200
Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£2,805£700£3,505
Lean to ConservatoryPolycarbonate3000 x 3500£2,950£750£3,700
Victorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,500£750£4,250
Victorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,600£800£5,400
Victorian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,250£850£7,100
Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,600£750£4,350
Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,750£800£5,550
Edwardian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,450£850£7,300
Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,600£750£4,350
Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,750£800£5,550
Gable Fronted ConservatoryPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,450£850£7,300
Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,600£750£4,350
Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,750£800£5,550
Georgian Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,450£850£7,300
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£3,950£750£4,700
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£5,350£800£6,150
Double Hipped Conservatory RoofsPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£6,900£850£7,750
Lantern Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate3000 x 3000£4,000£800£4,800
Lantern Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate4000 x 4000£5,350£850£6,200
Lantern Conservatory RoofPolycarbonate5000 x 5000£7,250£900£8,150
P ShapePolycarbonate5000x 3000£4,275£800£5,075
P ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 3500£4,450£850£5,300
P ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 4000£4,600£900£5,500
T ShapePolycarbonate5000x 3000£4,275£800£5,075
T ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 3500£4,450£850£5,300
T ShapePolycarbonate5000 x 4000£4,600£900£5,500
L ShapePolycarbonate3500 x 3500£4,000£800£4,800
L ShapePolycarbonate3500 x 4000£4,100£850£4,950
L ShapePolycarbonate4000 x 4000£4,200£900£5,100

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