5 Benefits of Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

Conservatories are a popular means of adding value to your house or building an extension to accommodate a lifestyle choice.

The number of ways people use conservatories has inspired a plethora of designs. No longer used for housing plants or doing the laundry, today’s conservatories demand a superior build-quality than they did in the past.

As a result, service providers have scaled up their choices of replacement roofs options. From solid tiles to high-quality glass roofs, here are five benefits of replacing your conservatory roof.

Energy Efficiency

Conservatories are typically built with a standard glass or polycarbonate roof. Unfortunately, these outdated materials do not provide sufficient insulation.

During the cold winter months, old conservatories can get bitterly cold and take a lot of heat to warm up the room and maintain a comfortable temperature.

In the summer, on the other hand, a conservatory with a glass roof allows sunlight to flood in and the room becomes too hot. Subsequently, you need to fire up a fan to cool yourself down – and use even more electricity.

A solid conservatory roof improve thermal efficiency thus eliminating temperature fluctuations. As a result, you don’t need to heat and cool the room all the time.

A high-quality glass roof, on the other hand, provides you with more natural sunlight and a lighter environment. At the same however, they balance heat retention by deflecting unwanted UV rays.

Reduced Noise

Solid roofs are fitted with insulation materials that helps to muffle noise from outside. If you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbours, a solid roof is a good option. The noise from heavy rain, hail storms and strong winds is also kept to a minimum.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The contemporary designs of conservatory replacement roofs offer a stylish improvement to the tired and outdated roofs that are typically fitted as standard on conservatories.

Not only do replacement roofs emit a sophisticated appearance on the outside, they also improve the decor from the inside. Because replacement roofs are fully insulated, they need plastering. You therefore have the option to fit snazzy lights and provide your extension with appropriate lighting.

Prevents Sunlight

Whilst it’s nice to have a light-filled conservatory, there are times when too much sunlight can impair your enjoyment of the conservatory. Penetrable glass windows create sun glare and will cause your furniture to fade quicker.

If you’re using your conservatory as an office or enjoy the space for reading, the sunlight can often impair your ability to see the screen or page. Solid roofs eliminate sun glare whilst high-quality glass and polycarbonate deflect the flood of light.

Replacement roofs for conservatories come in a wide range of styles that help to eliminate the room from distracting sunlight including Tiles, Guardian, Lantern and polycarbonate.

Increases the Value of your Property

Conservatory extensions can add significant value to your house. Well-built conservatories with replacement roofs are aesthetically pleasing become a key selling point which helps to sell your house quicker.

Are you contemplating building a conservatory? Perhaps you already have a conservatory and need a replacement roof to improve the design, energy efficiency, noise and sunlight. Our choice of conservatory roof replacement  are probably just what you are looking for.


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