5 Design Tips For Your Conservatory Extension

Adding a conservatory extension to your house gives you more space and freedom, and will increase the value of your property.

However, building a conservatory also involves making significant changes to the appearance of your home. When it’s time to unleash the designer in you, it helps if you have a blueprint to work with.

On that note, we’ve listed the top five design considerations to take into account when designing your conservatory extension.

What size will the extension be?  

When it comes to conservatory extensions, size is important. Although conservatories are regarded as permitted development under UK law, there are some limitations.

In general, a single-storey extension can be built on to your property providing they meet the following development permissions set by the government:

  • The conservatory does not cover more than half your garden from the boundaries of the original property. If an extension was built on to the house by the previous owners, you may not have as much space to build a conservatory extension as you thought
  • Extension on the side of the house must not go beyond half the width of the house
  • The maximum height of the extension is not more than 4 metre high, or 3 metres if within 2 metres of a neighbouring boundary
  • The roof ridge of the conservatory must be no higher than the eaves of your house

If your conservatory extension violates the regulations of your local government, the council have the right to demolish the extension or enforce you to make relevant alterations at your own expense.

Light Up Your Living Space

The style of conservatory you choose could impact how you will light the conservatory. If you want fitted lights overhead or on the walls, you need to consider how they will be installed during the planning stage.

Many contemporary conservatory designs are all glass and leave you with fewer options for lighting. The alternative is to install a solid, insulated roof which is plastered and creates space for dynamic lighting. Of course, you could include a skylight in the roof and still have room for sunken lights in the plastered ceiling.

Orangery designs also give you the option of fitting outdoor lights within the soffits of the gutter. Even if you plan to use a table lamp or reading light, you need to plan where you will position the lighting circuit.

Open Extension or Separate Living Space

Conservatory extensions are a popular choice of creating more space in a household. You either have the option to create an entirely new room which can be used for privacy, hobbies or a children’s playroom, or you could extend your kitchen, living room or dining room.

Materials and Style

Contemporary conservatories are available in various styles and materials – both of which need to be taken into consideration at the design stage. High-performance glazing is essential for insulation and temperature control.

The materials you use may depend on the position of your conservatory, For example, conservatories that are orientated to the south are cold in the winter and too warm in the summer, so a tiled roof rather than a glass roof is a better option.

There are many ways to personalise the roof and glazing together with a variety of styles including Edwardian, Victoria, Gable End, L-Shape, P-Shape and T-Shape.

Does the Conservatory Blend with your House?

The design of your conservatory should blend seamlessly with your house – inside and outside. Fortunately, the superior materials of modern-day conservatories have an aesthetic quality that has the wow factor with practically any property.

Interior design is where you will need to give your extension the most thought. The decor should compliment the adjoining room and have a layout that is fit for the purpose you intend to use.

We imagine you already know what you will use your conservatory extension for. Everything else you need to plan realistically, so wake up your inner designer and check out these conservatory designs.


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