Conservatory Heating: Our Guide

Struggling to decide which heating system is right for your conservatory? This article talks you through all your best options.

It’s such a shame to see so many old and new conservatories get ignored over the winter months because they are too cold to sit in. Your conservatory should be one of your favourite rooms in the house and a space to enjoy during the summertime, as well as when the weather is not so great. Besides, making sure your extension is comfortable all year round shouldn’t be difficult as long as you invest in an efficient heating system.

Today, we’re going to guide you through all your conservatory heating options to help keep your living space cosy and warm even on the chilliest of days.

Electric Radiators

Now, we know what you’re thinking; “Why would I want a boxy radiator in my beautifully designed conservatory?” but, they’re not actually so clunky looking these days. There are lots of sleek designs and models available on the market to suit interiors off all kinds, so you shouldn’t discount electric radiators based on style. Compact models are also great for heating a small conservatory because they take up a lot less space.

Another great thing about choosing electric radiators is that they are a quick solution for providing instant heat. They warm up rapidly, and you don’t have to mess around with your existing heating pipework to make them usable. As electric radiators also cool down quickly and convert all of their energy into heat, they’re a more cost-effective and efficient option.

Underfloor Heating

If you want to keep your conservatory free of visible heating methods, underfloor heating is a good choice. It’s discreet and a completely invisible heat source that lives beneath your flooring. Underfloor heating also enables you to utilise your entire room and gives you a blank canvas for styling. However, it can only be laid under certain types of floor coverings such as laminate and tiles.

You also need to aware that underfloor heating can take a while to warm up and cool down, making them less energy efficient. On top of that, underfloor heating systems can be costly and disruptive, especially if your floor has already been laid in your conservatory. Most professionals recommend getting underfloor heating installed while your conservatory is being built.

Infrared Panel Heaters

Infrared heaters can be mounted to the wall to provide a discreet and tasteful heating solution. They have a much slimmer profile and are a similar thickness to picture frames, which makes them ideal for smaller conservatories. Having said that, infrared heaters look really stylish in larger conservatories with contemporary décor schemes and are available in various colours and designs.

As the infrared heat is emitted from the panel pretty much instantly, you won’t have to wait for your room to feel warm. They actually heat up people and objects directly rather than the atmosphere to prevent your space feeling overly stuffy. These system are also cheaper to run versus other types of heaters because they require less power output to achieve the same level of heat.

Standard Radiators

Okay, so this solution will come with some drawbacks. As you’ve probably already guessed, you will need to extend your existing central heating pipework to add standard radiators to your conservatory. But, it’s still worth considering this option because standard radiators are highly effective for heating conservatories of all shapes and sizes.

Like with electric radiators, it isn’t difficult to hunt down designer models and low profile solutions that can efficiently heat your room and keep it comfortable. Plus, most standard radiators come with feet nowadays, so you can forget about having to fix them to the wall.

Hopefully, this article will help you get your choice of conservatory heating right the first time around. While you’re still here, be sure to read the latest conservatory buying guides from your Price Experts.




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