5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Patio Doors

Patio doors provide a number of benefits for your home; they allow in more natural light, make rooms look bigger, control temperatures and transform the aesthetics of a room.

Whatever your reasons are for installing patio doors, there is no shortage of options – and you are almost certainly guaranteed they will enhance the look, feel and performance of your home.

Before you rush out to buy a patio door, however, there are certain things you need to consider. We’ve laid out a few pointers for you below but the final decision has to be based on your budget, the practical use, style preferences and whether the doors you want are compatible with the building structure.

Quality of Performance

If the price is an issue, be careful where you buy patio doors from. Do not buy patio glazing that does not meet the British or European Standards for quality material, security or thermal performance.

Although the majority of patio doors sold in the UK are top quality, the less expensive off-the-shelf options found at builders’ merchants can be tempting but will not deliver value for money.

Style of Patio Doors

When installing patio doors, you have the option to change the style, aesthetics and size of the entrance. Patio doors allow you to experience indoor-outdoor living but not every style of patio door is suitable for any home.

French Doors – ideal for smaller spaces and let in more light.

Bifold Doors – a modern choice that creates an impressive flow space between home and garden for superior design quality

Pocket Doors – best suited to new-builds and large extensions where depth can be designed into the structure of the walls

Sliding Doors – Alternative option to pocket doors. They have a thinner frame and sliding panels but are not as thermal-efficient.

Lift and Slide Doors – Provide additional weather sealing, extra security and improved thermal performance.

Pivot Doors – Stylish designs that create open space but are not as weather resistant as sliding doors and French doors.

Corner Doors – Opens up the space between the house and the garden to 90-degrees and invites more natural light.

Type of Material

The type of material you choose will have a marked effect on the overall look, feel and performance of your patio doors. The materials used to make patio doors are aluminium, wood or PVCu because they are durable and weather resistant.

Some homes may accommodate a specific style better than others. The aesthetics of your patio glazing should blend with your existing decor and the outside of the building.

Energy Efficiency

Because glass lets in light and heat, as well as lets out a lot of heat, the glazing product in your patio doors should be able to manage heat efficiently. Ideally, you should be looking for patio glazing that control temperature, adds privacy and protects you from wet and windy conditions.

Innovative glass technologies are able to control the heat of the sun all year round. In the summer, contemporary patio doors prevent heat from getting in and turning your living room into a kiln, whilst preventing heat from escaping in the winter.

What’s The Warranty

Because the cost of patio doors are a significant investment you ideally want to last the test of time. Good quality patio doors yield a better financial return and also help to lower utility bills. The quality of workmanship, glazing and thermal performance is typically reflected in the length of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Ideally, you should be investing in patio doors that have a lifetime warranty, or a minimum of 20 years. Also make sure the warranty covers screen, glass and hardware. For an idea of cost, use our free price comparison tool and receive quotes from UK suppliers today.


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