Helpful Tips on Choosing Door Replacements for Your Home

Whether you want to replace one door or several doors, this guide will help you make informed decisions on your door replacement that will add value to your home.

A good entranceway can make or break the look of your whole house, so it’s crucial to get it right. The same can be said for replacement doors that open up your home to your garden or balcony. From being sympathetic to your property’s period and the location of your house to selecting complementary finishing touches, there sure is a lot to think about.

We’re going to start by pointing out a few considerations for picking the perfect replacement doors to give your home street appeal.

Glass features

Glazed panels can transform any type of door, and in some cases, your living space as well. Even front doors and back doors can be built with glass features to allow plenty of natural light to flood your home. Fancy something a little different? Shop around for replacement doors with decorative glass detailing. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll truly love.

Door furniture

By door furniture, we mean knobs, handles and knockers. Whether you prefer the idea of a swanky door handle finished in chrome or a traditional lion knocker in beautiful brass, you can easily find a solution that will work well with the rest of your property.

Colour is key

It’s really important to consider the other homes in your area, as well as the style of your property before deciding on a colour for your replacement doors. For example, classic colours like red, black and woodgrains will suit just about any property in any setting. If you want your entranceway to appear unique without being too over the top, a shade of green or blue will work wonders. It’s all about making sure your doors look fabulous but don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons.

The 3 Step Door Replacement Process

If you’ve never actually had to replace a door before then you might not be aware of all the steps you need to take before making that all-important purchase. But don’t worry. We’re going to talk you through every step to get you up to speed with the whole process.

Step 1

The first thing you must do is decide what type of door you require for your home. It could be a patio door, side door, front door or even all three. You’ll then need to liaise with suppliers for more information about:

  • Different door styles
  • Different material types
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Safety and security performance
  • Long-term maintenance requirements
  • Warranties (and what they cover)

Step 2

You then need to figure out what a replacement door is going to cost you and what you’re comfortable paying. You can do this by:

  • Having a quick look on the internet and obtaining quote from trusted suppliers
  • Meet with manufacturers or visit home improvement stores to see how the prices vary
  • Enquire about installation costs and whether they are included in any of the quoted prices (t’s unlikely they’ll be included – but it’s worth checking nonetheless)

Before you start your research, remember to get accurate measurements of your existing door because the size will have an impact on the price. Once you’re happy with the style and price of the replacement door, you can hand over your money.

Step 3

Now it’s time to talk about installing your new door. If you’re confident and have the right skills, you may want to do it yourself. Most people tend to leave it to the professionals, though. Here are a few things you’ll do well to remember:

  • Prepare your home for the install
  • Keep out of your installers way for a quick turnaround
  • Get the installer to show you how to operate the door once fitted
  • Ask who to contact if you have any issues before the installer leaves

To find out more about all the different replacement door types and prices,  compare quotes from reputable door installers today.  All our door installers are FENSA certified.



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