How to Pick the Right Door Handle Replacements

Learn how to choose door handle replacements that suit your personal taste and match your home’s style.

Whether you’re in the process of giving your existing door a new lease of life or about to buy a new exterior door, your choice of door handle really matters. While you might see it as just a small detail, it can make a huge difference to the overall look of your door. You also need to ensure your door handle replacement is well-made and resistant to extreme weather. But that’s not all.

Here are a few things to consider before selecting the right door handle replacement for your home.

Current Door Setup

You may find that the type of door you currently have will determine which replacement handle you can use. Generally, all external doors measure 44m in thickness but this can differ depending on the type of door you have. Also, you’ll need to check the existing hole to see what handle styles will fit your door. You can drill more holes if you want a different handle to what you currently have but you do run the risk of ruining your door.

If your replacement handle is for your front door, you need to know that many UK household insurance companies will require you to have a door lock that meets the British Standard. Again, this may determine which type of handle replacement you can fit to your door.

Handle Style

Think about the type of door design that your handle will be paired with and the overall theme of your property. Daring doors can get away with anything bold or you can add a more classic handle to make your unusual door design really pop. If you’ve chosen a sophisticated door design over a quirky one, you can select a striking handle to give it an edge or stick with something simple yet elegant.

Be prepared to do some research online and around your neighbourhood. Look out for examples of the type of door you have in its natural environment and see what door handles are being used with them. It’s much better to see the same style of door and different handle types together in a real life setting to give you a better idea of how your door handle replacement will look on your door.

Material and Finish

From brass and uPVC to stainless steel, nickel and chrome, there are numerous door handle material types available. When it comes to a polished brass handle, you should be looking for quality to ensure it stay shiny for many years to come. The brass will eventually take on a distressed almost antique look when exposed to the elements, which can actually make a door look quite attractive. Just be aware that you will need to clean and polish a brass door handle replacement regularly.

Stainless steel, nickel, chrome and uPVC finishes are much more hard-wearing, making them a popular choice for doors. Chrome requires the least maintenance and will only need a light coat of wax and the occasional dusting. If you want something truly unique, you could shop around for an antique door handle replacement but it won’t offer you the same level of security as modern day alternatives.

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